Stomach Exercises

Stomach exercises, if performed correctly, help to achieve a flat stomach by toning the abdominal muscles. Here are a few abdominal exercises that will also help you to strengthen your core.
Any kind of physical exercises would help you to unwind and de-stress after a long day in workplace. Exercises help to keep our body fit by reducing health problems such as blood pressure and blood sugar. It is a fact that by following a suitable exercise program, you can reduce your weight.

Stomach fat, visceral fat and pot belly are most often referred to as belly fat. Health practitioners are sounding alarm since belly fat is detrimental to health. Health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, and high cholesterol are related to belly fat. There are many stomach exercise programs that help you to lose excess belly fat.

Tips to Achieve a Flat Stomach

Achieving a flat stomach is one of the dreams of many a people around the world. There are many exercises and exercise programs to achieve a flat tummy. Prior to choosing your exercise program you need to know these tips.

Eat right kind of food
Remember, gaining weight is easy but losing the acquired fat is a bit difficult. The right combination of diet and exercise is the first step to achieve a flat stomach. Eat right kind and quantity of food at regular intervals and drink lots of water. A combination of fresh and dried fruits, whole grains such as whole cereals, vegetables and lean protein would make a healthy meal.

Cardiovascular exercises
One of the ways to burn fat around your stomach is to practice cardio exercises at least thrice a week for a minimum of thirty minutes. If you perform cardiovascular exercises, slowly the belly fat will reduce.

Work the abs regularly
Working on abdominal exercises regularly would help to lose stomach fat. Some of the exercises that help are crunches such as bicycle crunches, exercise ball crunches and Roman chair leg-lifts.

Last but not the least, if you are not sure what kind of diet to follow or what exercises to practice do not hesitate to approach a trainer.

Exercise Ball Crunches
Exercise ball crunches help to reduce your stomach fat. Before performing these exercises you need to ensure that the ball is fully inflated. To get best results, you need to overextend your lumbar region of the spine in the bottom position. The instructions for this exercise are given below.

Sit on the inflated exercise ball and make yourself comfortable before starting the exercise. Then slowly roll it forward so your lower back rests on the ball. To provide stability keep your feet 1-2 feet wide and bend your knees perpendicular to the floor.

Rest your shoulders on the ball at a level lower than the abdomen to arch your lower back.

Place your hands behind the head with elbows pointed out to the sides.

Inhale deeply and hold the breath. Raise your shoulders and head till they are above your hips. Tighten your stomach muscles. Keep the lower part of your body stationary while performing this exercise.

Exhale as you return to the original position. Repeat the above steps at a slow to moderate rate of speed. Perform this exercise for at least 5 to 10 times.

Bicycle Crunches
One of the exercises to tone your stomach is bicycle crunch. You need to perform this exercise regularly for at least for ten minutes. Take a look at the steps for bicycle crunches.

You begin by lying down on your back. Put your hands behind your head, but do not clasp them together.

Raise the left knee perpendicular to the floor while the other leg is stretched out.

Slowly lift your upper body and bring the right elbow to touch your left knee.

Alternate this procedure by bringing the left elbow to the right knee.

Repeat this procedure for minimum twenty times in a pedaling motion.

Roman Chair Leg-lifts
Roman Chair is an exercise equipment that is used to tone the lower and upper abdominal muscles.

Rest your forearms on the arms of the roman chair.

Slowly stretch your legs until they are parallel to the ground. Tighten the abdominal muscles while raising your legs above the floor. Exhale while raising your legs above the ground. Inhale while bringing your legs to the original position.

Repeat this procedure at least 10 times for better results.

Reverse Abdominal Crunch
This exercise tones the muscle rectus abdominis. Here are the steps to do this exercise.

Lie flat on your back with legs stretched and hands underneath the buttocks.

Tighten your abdominal muscles. Raise your legs and back perpendicular to the floor slowly without locking your knees.

The lower back should remain flat on the floor. Slowly, lower your legs and stop before the feet touch the floor.

Repeat this procedure ten times.

Women who are in the early stages of pregnancy, or have just delivered a baby, should perform abdominal or stomach exercises only after consulting a gynecologist.
By Maya Pillai
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