Stop Smoking

Take care of your health, my friend.
It's no secret,
Cigarette smoking is a deadly habit,
Whether you like it or not,
It already killed a lot...

It sets you free,
Free to be productive and healthy,
Free to have a happy family,
As you can't enjoy being a retiree.

It's dangerous to your health,
A leading cause of lung cancer death,
My dear friend, stop smoking now,
Save your life and your dreams of tomorrow.

How many times you've been told,
That your life does matter and can't be sold,
How many times in a year,
People have died of lung cancer?

Yes, you're young and full of spirit,
Who takes for granted smoking threat,
Perhaps, you'll not see now the effect,
And laugh at me like an insect.

It is always your choice,
And my only piece of advice,
Take good care of your health,
Because it's your greatest wealth.
Published: 5/6/2013
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