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After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. - Philip Pullman

All of us, in our mundane and existential bid to earn our daily bread, could do with just a little magic. Stories make room for that magic to sweep us off to a land far far away. They give us hope for a better tomorrow. They add color to our lives. They have the ability to broaden mental horizons and empower us with variant perspectives. Stories instill faith. One man's story can become another man's sole source of inspiration to keep moving forward. Words used to weave tales nest that kind of power in them. Stories have the ability to bring you closer to reality or facilitate your escape to terrains fantastical. At iBuzzle, our authors offer you tales from myriad genres; tales that will cater to all states of mind and individual tastes. We believe that without intellectual fodder, our existence is rendered meaningless and, therefore, we believe in Neil Gaiman's words,

We owe it to each other to tell stories.
Young Jason finds himself at home in the dark with his dying Grandpa.
The Girl in My Drawing
A short story for Halloween.
His Infatuated Obsession
William Bennett lives alone, he's single with the exception of Mia's cardboard cutout and the frames of her along the stairwell walls. He wants nothing but to be with her for forever. But, will his obsession with her end up ruining...
Billy Builds His Own Oval Office
Just like the Presidents.
The Wave
The next short in the series.
Sometimes, I Sit and Drink
Part two - exploring expression of feelings through writing.
Missing (5) - Final
Short fiction.
Missing (4)
Short fiction.
Missing (3)
Short fiction.
Missing (2)
Short fiction.
Missing (1)
Short fiction.
6 Months to Self-Loving
Learning to love yourself is an important lesson. This is the story of how I learned it.
A Girl Named Maya
This story is taken from real life in a village in Madhya Pradesh. This is how our other half still live...
The Death Whisperer - Will He Show Up At Your Party?
Listen to Him Before You Climb Mount Everest.
The Girl Who Missed Out On Everything
It was all flashing back to her. The only thing she could do was watch them. If only she didn't do what she did, she couldn't have missed on anything.
Welcome to the Unified State of America in 2064
Rockin' in the Free World? That's a Thing of the Past.
Is Love the Only Magic Pill to Make a Relationship Work?
Love's tangles are complex and convoluted... it is only with good sense and timing can you untangle them.
Farewell for Now, My Forever
Losing the person you love the most is never easy.
As I Lay Dying
When you know when and how you are going to die.
Thursdays Are Even Days
A man relates one of his weekly misadventures while searching for pens.
The Kite
Kunal's journey, his dreams, realities and life.
Rewa - Chapter 11
Living in the same room with your rapist is like your worst nightmare coming true.
Rewa - Chapter 10
Amidst all my fears, my love for Suraj wasn't lost. Love indeed is blind!
Lost Promises - Chapter 2
In this chapter there are lots of evidence that proves Darren is back in Alley's life.
Rewa - Chapter 9
When you love someone, you simply trust him. No matter what the circumstances are, you simply ignore their mistakes.
Until Death Do Us Part - Chapter 4
Has Shelly come back after her death to seek revenge?
Until Death Do Us Part - Chapter 3
Does someone know about John and Maria's secret?
Until Death Do Us Part - Chapter 2
Many times, the truth is beyond our imagination......
Until Death Do Us Part - Chapter 1
A thrilling horror story....
Rewa - Chapter 8
The union of two souls is marriage. But, when this union turns out to be disastrous, can the souls be separated?
Rewa - Chapter 7
Marrying the one you love is the best part of your life. The part that you wish would begin soon...
Rewa - Chapter 6
Treasure me like I'm one of your best assets... for I will treasure you more like you're the most valuable thing I've ever had.
Rewa - Chapter 5
The most confusing part of being in love-friendship kinda relationship is that you are pretty unsure whether the other person is friends with you or loves you!
Rewa - Chapter 4
Rewa continued to tell me her story... her love story!
Lost Promises - Chapter 1
A story of Alley and Darren...
Rewa - Chapter 3
Her interaction with Suraj had increased and so did my insecurity! It wasn't that I was jealous or something, but I was worried for her, as I didn't find Suraj to be a trustworthy person.
Rewa - Chapter 2
Three years ago...
Rewa - Chapter 1
Mumbai, the city of dreams, has a very enchanting effect! Everyone is drawn to this city, to make it big in life. But not everyone's dreams are fulfilled!
Falling in Love Again - Final Chapter
Here's the final chapter guys... hope you enjoy.
Falling in Love Again - Chapter 7
It was almost a week since Jessica had seen Daniel at the store, and since then there was no clue of where he was. For these past seven days, Jessica used to visit the store almost daily in the hope of finding Daniel.
Falling in Love Again - Chapter 6
Days passed without Daniel, until spring arrived. Considered to be the season for renewal and rebirth, it brought a new ray of hope for Jessica.
Falling in Love Again - Chapter 5
Everything seems to come to a standstill when you are not around...
Falling in Love Again - Chapter 4
I begin to hate myself when you lie to me. It makes me feel I could not gain your trust, as you could not tell me the truth!
Falling in Love Again - Chapter 3
Jessica's anxiety was at its peak... and Daniel didn't seem to be bothered.
Falling in Love Again - Chapters 1 and 2
Jessica slammed the door behind her and started crying. Though it was not the first time Daniel had behaved weirdly, but may be this time the limit had been crossed. After dating for couple of years, things changed between the two....
Chocolate Fantasy
No, this ain't a story about food. Well, not only about food.
The Unwanted Girl
A short story about a girl who craved for her mother's affection and love.
In Search of The Incognito Window - Chapter 2
Knowing the existence of the unknown.
In Search of The Incognito Window - Chapter 1
All of us have our phases. Romantic ones, junky ones, good ones and the not so good ones. There are some that fade away with time and then there are those, which don't. Throughout your life, they remind you of something - a feeling...
The Incarnate of Subservience
The story of a young man who, like most of the youth in Kashmir, crosses the border to become a terrorist...
The Dream
I stare away into the horizon, with the lighthouse in the distance, in the middle of the sea.
Where Has Love Gone
Not all people find true love. Only the lucky few do. John Anderson was a lucky man, to have found love. Or was he misguided? If you love love stories, read on; however, with the caution of a cynic.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 13
This is it. I can feel it. This is the time when I finally tell him how I feel. It has to be.
The Left Turn
A simple sequence of events that taught me something about myself, where my paid education failed.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 12
Every time I feel like I'm in the clearing, I get a huge reminder of how wrong I was. I thought this was my love story. But now I have second thoughts about the whole thing.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 11
Is it me or is jealousy taking a toll over me? I never thought I'd feel like this about anyone. What is it this control he has on me?
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 10
What's a journey through the gorgeous locals in Leh and no death-defying adventure? Our tiny car sure was proving its worth.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 9
What is it with men and wanting to be heroes? I guess it gives their egos a boost and a sense of macho accomplishment.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 8
We are not alone in this vast land. There are travelers from around the world journeying the same roads as us.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 7
If I wasn't clear before, let me put it this way ... the constant halts that we are facing is driving me insane.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 6
The open skies and the magnificent mountains are out of this world. If the journey is too tedious for you, come for the scenery.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 5
Rohtang Pass literally means "pile of corpses" because many people have died trying to cross the pass due to the bad weather. God help us!
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 4
Manali ... we are finally here! One of the most beautiful and breathtaking hill stations in India.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 3
Music is the only thing that can keep us going at times like this. The uneven roads and the brutal climate is beyond comparison and I am loving every moment of it.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 2
It's true what they say; the journey is what counts ... not the destination. There is very little I can do at this point. All I can and will do is let the events unfold.
Leh Ladakh - Chapter 1
Traveling to Leh Ladakh, that too with two of my best friends was truly an experience of a lifetime. The journey was tough, the weather was brutal, and somehow, in the middle of all this, I fell in love for the very first time.
Home, Sweet Home
The following short story is of a man who reconnects to the place where he spent his childhood days. He remembers what he forgot and finally comes Home.
East Meets West
There was a time when no one thought that East and West could meet. But, with globalization, it has become a reality. As the world grows closer by the day, we see East meeting the West.
The Joys of Motherhood
A new mother recounts her experiences of motherhood.
The American Dream
This is an article about living the American dream, and the lessons learnt along the way.
And Then He Simply Forgot
This might sound very sad, but the harsh reality is that there isn't always a "happily lived ever after" ending to all love stories.
The Happy Ending
A short little love story!
Two Sides of the Same Coin: Chapter 4
Abie and Emma become good friends. They go together every place and study their research paper. Does Abie help Emma to meet his friend, Barnett? Is there any difference between what you said and what you mean? A study of...
Two Sides of the Same Coin: Chapter 3
Can literature be without language? Abie, the best friend of Barnett is pursuing PhD in linguistics. Here is a study of language and literature...
Two Sides of the Same Coin: Chapter 2
What happens next in the love story of Barnett and Emma? Have they talked to each other? How far Barnett knows himself, about his own desires and thoughts? What he dreams may come true in his real life? Is Barnett so lucky to get...
I Think - About God
Funny how there are so many answers to the 'chicken or egg' query, and yet we readily denounce belief systems that do not appeal to our line of thought. I think about the concept of God and delusional humans.
Two Sides of the Same Coin: Chapter 1
Can 'Infatuation' Turn into Love? How long does a girlfriend's love seem the same as the time passes? Is there any difference between your first awaiting for her for many hours and today there is a sudden change that you both want...
I Think - About Hunger
Funny that as we plan the main course and dessert as part of an every day 'meal-affair' there are members of the human family dying on account of starvation. Something is so wrong somewhere. As technology is growing, are we...
I Think - About The Power of Words
Ever thought about how a single word or phrase can evoke diverse emotions and expressions? These APTs as I call them (alphabets-put-together) are potent and capable of much damage or repair.
I Think - About 'Karma'
The Indian term 'karma' refers to the theory of 'cause and effect'. It is a theory that answers any question on the sudden surprises that life throws up every now and then. there another explanation?...
Beauty Parlor For The Soul - Propitiousness
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? Treat freckles and scars with the mask of propitiousness.
I Think - About Being 'Human'
Top of the rung we are...or so we claim to be. But, something is missing. We seem to have forgotten that which makes us 'human' and different from fellow creatures. Time to think again...
I Think - About Religion
One quick glance around an it is not difficult to see the importance of religion in world politics and social networking. When and how did this man-made scheme get the better of our lives?
I think - About Education
Poor children. Schooling is such an essential part of the formative years and yet the most dreary. Most of the fun comes out of blips made by the teachers and the entertainment provided by the back-benchers.
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Duty
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? Grab that manicure wonder called duty...
I Think - About Boundaries
I dare to dream about a common sense of belonging. The common man, like myself, is tired of being dragged into the power game. We are tired of paying the price for issues that we don't fully understand or comply with...
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Faith
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? Keep sunburn away with the lotion of faith...
I Think - About Global Warming
Even as 'global warming' screams off rostrums, how many environmentalists are willing to show us the change in lifestyle they have incorporated to deal with the problem...
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Acquiescence
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? To fill those furrows on the forehead, try the pack of acquiescence...
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Meditation
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human, above all other creatures? Gently obliterate blemishes of ignorance with the balm of meditation.
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Common Sense
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? Exfoliate facial dead skin with the scrub called common sense.
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Use'full'ness
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? For a dandruff-free scalp, try a daily application of ' use'full'ness'...
Elsa Rests - The Story Told
Her responsibilities taken care of, Elsa lies beneath the wreathes of roses and carnations and lilies. Her favorites. She had lived a full life. The end was sudden, but like everything else in her life, it was well within a plan.
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Prayer
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? The astringent called prayer helps to keep the blackheads of negation away...
Elsa's Predicament
Elsa felt stronger. She called the shots now. Her life was her own and she lived in retrospect. Nothing or nobody could influence her thoughts and what she perceived of 'pay-back'.
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Optimism
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? A daily dose of 'optimism' enhances skin tone and suppleness.
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Un-Conditioning
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? The soul-screen of powerful un-conditioning or re-conditioning your choices in life from...
Elsa Wants To Live
After baring all in 'Shades', Elsa wants to get on with her life. The new situation is just another twist in her already colorful life. Or is it? She needs help...
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Travel Light
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? Take a trip to the beauty clinic for the soul and effectively shed 'extra baggage'...
Beauty Parlor For the Soul - Patience
Creams and lotions are freely available to enhance skin deep beauty. But, what about that which makes us human...above all other creatures? A magic portion called 'Patience' from the beauty clinic for the soul...
Stories need to be told - for all to learn from experience and for the bard to feel lighter. Here's one to the magic called 'life'...
Raul - The Boy Who Knew Too Much
War knows no sense, especially when the brains behind the intent and the victims are from different worlds. A salute to the resilience of the Vietnamese...
You Are My Future
Life is such a frosty. And, nothing compares to the last dollop. However, the irony of it is that Bess always said the same thing! That is, when she chose to speak. And, Paula was at her adamant best...
The Frog-King - Brothers Grimm
Have you ever made a promise that you couldn't keep or perhaps were not planning on keeping in the first place?
The Love of Siblings - The Twelve Brothers
"The Twelve Brothers" - a Brothers' Grimm story exemplifies in an admirable way the sacrifice for loved ones. I'll let you be charmed by the story keeping in mind the moral of it: love your family!
Life Of The Working People
In his story named "Breakfast" the life of simple people, enjoying the very basics in life, being grateful for the bacon and biscuits to eat, is what John Steinbeck manages to depict in a delightful way. "We've been...
Going Back Home
This is for my father. He lost his battle against heart and lung problems this year. I sat long hours at his hospital bedside.
A Second Earth
Where would a planet similar to our Earth possibly be? Can we reach it? Read ahead to understand more.
Scroll Writer
I would be feeding my writer's ego if I say that you must have read this story somewhere... but it's a pretty old one, my first one. I intend to write more on these characters... of course a little prodding from you guys and gals...
A Rainy Day
The clouds were low on the Blue Mountains and ringing about us in a cold mist, and the ruffling grass on the slopes was bright green and dotted with blue flowers.
The Music of Death
If music be life, play on... but what if music is death...
The Barber
If I told you that Narayan's hair-cutting saloon was the place to be, you would either think that I had absolutely no taste or that I was raving mad. But if you knew what I knew about Narayan...