Battling the demons within.
Rage, consuming, overwhelming, blinding,
Eating my soul from within,
Furies ravage battle-scarred flesh,
Death tightens his grasp for the win.

The darkness falls with a thunderous roar,
Gray clouds of despair fill the skies,
The screams echo loudly with no one to hear,
The tears fall like rain from my eyes.

Pain, tormenting, devouring, haunting,
Leaving me no room for hope,
Blood draining slowly from old open wounds,
The demons steal breath like a rope.

The darkness slowly turns to gray,
Misery ends in a sigh,
Endless sleep soon will take me,
As I dream of the way I will die.

Warmth, enclosing, enfolding, protecting,
Keeping me safe from all harm,
A faint breath of hope is whispered,
As I feel myself cling to your arm.

Away from the dark and the grayness,
You're holding me above all the fears,
Smiling, gently you kiss me,
Tenderly wipe all my tears.
Published: 8/2/2013
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