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Hi, I am an new author in iBuzzle, nice to meet you!! I want you to help me pick a story to write first.
Survives or Beaten to Death

The story takes place in an all-girls' academy. From the outside, the academy looks totally normal but on the inside, the academy secretly train girls to be a Spy. Once you take a step into the school ground, there is no way out except you graduate from it, or you will die.

The school originally has three students out of 600 will live or even graduate from it every 4 years. Then they start accepting completely new students. Each student requires a special magical talent and backstory.

Lily, a girl with organ hair, she can built a weapon using the air around her. Then there is Amelia, who creates a sword using her own blood. They enter the school for two years already, and their classmate has already go down from 600 to 300. Now this is their last year, the year that decides their life or death.


Under the Tree

This story is about a girl who locks up her heart, so she isn't hurt by anyone, any longer. When she is forced to talk only whisper comes out at school, she is completely invisible. During lunch, she escapes from the school building and runs nearby a tree which stands in the corner of the school. That is the only place where she feels safer than anywhere. One day, a strange boy sits under the tree when she arrives... What will she do?

pease leave a comment and tell me what you think!!
Which story should I write?
Survives or Beaten to Death.
Under the Tree.
Or something else?
Published: 1/9/2014
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