Strictly Professional - Chapter 1

From the author of 'No Disguise' - Hello again, here is another story. This is the first chapter. Please read it and let me know if it's okay...
"That guy is totally checking you out and I am sure in just not less than ten seconds he is coming here and asking you for a dance. And mark my word, just deny him, I will tell you later why." My friend and colleague Janine scooted closer to me and whispered in my ears while her eyes were everywhere but me. She paused to take another sip of her drink and then started to make a little distance from me. I just watched her and the guy alternatively who seemed to take interest in me. And for sure, he was looking at me and gave a smile when our eyes met.

"Look, I told you he will come; he is coming, just say 'NO', okay..." With that she waved at nobody in particular and went away from me. I was about to call her but she was already away talking to some random guy. She was always versatile from what I had seen from the last six months, that's what I liked about her.

Looking back to the guy on the dance floor, I was a little nervous to find out he was actually walking towards me. Janine left me here to deal with him and she particularly asked me to say 'No', but she never told me how to. I twisted my fingers around my soda glass as I saw him approaching me. With all the neon lights above the dance floor and along the way he was coming, his face was not very clear. All I could see was a six feet nice figured boy, who might be in her early twenties, in a brown jacket, some gray jeans and a white tee.

Soon enough he was just in front of me, a smirk plastered to his lips. Not denying the fact that he was handsome, but his every attitude screamed 'pervert'. What was more confusing was how he set his eyes on me; I wasn't dressed in any kind of exposing way or anything near to that. In fact I was dressed more in a formal way, a black sleeveless dress that was not tight and reached till my knees. It hugged me perfectly but was too comfortable to breathe. A plain silver necklace dangled around my neck with a small star-shaped locket in it. My chestnut hair was tightly pulled up in a straight bun and I had black shoes that went with the attire.

"Can I have the pleasure of dancing with you?" He asked bending a little and moving his hand forward. I had to think of something and quick, but then the idea popped up in my mind. Why could not I just tell the truth? I smiled to myself remembering why I was there.

"I am sorry, but I am here on work, I have come with somebody." Unintentionally my eyes wandered around the room full of high-profile people until it reached the stairs where I found the person with whom I had come. Instinctively that person turned at the very moment and our eyes met for a split second before I pulled away my gaze not wanting to know if he was still looking at me.

"Oh so, you are with Alex." This guy had already noticed our small encounter. I just smiled and got the same in return.

"By the way, I am Nick." Nick, now I remembered why he looked familiar, I had seen him in some teleseries or some advertisement.

"Catriona." I shook his stretched out hand and he gave me a gentle squeeze.

"Nice name. Do people always call you C-A-T-R-I-O-N-A?" This guy was really proving to be a pervert.

"Sometimes." I was just thinking of other ways to escape from him and thank goodness my cell buzzed displaying, "1 New Message."

"Excuse me." I opened the message which read, "Can you come here please?" I knew who it was from, I turned towards Nick and said "Sorry, I got to go, work calling." Putting my best smile I escaped from him, I knew he was just watching my behind, but I didn't care.

Every time I went near Alex - er - Mr. Fleming, I was nervous, my heart would beat a little abnormal, but I would never give away anything, my mask made it look like only work related and nothing else. And I wanted it to be that way, but Mr. Fleming being the star of the city, how could you resist his charm? I tried my best to not look at the plain black shirt which showed a little of his perfect chiseled chest, his angular face with full lips, his brown hair and his blue sparkling eyes, while approaching him through the crowd.

"Gentlemen this is Catriona, Cat - this is Mr. Thomas... Mr. Steve and this is Mr. Josh." He gestured to everybody with his free hand while his other hand held the red drink. I just nodded at everyone at the mention of their names and said a periodic "Hello" with the perfect formal smile.

For the ten minutes talk we had there, I got to know they were from an advertising agency and they wanted to have acquaintance just in case Alex would agree to do some modeling for their agency. I collected their cards and whatever information they could give. Being the kind of girl I am, I just politely excused myself and went away from them leaving them to their discussion.

Alex's cologne was still in my nostrils, but I didn't even look back once. Before I could reach where I was before, Janine accompanied me.

"Seems like you handled the guy well." She then ordered one more drink for herself. I smiled at her and waited till she got the drink. Then we both leaned back at the bar and looked at the crowd. Some were getting lost in the drinks, some in the dance; some just maintained their class and some chatting away. There was one thing you could be sure about all those people - 95% of the crowd were high-profile rich people, with the 5% exceptions like us - me and Janine.

"So, why did you ask me to deny that guy? Not that I wanted to dance, but why?" I asked out of curiosity.

"You are still a baby in this world Cat. This is the first time you have come to these parties, right?" I nodded, it was the first time I came to a party full of actors, actresses, TV stars, directors and all.

"I have been going to these places for a year now and from my experience I know how people are here."

I just looked at her with amazement. I might have seen and used more guys than her, but that long ago. Now I had changed, changed for the better. In fact, my current status - Single.

"Nick is a model, I am sure you would have seen him in some commercial." I nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, I figured that out."

"He just flirts with girls with the ultimate aim to have them in his bed. You know one night stands." Now she turned towards me facing me fully while I continued to lean back. "And knowing you in the last six months, you are not that kind to get laid. So I stopped you."

She was right; I was not that kind of girl - at least now. She showed me some different people and talked about them. Once she finished her drink, someone came and talked to her. They went away for a dance after giving me a small smile. I looked at her back till she got merged in the crowd. Finally, I was left to myself after half an hour of being in the party - not that the party was boring or anything, but I barely knew anyone. I looked here and there before finally landing my eyes on Alex. How could he manage to look so hot and irresistible, yet so humble and nice? I had been working under him for a little more than six months and from all these days I knew he was not a womanizer, not arrogant or egoistic like many other people here.

He had his own ways of making girls drool over him, his fan following would be the maximum in the city. He was just the popular young actor, the Alexander Fleming. His name itself was meant to be popular. Finally, I realized that I had been staring at him for a few minutes already. I quickly averted my gaze and ordered another drink - this time beer. I was not here to fall for him, I was here on my job and that was what I was supposed to do.

Yes, I was his personal assistant. In fact I was working in his group as a mere secretary for six months, it was only a week that he appointed me as his personal assistant, I didn't know yet why he had chosen me out of all the people. I meant I never talked to him; I had no direct contact with him. His personal assistant went to get married and that was when I was asked to fill the place. I instantly agreed though, if nothing it would at least add to my family's earning.

He being the youngest heart-throb of the country and me being the not-so-cool assistant, I doubted how it would go, but so far it had gone well. Out of all the relations I dreamed of having with him - his personal assistant was not one of them. But I was going to live through it, no matter what happened, I would never cross the barrier. He would be my boss always and nothing else. At least now I dreamed of nothing else.


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Published: 6/2/2012
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