Strictly Professional - Chapter 10

Hello Everyone, new chapter of 'Strictly Professional'. Well, in this chapter nothing goes wrong, everything seems to be set right. Let's see if that continues or not.
Catriona's POV

Have you ever had the chance to wake up and realize that you don't know where you are? Well, where the hell I am was the first thing that came to my mind when I registered the fact that I was not in my room. And what was the next shocking thing? My boss was on the couch in front of me? Well, at least he was on couch and I was on bed - which indicated nothing of that sort happened between us. Because the last thing I could remember was, I was drinking continuously and falling asleep, somewhere in between I had even cried.

So many things started to revolve around my head, as I could now remember everything that happened last night. What have I done? What have I spilled? A massive headache started to accompany the thoughts in my brain. I had missed to register that Alex said something to me, I just started blubbering. Because of me he painfully slept on the couch, how stupid of me, how could I let myself slip?

I tried apologizing to him, but he didn't seem to mind. In all this I was feeling very guilty as well thankful to him that he took care of me. But then he spoke about last night and I was actually not expecting what he said.


He was right probably; it wouldn't hurt to just be friendly with him. After all I liked him. There, I said it. I just admitted that I liked him. Ugh, could life be more complicated? Shrugging my mind of those feelings, I concentrated on what he just said. He wouldn't ask me about my past, he just wanted me to be normal with him. He liked my normal self. Of course, but could I really afford to be the same old girl. More than that, was it really safe to be the old ME?

Actually, question was not that, what he wanted from me... I could do that, not because he was my boss, but because maybe I wanted to give myself a chance. Anyway being distanced from everyone and not attempting to solve the real problem at hand - I was not doing any good. Of course I tried my best to contribute whatever I could to my family's earning, but if I would sit and think, the real problem was not how family would survive economically. The real problem was how both of us - means me and mom - would survive emotionally.

As of current situation, she was a strong woman, no more vulnerable like she was before, people wouldn't get a chance to hurt her feelings anymore, because she didn't have any feelings for anyone - not even for me... Or maybe the feelings were still there, and I just needed to bring it back from hibernation. And being this self-contained and motivated girl would not do any good in this regard. Not only I tried nothing to save my relation with my mom, but also I was not allowing any new relationship in my life. As of now, I was a 19-year-old girl, not going to university, no friends and not to mention no boyfriend

I had come to accept the fact that boyfriends were no good and I refused to agree to the saying that not every person was same. But with Alex, I think I could change my belief, maybe he was different. Maybe I could give him a chance. At least maybe I could think with an open mind on how to make my mom love me again. YES... I decided after so much thought in my mind that I would let him in my life, not completely until I trust him, but he didn't seem harmful. Just friends - it would not harm.

I was almost about to leave his room when I changed my mind, I was so sure of this. When I turned back he was still sitting on the couch and looking at me - hope and sadness mixed in his eyes.

"Friends." I nodded slowly and smiled, which immediately mirrored on his face. In return my heart started beating wildly seeing him smiling because of me. Before I knew what was happening, his arms were around me hugging me tightly. I froze in my place - shocked and surprised. I was tightly pressed to his torso and even if it was almost suffocating, but my heart managed to beat still more wildly. What was happening to me? Alex was hugging me?

After some seconds when he realized that I had stiffened under his body, he released me and a mixture of shock and apology was on his face.

"Sorry, I just... I was so happy that you agreed to be my friend."

He moved a foot away from me and... Well, it was awkward. You could never expect a shining star of the movies industry to come and hug you out of happiness because you agreed to be his friend. Can you? I was still thinking what to do, at least I had to move, move towards the door, to my room.

After I stayed rooted to my place for some time and he tried to avoid my eyes, I could understand it was just the moment and it will pass away, the awkwardness will fade, it won't be difficult to be close to him, after all we were friends now.

"It's okay; I think it's time we better get ready for today's work." He smiled and suddenly everything seemed fine.

As I started to go out of his room he stayed behind the door and said, "See you." I nodded and left.

From then onwards the smile never seemed to leave my lips - it stayed even while brushing my teeth, taking a shower, changing my clothes, and combing my hair. Well it was everywhere; suddenly everything seemed happy and cheerful. As I looked at my reflection in the mirror it seemed to be smiling at me. After a long time I chose carefully what to wear, something which Alex would like, I meant everyone would like. Even I cared to apply little makeup and went out to join... I meant to have breakfast and check about Alex's breakfast.

As I stepped out of my room, he was also locking his room. He smiled looking at me and all of a sudden I was too nervous, so the smile that appeared on my face was a result of both nervousness and excitement. He was looking as handsome as ever in his olive-green t-shirt and black jeans. Today his hair was gelled in some different style and I had to admit it was sexy to say the least.

When I realized that he was also staring at me, I dropped my gaze.

"Wanna join for breakfast?"

"Um... Yeah..." Seemed like I was waiting for him to ask me, I was afraid of all these changes in me. Will I be fine? Will the old me bring something bad in me like the old times? I had to keep myself in control, because I didn't want history to repeat in any way because of all this. But I could not stop myself from being happy and excited. It was all natural; I had to put a manager on myself, right. But as of now it won't hurt just to be free a bit, to be happy a bit, and to be myself a little. Yes, it won't.

We had already started to walk alongside towards the restaurant part of the hotel. All used to gather there nowadays for breakfast and dinner. During lunch time almost everyone was at the shooting. Sean was already there - funny how he made food for Alex, but he would buy from the hotel. Soon I went to Sean and he carried Alex's breakfast and I got mine. Even though we were declared as friends, but I was still not comfortable talking to him informally, I just could not comprehend what to talk. 7 months - I had been very professional with him, now all of a sudden this change... I was just confused.

"You know I don't like milk." He said looking at the cup of milk in front of him.

"I know." I blurted out before I could stop myself.

"How?" His face suddenly shot up from his food and he directly looked at me.

Why did I have to say that? What would he think - I had read from some magazine? I was interested to know everything about him? Oh God, but why could I not say the truth. Right.

"Sean told me once."

"I see." He sighed audible while I picked up my sandwich and started eating.

"Do you like milk?" I saw he was slowly putting the cup towards me. I almost laughed at his childishness. So inside this big star, there still lived a child who needed to be taken care of. Before I could tell anything, Sean was there covering half of the restaurant's view, I didn't mean what I said. Alex looked up at Sean and made a face, but he stood there still. Alex then looked back at me; I was trying so hard not to laugh.

"You know, if Sean had to put a straw down my esophagus to make me drink this milk, he would do that."

"Sure, I would." Told Sean crossing his arms, well trying to cross his arms.

"I will drink it, thank you."

"I know," with that Sean left, not before giving me a suppressed laugh. I could not stop myself from laughing as I watched him drink just a cup of milk with so much difficulty. I let out a giggle which earned me a glare from him. I quickly stopped. He cleaned his mouth with the napkin and looked at me.

"Why do I have to eat all this healthy food and specifically in the morning? Why not others?"

"It's not only you, I am sure Anya must be on a strict diet too. And besides not everyone has to look good and stay fit all the time."

He looked up from his plate and said, "Do you mean I look good and I am fit."

"No, I mean yes." Sure, my cheeks would have looked like cherry. And to add to it, he just chuckled.

Soon we finished our breakfast and we were on the limo. I was back to talking to Rose and she seemed so happy. Was it just me that everyone looked happy - I meant even Anya was happy. And Alex, he kept looking at me in regular intervals and not to mention his million-dollar smile accompanied him all along. Probably everything was like this before itself, I never noticed. The change was just in me, probably I was smiling.

"You seem so happy today." Rose said smiling at me.

"Am I?" I didn't know what to say more than this. "I guess it's time I start remembering that I have every right to be happy."

Though I talked to her and thought she was a nice girl, but sometimes she could be so talkative.

"Correct, why you should not be happy, by the way, is there a reason why you are so cheerful in the morning?" It was Anya.

Why did she decide to speak about me? I never talked to her anyway unless it was something to be conveyed from Scott or Alex. In fact I never liked her from the beginning, other than the fact that she was breathtakingly beautiful, I never thought she was a good person. So even if I tried, I could never be friendly towards her, never.

"I don't know, today is just a nice day I think and nothing seems to be going wrong. So I am happy." I gave her a big smile. I didn't have to tell why I was happy; I didn't want to share my life with anyone. However this seemed to work, because they didn't bug me the rest of the ride.


Alex's POV

If I had liked Cat before, now it just increased. I liked the changed Cat so much. She was suddenly so happy and this just made me happier. All of a sudden, I felt like I was in my school days, my heart started fluttering like a teen's heart. I could not have been happier, and this smile - it never seemed to leave my lips. Even she looked more and more beautiful now, with one glance she could heal me. I still could not believe this was happening to me.

When I woke up in the morning I had almost thought that I was trying in vain and she would get angry and I even thought she was going to just leave me, when all of a sudden she accepted me as her friend. Out of happiness I just hugged her, and I would have stayed like that for who knows how long, if I had not realized that she was shocked to my reaction and stiffened under me. It was awkward later, but I could still remember her warmth, the feeling of togetherness, the closeness - everything was still fresh in my mind - even though some hours had passed.

During the drive when she didn't say anything to Anya and Rose, for a moment I felt bad, but then I remembered that she never shared anything with anyone. I was just lucky to know something about her life.

During the shoot, I was so happy but in today's shoot, I was supposed to be very angry at Anya, but I just could not bring that anger. Post lunch after so many trials, I finally got it right and both Anya and I were exhausted. She went to the makeup room while I just relaxed for some time. The next scene included none of us. It was just a gossip between office members and a strict routine which they followed after seeing my anger.

I saw Cat talking to someone seriously, but she looked cheerful. I felt like I was missing this, her smile and her happiness. Good that I could bring her old self, or at least somewhat. For a brief second she glanced at me and our eyes locked, setting my heart ablaze. It was such a nice feeling; I was still getting amazed at what this girl could do to me. But suddenly she looked away.

"Alex, hope you are not busy?" I looked to my right to see Anya standing near me with someone who looked like a reporter, a fake smile on her face. So this is why Cat was looking the other way.

"No, I am not, why?" Not trying to be rude, I just smiled at her nicely.

"This is Daniel Robert." She said looking at the man standing behind her, he smiled and I nodded with a smile. "I had an interview scheduled with him. And he asked me if we could do the interview together. And I said let me see if you are free."

This would be okay, so this was my first interview about the movie.

"I have told Gary as well." She added.

"No problem, please take a seat." I told looking at both of them. Soon the interview started and Daniel asked about the film, which we could not reveal completely, but told whatever was required. After some time Rose came asking for Anya, she had the next shoot. She excused herself and they both left.

"So another movie, I am sure it will be just as good as your other movies." Daniel asked.

"Thank you."

"Would you mind if I talk something out of the movie?"

I smiled and said, "Go ahead."

"So as per my last finding, your current status is single?"

"Yeah, I think I like it this way."

"Haven't you found anyone interesting yet?"

"Um, not necessarily all interesting people will be my girlfriend." My thought immediately had traveled to Cat, but I didn't want to drag her into this.

"How about Anya and your chemistry in the movie?"

"I know what you want to say. But the chemistry is limited to the movie only." Daniel smiled at this.

"Anybody from outside? Who is not in the movie?"

"Seems like you just want me to have a partner, don't worry, once I get a partner, I won't hide it."

"Alex, you need to go to the makeup room, your shot will be ready in few moments." I looked up to see a pair of green eyes looking intently at me. They were so sincere and innocent yet determined. I could not stop myself from staring into them. They were just captivating. She had a small sincere smile planted beautifully on her perfect lips. How could you not be captivated when she was looking at me with such great affection? We would not have realized that there was an audience if he would not have spoken.

"Is she the one Mr. Alex?"

I looked back at Daniel, a devil like smile on his face as if he just acquired a new truth about me. I just smiled and nodded my head in denial.

"She is..." I wanted to tell so many things, but only if they were true. She was not what I wanted her to be, however as of this morning we were friends and I wanted to say at least that, but Cat beat me to it.

"I am Catriona." She extended her hand to Daniel who gladly shook it, why not - when someone so beautiful like Cat is shaking hands with him, he would obviously be happy. "Alex's personal assistant."

Well, that was not a lie, she is after all my personal assistant. As much as I wanted to say that was not the only relation I wanted to keep with her, but what could I say.

"And his friend." She added soon after to my relief and I started grinning.

"Anyway Alex, Scott is looking for you." She looked down at me and said.

"It was nice meeting you Daniel." I said and stood up from the chair I was sitting on and left after giving her one glance. I could hear Cat and Daniel talk something before she followed me. The shooting continued till 8 pm - all I had to do throughout the shoot was look at Anya and revert my eyes when she looked at me. After all I was feeling sorry for scolding her character in the movie even if she had no fault. So this continued till a long time and then she had some scenes where she was angry at me yet amused by my behavior.

At the end of the day when we returned, we all were tired - but my mind was still active, active like I could explore the world now. I was still happy like I was on a vacation.

I accompanied Cat when she went to Sean asking about my dinner. Even we went to get her dinner as well. I invited her to have dinner with me and she agreed.

"I will just change my dress and get a shower, is that okay?" She asked me sincerely and I said "Fine".

I also took this opportunity to shower and fresh up myself, after all I didn't want to smell sweaty while I was with her. After exactly twenty minutes I was ready and waited for her impatiently. A knock on the door made me hurry towards it. There she stood in her jams and a loose t-shirt. It felt good to know that she could be herself in front of me; otherwise I would never have imagined Cat standing in her comfortable night wears in front of me...

Throughout the dinner she talked about today's shoot and what kind of food she likes. I gave her a small list of food which I didn't like - milk, half-cooked egg, and crab. Seriously, I just could not eat those food, even if people say it's so tasty.

"Shall we watch some movie?" I knew I was expecting half-yes and half-no, but still I thought to ask for it once we finished our lunch. All I wanted was to spend some time with her and I didn't want to take any liquor thinking it might trigger her memories and she would cry again. She raised an eyebrow at me suspiciously.

"Tomorrow is Sunday, so it should be fine." I looked at her properly to observe if she had any objection and quickly added, "If you don't want to... It's fine."

She smiled and nodded while taking a seat near me. None of us had any DVDs and even after changing some channels, I didn't find any good movie. So I brought my laptop and we settled on the bed to watch. Throughout the movie we kept laughing, there were times when laughing, she would put her hand on my arm unknowingly, but that mere touch would make attentive and longing to get closer to her. But I knew the limitations of our current relationship and I would do nothing that could destroy whatever we have, after all I had got it after so much effort.

After the movie, she got up from the bed and stretched herself.

"I think I should..." She paused to yawn and continued "...Go and sleep."

"Yeah, I am also feeling sleepy." I lied; actually I could stay up all night if she was willing to give company. But she looked a bit tired, so...

"Well, then see you tomorrow." She stated and kept going towards the door.

See you tomorrow? It was a Sunday and I could have a lot of time to spend with her.

"Yeah, I think we should go somewhere, like maybe explore the city."

"Yeah sounds good." She turned towards me, her hand still on the door knob. After a small pause, she spoke again "Maybe we all can go together, it will be fun."

I smiled and she opened the door.



With that she went in her room and I closed the door. I could still not believe that we spent the dinner together and then watched a movie and she was so close to me. But I was so looking forward to tomorrow. Whether others accompanied us or not, but I was sure to get some time with her and that was what I expected. Soon I felt sleepy and retired for the night, with sweet dreams of Cat.


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