Strictly Professional - Chapter 14

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Alex's POV

After the breath-taking kiss we both were just leaning our foreheads against each other, listening to our heartbeats, a small satisfying smile playing on our lips. We still had our hands cupping each other's cheeks and before we could comprehend the feelings of our first actual kiss, we were engaged in another amazing kiss, it was like we could not get enough of each other. After some time I carefully crossed her legs and leaned down next to her on the bed, fingers of my undamaged hand linked with hers.

I still could not believe that it was all happening, my dream was coming true. While she rested her head on my chest, I held her making sure neither her feet nor my fingers were crossed and none of us were in pain.

"I have always liked you." I said after few minutes and could feel her smiling. Looking down at her, I could see a shade of red on her cheeks. She was not saying anything which did make me afraid and nervous, she didn't convey about her feelings. Though I could feel her emotions through her eyes, through her kiss, through her touch and through her closeness, but she never mouthed the words. I grew more nervous and was about to ask her when she clung some more to me and spoke the words which made my day brighter than the sun.

"I never really realized when I started liking you. I was jailed in my self-made world and never allowed anyone to read me. But then you came and read me like an open book, gave me wings to fly, you let me test freedom and that helped me rediscover myself. I never actually thanked you for that, but you probably wouldn't know what you have done for me, what you have given me, so thanks."

I put my fingers on her lips to silence her.

"Don't thank me Cat, I am not worth it, I gave you this." I pointed to her feet and continued "and this" I pointed to her eyes - swollen and red from crying, dark circles under them showing the pain she went through.

"I have been selfish and didn't think about your safety and the consequences of my actions. I mean I always knew that media is like my tail and it will follow me and my companion everywhere, which unfortunately happened to you as well, I should have taken care."

She sat up straight and looked down at me, her hound creating a little more pressure on my chest, sending a bolt of electricity through my body, but obviously I hid the sensation, after all we were in some serious discussion.

"It's not like I am a kid, it's not like I am a kid, I also knew everything about this world, and what happens with the actors and actresses, so don't take the blame on you, I am equally responsible." I had to admit I became a little emotional over this, however she continued while looking down. "It's just that all these things... It felt like."

She took a deep breath and closed her hand and I sensed it's difficult for her for whatever she was trying to say, so I squeezed her hand with my undamaged hand. Releasing her breath, she continued.

"It felt like I was just sent to leave in the past again, all those moments of pain, I had to leave through all that again. Not that I have forgotten any of those, but for last 7 to 8 months I had come a long way to leave the past behind, but after all this, I felt like I was dragged into those black clouds again and I could not control, so I let myself drown in alcohol thinking it would help me, but believe me, it did little help. In fact I was just as devastated as I was previously until before some time, some special person came and kissed me."

She finally looked at me for once and looked down again blushing. The color on her cheeks was making me wild, the desire to kiss her again was everywhere on my body, but I still restrained myself. While there was a comfortable silence of few seconds, I took the chance to look at her carefully. She looked beautiful despite the sleepless nights, despite her unruly hair, despite dark circles under her eyes, she still managed to take my breath away. Finally, she looked up and I let myself drown myself in those oh-so-expressing eyes. For few moments we just kept staring at each other, before she came and placed her hand on my cheek, sending another shiver down my spine.

"It's you because of whom I feel like I am reborn, otherwise..." Her eyes scanned my whole face while her fingers worked wonders on my skin where it touched my cheek. She exhaled before speaking. "Otherwise I would have been trapped forever, you have given me wings. I don't know if 'thank you' would ever be enough, but ... Thank y..." I could not resist anymore.

Before she could finish up whatever she was saying, I grabbed her face and kissed her and it created magic again setting me on fire, my whole body and soul freed like there was no tomorrow and I could kiss her all the time. She responded almost immediately and the way her lips moved in sync with me, it proved her passion for me, she was also equally longing for this. Keeping all confession, thank you and sorry aside, we just kept kissing.

Finally when she departed from mine, we both were gasping for breath, it was almost a hungry kiss. But as soon as her lips left mine, I was still more interested to kiss again and so after catching a few breaths, I grabbed her face again, moved my lips slowly on hers and she gladly accepted me. Slowly descending her down, I let her lie down on the bed while I made myself comfortable next to her. Slowly I licked her lips and she seemed to get the signal and there it was again. The exploding, the fire and everything like two universes collided as our tongues united and danced with each other. I held her close to myself and she kept her hands firm on my chest and without keeping any track of the time, we kept on kissing, repeating the same feelings again and again.

I had no idea how long we would have been like that, if a knock would not have disturbed us. Groaning and earning a chuckle from her, I let my lips part away from her. She looked at me with those eyes and her swollen lips, the color on her cheeks was making me want to ignore the door and kiss her again, and that was what I was going to do until she put a finger on my chest and pushed me, eying the door. Considering her feet were damaged, I was left with no other option than to leave the warmth of her and open the door.

Sean was there with my breakfast, a quick glance at the clock informed me that it was 8 already. He was kind of choked and amused to see me. Well there could be few reasons - first I must have looked like I have not slept in ages, then I had this smile on my lips which went on a holiday for last three days, and most importantly I emerged from Cat's room. I smiled to myself when Sean started explaining that he knocked on my door and there was no response, so he knocked here.

"That's okay, but could you get some breakfast for Cat as well, you see." I opened the door fully for Sean "her feet is wounded and bandaged." Sean didn't miss to look at my bandaged fingers, but he decided not to ask any questions, instead he just wished 'Good morning' to Cat and nodded a 'sure' towards me. I took the plate from him and he was gone after saying "I will be back in another 15 minutes."

And before he could come back again, I stole a few more kisses from her and she chuckled at my greediness, but I could not help it, after all I had yearned for this moment for so long, I just could not help myself. But then not so later Sean appeared again with his amused look and I thought it was better to get some food in our stomach. So I helped her in bathroom for brushing, and then while she refreshed herself, I too came back to my room and cleaned myself, put myself into some fresh clothes and was back to her. She was still in bathroom when I went back.

Then I provided her some clothes and she was back in the room. After having our breakfast, we both were falling asleep. So it was not long after that we were curled up in each other's arms for a deep sound sleep. Of course I made sure that I informed Scott about our absence at the shoot. It could not have been any better, I was on cloud nine. A smile accompanied my lips, even though I was falling deep asleep.


Catriona's POV

When finally I opened my eyes, bright sunrays had invaded their way to my room and it took few blinks to finally be able to adjust to the light. Stretching my arms and legs immediately the events of yesterday were brought back with the screaming pain in my feet. Oh, how I stopped myself from yelping when I realized that Alex was sleeping just next to me, one of his hands around my waist, the same one with bandaged fingers.

I sighed inwardly and tried to turn myself, with great difficulty I finally turned in his embrace while he just tightened his hands around me but he didn't wake up. I took this as an opportunity to drink in his beautiful face without being disturbed by anything. He had dark circles beneath his eyes, courtesy to my childish behavior, but he still looked angelic. His soft and warm breath was tickling my face. I was still staring when suddenly he grabbed my face and started kissing me with his eyes still closed.

Though shocked for a moment, but how could I resist him, so I started kissing him back with all my passion until we both were gasping for air. Then he slowly opened his eyes while a small beautiful smile accompanied his face.

"How nice it would be to wake up to kissing you everyday and see your beautiful face as the first thing in the morning?" Blushing profusely, I looked down at our tightly pressed bodies.

It was after some hours that we were out of bed and watching TV after having our lunch. I was crouched on him and his hand draped around me, when suddenly I remembered what I was thinking last night about telling him about my past. I was right and I was so determined to tell him everything but I lost concentration. He deserves to know, it's just him being gentle and patient that he is not asking me anything, but I owe him this explanation. Straightening up I readied myself for something which could be life-changing, he might not like me after that or anything can happen, but I had to tell him.


"Hmmm?" He turned to me with his full attention while I dreaded any eye contact. My heartbeat had increased like anything, it was beyond fear what I felt at that moment.

"What is it sweetheart?" Sensing my discomfort he put his hand on my shoulder.

"I want to tell you something." I released a breath I was holding, finally I have started it.

"I'm all ears." I knew he was smiling, trying to comfort me. Probably he knew where I was going with it.

Taking a deep breath I thought I could finally talk about it.

"I have always hid it, my past... I mean it's not pleasant. You know it's just... I thought it's best to not tell... I am here because..." A squeeze on my shoulder stopped my rambling.

"If it's that hard, it's okay, I can wait forever." How I wasted all these days being away from him? He was so patient with me, he deserved to know. Looking up to his eyes, I took another big breath.

"No, I want to tell, I am just finding right words now."

He muted the TV and devoured me with all his attention and I started talking.

"It's not long before I was a happy teenager, a regular one obsessed with Hollywood actors and actresses, having an undying crush on you." This earned a chuckle from him.

"I had a nice family, though I realize that only now, who was wrong and who was right, I didn't know that time...."


That's it for now... so you can guess... Next chapter is finally revealing Cat's past.


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