Strictly Professional - Chapter 7

Hi All. It's a short chapter, but I thought something is better than nothing. Nowadays I write in my cab, when I am free in office... So whatever I could gather, I am posting now. Hope you bear with me.

Alex determines to know the secrets behind Cat's double life and he starts working on it. But his first attempt went unsuccessful and Cat is back to her professionalism. But he keeps on trying... Now...


Alex's POV

The only sound in my room were the tapping of my foot and my breath, I was that impatient. She was taking an awful long time to send the dinner. Actually it had been only seven minutes and twenty-nine seconds.

When she comes I'm gonna ask her to have dinner with me. Some point she will open up. She can't just deny having dinner with me, can she? This will give me chance to get to know something more about her. She has to...

A knock on the door brought me out of my thoughts, she was here. Unintentionally I checked myself out once in the mirror before opening the door. A smile accompanied my lips, but it quickly dropped as soon as I saw Sean covering most part of the door with my food in his hand. I could not stop but ask, "Where is Cat?"

Sean looked at me with a hint of amusement in his eyes. Before I could say anything, he invited himself inside my room and said, "She must be in her room. She just checked your dinner and asked me to bring it here."

I could still hear the smile in his voice. I was not sure what was so funny. There I was still confused with her behavior. Just some time before she was so happy and so open and she was like... She was avoiding me and here... this Sean was amusing himself.

"What's so funny?" I asked once it started to irritate me.

"Nothing, it's just that she was having the same expression as yours."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing, hope you like your dinner, good night."

With that he dashed out of my room and I was left hanging to understand what he said. I could not eat my dinner; she was all over my mind. A number of times I thought to call her or even knock on her door but each time the thought that I might be intruding her personal space stopped me from doing any such thing. Finally I thought it was wise to just take my dinner and go to sleep, so that's what I did and retired for the night with her thought in my mind.

Stretching my arms to the maximum I got up from the bed, work was calling, today was the first day of our shooting, who knew how it'd go. My eyes were still not opening properly, somehow my feet managed to reach the bathroom and I straight away got into the shower. The running water helped a lot and suddenly I remembered the events of the day before. Cat... The name echoed in my mind and I sped up my morning chores. Making sure that I was all set, I thought it would not be harmful if I went and checked upon her once. So I opened my door peeked through it... Left... Right... I could see nobody, so the next second I landed in front of her door.

Um, what would I say... Should I say, "Cat would you like to join for breakfast," or "Cat, when are we going to leave?" or I...

"Alex?" Her voice rang through the hallway and I turned myself to face her. She had a puzzled look on her face, obviously she was not expecting me on her doorstep at this hour of the day, but how would I know that she was not inside.

"I... Um, I was asking about breakfast." I replied approaching her. Boy, was she shining, shining like crystal clear water under bright sunrays, I felt like I was basking in her warmth and brightness. Did she ever miss a chance to take my breath away, no, she didn't. When I realized that I had been staring, the look on her face told me that she clearly didn't believe what I said. By the way what I had said??, God, how can this happen to me.

"I already checked with Sean, he has got your breakfast ready, bread and omelet the way you like. Since we are traveling a bit far, so we will carry your lunch also with us. Sean must be finishing by now. Will you take your breakfast in your room or with the group?"

Oops, that was a lot...

"I would join the group." At least that way Cat will be with us, but I was not so sure.

"Everyone is on the 1st floor near to the conference room, there is another small room, all are gathered there."


She walked past me towards her room when I turned back and asked, "Are you joining us?"

She stopped, she looked a bit hesitant to answer, but anyway did. "Yeah, I just will take my purse; we have to leave in half an hour."

I nodded and turned back, I could hear the rattling of keys, she might have gone inside. I too went back inside my room and left the door open, so I would know when she came outside. Just when I heard the rattling of keys again, I pretended to be taking my wallet and my jacket. Soon I was shutting the door and locking it as she was coming out of her room. Though she smiled acknowledging mine, but I knew she was uncomfortable to say the least. But I was determined.

There were so many things available for breakfast and Cat excused herself to go and buy her breakfast while Sean caught up with me. I tried my best to stay with her and she always succeeded in being away from me when it is not required by her work. And believe me this continued for continuous three days and I was nowhere near to know anything about her.

I had almost dropped the idea of finding her truth, I had almost decided to leave her alone, I had almost decided to let it be till she is willing to... when on the fourth day something happened.

From Tuesday onwards our shooting was happening at Hollywood only. The whole shooting was happening basically on road, it all consisted of just a person going to office early in the morning and returning late in the night. Of course the role was played by me, I had to be a person who was workaholic, spent most of the time in office, had no family or friends and dedicated all his time to work. It went on till Wednesday, on Thursday the shooting included me working my butt off throughout the day. There were so many shots taken and it was really late. Usually Cat accompanied me every day wherever I went, but that day as it was getting too late, I asked her to leave with other people while I and Gary and some necessary people stayed back.

I was expecting it to be a long time before I get a chance to be back to the hotel, but to my surprise, the last shot was taken in one go and we were free to go back, it was a relief. Tired I slid into the limo and the chauffeur sped off. Soon I was in front of the hotel, I had taken dinner outside with the crew, so all I wanted to do is have some relaxing time and sleep. After having a warm shower, I was feeling much comfortable and decided to spend some time in the balcony.

Just as I entered in the balcony, I heard some voice and it belonged to none other than Cat. Even though it seemed wrong but I could not help but listen to her conversation - she was talking to somebody. Making sure that my presence could not be felt, I stayed inside the room but kept the door to the balcony open. I could see her though; she wore a loose sleeveless shirt and loose pajamas, so this was her nightdress.

"Okay mom."


"For how many days?"


"No, I won't be back by Monday, it's going be a lot late than-"


"It's going good; I finally visited Hol - hello mom." The call ended.

A long sigh followed a tired one.

"I am sorry mom, I really am." With that she dashed into her room with the phone clutched tightly to her chest. Once I made sure that she had closed the door, I stepped into the balcony.

What was that?

Okay, so she had never talked about her family, now I knew she had a mother, of course everyone has mother, but this seemed to be a new discovery to me. What I understood from her conversation - she was staying with her mom, her mom was going somewhere maybe and would not be back until Monday. But there were two more observation; One - her mother was not giving enough importance to what she was saying, if I remembered correctly she was cut in middle of every sentence she spoke. And then... Two - she was not angry or upset with her mother's behavior; in fact she was sorry, truly sorry.

But for what and she had to say sorry even if her mother could not hear her? I was sure the call had ended when she was saying so many sorries. I had to find out.


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Published: 10/1/2012
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