Strictly Professional - Chapter 8

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Catriona's POV

How could I be so stupid? Why did I become so informal with him? This all had brought me today where I am. Had I been a little careful before, I won't be so pathetic now. However it's never too late. Though I knew Alex was trying his best to... Well, what would I name it? Probably he was just trying to get to know me, just be friendly with me, but I never gave a chance. I maintained a safe distance from him and just did my work. Though it was very difficult to just stick to work when he was everywhere, but I managed.

However what I did not understand was why he was doing all this? Just out of curiosity? Or he wanted to get to know all his fellow workers better? Or he... Ugh, how could I even think of it? He could never be attracted towards me. Sure he was not, not even a bit. What was there extra in me which other girls here didn't have, so that he would go for me? For God's sake, he was a star and there were girls from all around the world who could die for his one look. Where did I stand in all of this? Probably nowhere. So I just stick to the point that he was friendly with everyone.

But still somewhere in the corner of my heart I had a different feeling about all of this. The way sometimes I caught him looking at me told a different story. But maybe my expectations were high. Even though I would not agree, but my stomach did a thousand flip just with one glance from him. He had this effect on me, so probably that was why I thought... Maybe just maybe he had some feelings...

Cut that crap, I was sure to be imagining things. I was nothing special and was just like everybody else. And I just became sure of it when on Thursday he asked me not to stay with him but leave with all others. I too did not tell anything; after all I wanted this, right? To be away from him? Yeah... Then why I was thinking all this, I just grabbed my purse, jacket and left with the crew. All through the ride I could not help but think did he... by chance have any affection towards me or was I just an ordinary employee to him. So many times I tried to shrug off all the thoughts about him, but he kept invading my mind some or the other way, did he have such a great impact on me?

By the time we reached hotel I was exhausted, not only because of the work, but also because of all the additional and unnecessary work my mind was doing. I ordered dinner and went straight to my room. After taking a hot shower, I was feeling much better and almost void of his thoughts when my phone rang. I almost decided not to pick up the phone, but somehow dragged my feet from the window to the bedside table.

Thank God I decided to pick up the phone, the caller ID flashed in my mobile just made me smile with joy. It was my mom, my mom!! I quickly took the phone and went to the balcony. I was so excited, well I know you would say what was so exciting about it. But if you knew that she rarely called me and I yearned to just be with her, then you would understand how much this simple call mattered to me.

But as usual she did not talk much, nor was she interested in what I was telling. She was going to the next town and won't be back till Monday. She worked in marketing department of a small company, producing different cosmetic products. The company was quite new and so they had just started marketing due to which mom was traveling frequently for last few months.

I missed those days when she was taking care of me always, she was thinking of me all the time. I wished I had cared that time, I wished I had given her some time; I wished I had been someone else. Whatever happened, she never had any say and she suffered without any mistake. In fact she was the one who suffered most and I could never forgive myself for that. I wished mom would know how sorry I was and I wanted to make everything right. Though I knew it was never going to be alright, but I wished I knew what could be done to make alright, forever. But I was a coward.

The night brought back memories and didn't let me sleep. The days which I thought to be glorious were actually the days which went out of my hands and caused all sorts of unwished events. The people whom I trusted and thought they were more important than the people who actually cared for me; I ignored them in mere teenage ego and foolishness. The people whom I thought as my ideals and wanted to become like them, were actually like moon, you could see it and enjoy, but not everyone gets a chance to land on it. The times which could have been spent for the welfare of me and people who loved me, I spent those times in vain, just merrymaking. In short I had not realized that I had spoiled and destroyed everything, until it was actually spoiled and destroyed.

"Cat!" I groaned recognizing who the voice belonged to - the same irritating voice that woke me up every morning. I wished this voice could be replaced.. But no... I ducked more inside the blanket ignoring the second call as well until I heard "You have a visitor."

Oh crap! I totally forgot that I had to go with Mark to the concert and I had a lot of shopping to do. Throwing the blanket off my body, I made a quick bun on my wild hair and washed my face before sprinting down the stairs. My mom was at the end of the stairs looking at me with her usual smile.

"Could not you wake me up before some time?" I hissed at her angrily and continued walking down the stairs. Her smile dropped instantly, but I cared less. All I could catch while going away was, "I have been trying to wake you up for last 15 mi..." I ignored the rest of the things, whatever.

I greeted Mark and dragged him up to my room ignoring the accusing glances of my mother. How dared she look at me like that while I was with my boyfriend? I decided to deal with it later. Mark laughed about my mother's annoying behavior and I had to apologize because of her. He waited in my room for around 30 minutes while I got ready. All the while I did not miss the flirty glances he was throwing at my body. If we were not getting late for the day's events, then we would have...

Soon we were out of my room only to find her annoying face again smiling at us. How could she never get tired of being nice? She was waiting at the breakfast table and I knew some breakfast was ready for both of us. Before any of us could leave the house, she decided to speak.

"Why don't you both have some breakfast?"

Not trying to be rude, Mark replied, "I already had my breakfast."

"Oh, Cat, why don't you take some? I have prepared your fav..."

"Mom, I am getting late." With that I dragged Mark out of her suffocating affection and soon we were speeding off the road. Not before 15 minutes, I started to feel hungry and we both started to eat our breakfast, even Mark had lied to my mom. But she did cook really nice food.

I wished I could get to eat her handmade food now. Gone were those days, now she busied herself in work all the time, trying to forget everything about the past. Now I didn't even get a chance to see her for days. Now she would cook sometimes, but didn't wait for me. Suddenly everything linked together, because I ignored her in the past, now I was suffering. Had I taken her with special attention, now I would not be an ordinary girl to Alex. Things might have been different by now, if only I had thought about all these things before, only if I had...

The alarm blasted making me jump from the bed, it was morning already! When did I sleep? The last thing I could remember was I had tears in my eyes while eating the dinner I bought from the hotel. Sighing heavily, I woke up and got ready for today's work.


Alex's POV

As she emerged from the hotel with a maroon t-shirt and a gray jeans, my heart skipped a bit. I knew that was nothing fancy and people won't think much about girls covered so much, but I was drawn to her, nothing mattered actually, whether she looked good or not, whether she dressed pretty or not, whether she talked to me or not, I knew I had fallen for her. And from last night I had been more attentive to everything about her, for I knew that there had been something bad in her life. After a three-hour analysis of all possible reason of her last night's conversation and a little bit of searching, I had come to the knowledge that she and her mother stayed in a small apartment, no news about her dad, but he did not live with them. I still had to find out so many things.

She gave me a small smile and came inside the limo, took her usual seat and looked out of the window, deliberately avoiding everyone and me specially. What went so wrong? I mean not that she was socializing before, but she was knowingly avoiding me today, or it was just me. No, I could not be that wrong. I tried to have any conversation, but all through the ride, she looked out of the window, she even did not talk to Rose, who usually talked with her during the rides. Last night's events went through my mind, she was still upset probably. But if there was not something very wrong, then she would not have been this much upset.

It went on till the next four hours till I finished the first part of my shooting. In today's shoot, Anya and I were being introduced, she had to come and work in the office where I worked in the movie. Some part of her shoot was pending before the scene where we would meet. Scott asked everyone, who were not shooting at the moment, to go for lunch. There were still many people required at the shoot, but along with some other people I and Cat were free. This was my chance.

"Cat?" She turned towards me with a look which said she was not expecting me. Well I could not say that I didn't know that she would react like this. I knew she would not expect me ever, it was me who was mad behind her, but I didn't mind. I had to be patient.

"I was thinking can we go somewhere for lunch?" I admit, I was nervous, I was not asking her on a date, but still...

After pausing for a moment before answering she made me confused on what to say next.

"I had asked Sean to put your lunch in the vehicle, has he forgotten about that, I don't think so."

I had not thought about that, so stupid of me.

"Um, no, he had given it, but by chance I dropped it while taking it out and it... It got wasted."

"Oh." She didn't say anything else.

"So... Um can we go somewhere nearby?" I could see she was reluctant yet impatient, I would still require a lot of time understanding her. "Do you know any restaurant nearby?"

"I am here for the first time, so..."

"Well, then I think we can go to some place I had gone last time, though I don't remember much, but our chauffeur can take us."

She looked uncomfortable. Was she uncomfortable because of me or she was still upset or... Or maybe she was not fine with going in a limo with a film star, yes that might be the thing.

"Or we could take a taxi, I am really hungry." I had to tell it some way so that she would agree and I was right about my assumption.

"Okay, fine."

So we headed off to the nearest restaurant. The driver recognized me and kept talking about me and the films. He seemed so happy and I kind of liked it. Once we were inside the restaurant, being the gentleman I am, I chose a table for us, made her sit and asked her to order from the menu. And she being the simple girl ordered just one pasta and stayed quiet. On the other hand I ordered chicken steak, French fries and salad. When I finished ordering I looked up to find out Cat looking at me questioning.

"Just a moment please." She asked the waitress.

"We got Sean here so you won't eat unhealthy food and look what you ordered. This restaurant provides so many healthy foods. Please order something else."

The waitress looked at me and I looked at Cat and Cat looked at the waitress. But she had a point.

"Fine." I am not sure why but I liked the command in her voice, how she ordered me, she actually cared for me, or she was just doing her job.

Finally I ordered pasta, juice and salad. All green. Both Sean and Cat don't want to see me happy, enemies. I made a face at the choice of food and from the corner of my eyes I could see she was trying to suppress a smile. This made me happy, if she was smiling, I could eat raw leaves, well I could try.

The lunch went on smooth; we did not talk much except the schedule and work. Some people came for autographs and I politely agreed. Everyone was looking at Cat curiously, but she seemed to care less. When it was time to pay, she beat me to it and when I complained, she simply said, "Last time you had paid, so this time it's my turn." We came out of the restaurant.

"But both the times, I had called you."

"Does not matter." I could not say anything more.

From the distance I could see a bunch of girls eying us and I knew what was coming next. Before they could reach me, I had to run. And to my luck one taxi stopped and both of us hopped in. I sighed heavily.

"What?" She asked. I looked at her and saw she clearly didn't understand what trouble we could have gone into.

"Look back." And then she gasped as she spotted those girls almost racing towards our taxi. She chuckled brightening my day.

"Oh, fans."

"Sometimes it does get annoying you know, you don't have any privacy."

"I can understand."

"What happened once is..." And we kept on talking.

Everything seemed to go smooth until I asked, "So you stay with your mother?"

She suddenly became silent and just nodded in my response.

"What about you father?" I could not stop myself from asking and as expected she was uncomfortable, but she had to come out of this.

"He does not stay with us."

"Oh, he works somewhere else?"

"I don't know." She looked out of the window and seemed to be lost in thought, all color gone from her face. And what did she mean by she did not know, probably..

"I am sorry if I am intruding, but are your parents not together?" I knew it was too much, but I had to help her and to do that she might have to go through some rough patches.

"They are divorced; I mean yet to be divorced."

"Oh, I am so... "

"No, don't be sorry."

"So, you and your mother... You..." I didn't know how to say, so I paused while tapping my foot.

"What it is?"

"Cat, I am sorry, but I overheard your conversation with your mom yesterday, I am sorry, but you happened to be on call, when I opened the balcony door."

Her eyes became wide and she looked out of the window waiting for our shooting place to arrive. I knew she was angry, but I thought I could be honest. The rest of the car ride was silent and I wished I should not have told her. As soon as we reached, she slipped out of her seat, but waited for me to come. As soon as the taxi left, she started walking and I followed her. Soon I caught up with her.

"Cat, I am sorry, but when..."

"Alex, Scott must be waiting for you. Today you have shooting till 8, I will be waiting at the limo as usual." With that she went inside the studio leaving me speechless. I cursed myself mentally. She was fine all the while and then I had to go and ruin her mood and the little chance I had to know her. Great, just great.

I didn't see much of her the rest of the day. I could not concentrate properly and shots after shots were taken to do a simple scene because I could not do it properly. It was the end of the day and I could not do much work. Finally we left for the day keeping the rest of the work pending. After the dinner, I was still feeling bad and thought of talking to her when someone knocked on my door.

I went and opened the door to find Cat herself standing in front of the door. I could have been happy to see her at my door, but the situation was different, she was upset with me. But what I noticed was, her eyes were swollen. Had she been crying? Had she been that hurt by me?


Author's Note

If some of you are wondering, why I am not posting "Let's play I Do I Do", then I have to tell in my defense that I really don't have time to manage both stories. So, the next part of "Let's play I Do I Do" will be out when I have a little more time. Sorry.


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