Strings and Stars - Chapter One

From the author of 'Until You', 'Last Chances', 'Battle of the Hearts', 'Winning Hearts', 'Fated Love' & 'Drown Me In Love'.
Her feet were torn and bleeding. Her chest painfully trying to keep up with the short gasps of air she gulped in. Even with all the noise of the forest around her, it was quiet. Too quiet.

Ducking behind a tree, she held her breath and listened hard. The wind was starting to settle down, the rustling of the leaves just a soft whisper. She slowly rounded the trunk of the tree, arms angled out in case they sneaked up behind her. Crouching low, she started to make her way around the tree in front of her. Moonlight was starting to break through the trees and she could make out a building in the distance.

Could she risk the exposure of running across the open land?

What if there wasn't anyone there when she reached it? She'd be a sitting duck.

Glancing around, she didn't see any other choice. She could climb up a tree and wait it out but the night had just begun and it was freezing. Chances were, she'd have frozen to death by morning.
Testing, she placed one foot ahead and leaned forward. The crack of a twig echoed around her before she heard shuffling just feet away.

Heart pounding, eyes wild, she looked over her shoulder, trying to make out the shadows in the darkness behind her.

Another twig snapped nearby. Too near for comfort that she took off, leaping across the open field, clearly visible to everyone who was watching. The footsteps behind her picked up, making her push herself harder.

There had to be a way out. Somewhere she could hide. There had to be someone out here.

She rounded the building. It was like some sort of shed. There was a window at the top and a huge door that was held firmly shut. She tried to lift the heavy plank of wood, pushing it up but it never budged.

Maybe if she climbed it, she could just reach the window.

She'd be trapped if she were found inside.

There was a shovel leaning on the side of the structure and she lifted it up. But there was no other way into the building. Shovel under her arm, she silently made her way to the shadows. Maybe if she could double back, she was sure she would find someone back at the cabin.

The rock that whizzed just an inch away from her ear had her running again.
Back into the forest for cover.

The trees on this side were more thinly spread and she kept ducking as she ran, zigzagging around the trees to avoid having an easy target on her back.

The echo of the stones she was kicking up as she ran suddenly stopped and she skidded to a halt just as she heard the answer a few hundred feet below where she was standing.

This couldn't be it. She inched her way along the edge of the trees but sure enough, it was the end of the trail. She thought back hard to the map she had studied that morning, trying to recall where exactly the bridge was placed. Her mind was drawing a blank! She couldn't remember a thing!

Just calm down. She took in a deep breath and let it out silently. Think. She'd had the map spread out across the bed. The bridge had been to the north west of the cabin. Nearly at the end of the forest.

The sound behind her had her spinning around, shovel in hand. As she lifted it up, the weight of it pulled her back. She lost her footing and fell back into the abyss.


Hope you all enjoy! I know it has been awhile since I've been gone, but I'm back. Have missed my readers a lot!
Published: 12/21/2016
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