Stuck In Yesterday

I wished it away,
But it all came back to me,
Tried living for today,
But got stuck in yesterday,
Tomorrow held promise,
But that promise lies broken,
There's no compromise,
In a second hand token.

Your words were all lies,
You spoke with a forked tongue,
But I grabbed the prize,
Thought we couldn't go wrong.
So I jumped in head first,
My heels took up the rear,
Now I don't know what's worse,
The pain or the fear.

It was all just fantasy,
But it spoke of perfection,
Yet it brought no guarantee,
Of fertile imagination,
And the harvest was poor,
It reaped only sorrow.
You left my love on the floor,
Rested on a cold pillow.

Like a primordial whisper,
From long, long ago,
Your memory still lingers,
Like unmelted snow,
That won't wash away,
Nor melt with the rain,
That falls all day,
And soaks me to the skin.

Like your love, all the flowers,
Have withered and dried,
Their heads hung like cowards,
Waiting their turn to die,
I know how they feel,
To be scared and alone,
Unheard go the squeals,
That shake through their bones.

Still I cling to a promise,
That can never be kept,
And if I am honest,
It's a bitter recollect,
That steals through my heart,
On a cold Norse wind,
And tears me apart,
Soul, spirit, and mind.

Now your ghost has flown,
Like a mist on that wind,
To somewhere unknown,
Somewhere I can't find,
Far away from the memories,
That I can't erase,
They run like a commentary,
To dead flowers in a vase.

I wished it away,
But it all came back to me,
I try living for today,
But I'm stuck in yesterday.
Tomorrow is missing,
And today's a bad dream,
Which yesterday's twisting,
In a fantastic realm.
Published: 11/16/2015
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