Suicide Poems

Suicide - an act of sheer cowardice; a result of not being able to face life's realities; an outcome of failing to fight the battle of life. Here are some sad suicide poems that make you cry. Understand... life is a gift from God and no living being has the right to destroy it. Try to understand the personalities behind these suicide poems and learn. Learn to live.
Let My Soul Be Free
Suicidal poem, viewers been warned.
The Stalker's Fool
Sometimes a stalker goes too far.
Never trust a demon with your heart.
What's Next
It's my first poem, tell me what you think.... this really happened to me.
I'm Alright
This poem is about a time I had tried to kill myself after convincing everyone and myself that I was alright.
Take My Life
This poem was about a time when my boyfriend had confessed having suicidal thoughts to me and how I was thinking that I'd give him anything for him to be healthy and happy, including everything I needed and that my heart already...
Cold Night
A expression for sorrow.
Courage To Tell
Living life...
Dark Hearts
Just something I wrote off the top of my head.
Suicide Will Never End
Teen suicide will never end if people don't change.
15 and Wanted to Die
15 and wanted to die. (It's my first go at this so please be kind if you'd comment)
Suicide Victims' Tribute
This is a tribute to all the suicide victims. I needed to do this for them. I hope they are all finally at peace.
The Blades That Cut...
I wrote this during a bout of depression. I am better now and don't mind comments. Keep in mind I am not suicidal anymore.
I Lost My Life
This is not mine. It's my friend's...
Not All Scars Show
Not all scars can be seen but if you open your eyes a little more you can see the pain and agony.
The Gun
If I had a gun...
Suicide Note
The poem describes itself...
I laid in the water, ready to escape.
Resistance is Futile
Temptation is calling...
um.. I don't know how to describe it.
A perspective of What I think my friend is going through she is having a hard time.
Red Rain
I dedicate this to my ex.
A girl kills herself because no one will believe her but she can't tell anyone the truth..
Please Hold...
Just a sad poem I wrote, not about me or something that happened to me lately, but I just read this story last night and I got some ideas. Hope you like it...
Be Still
No Rimes. Just feelings...
Left Behind
Feeling like nothing.
About feeling like your trap.
No One's Home
I'm not here.
It is a way of saying goodbye.?
Dark Death
It is a poem about problems in life.
Just A Cutter
This is a poem about when I told my mum I cut, but she seemed like she didn't care, even though I thought she would...And now she just takes the piss out of me because of it. So I want to kill myself... Also, it explains how I feel...
My Suicide Story
This is how I feel... If you can relate to this please tell me, I need to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. By the way, I'm not writing for enjoyment anymore, these are beginning to become my calls for help.
Slow Death
Worthless. Mistake. Wishful death.
My New Best Friend the Razor Blade
This was written on February 8, 2010. It was right around the time that my dad was incubated on life support. I am better now than I was then.
The Suicide Embrace
Just something I think about now and then. Comment what you think.
Suicidal Thoughts
The despair of a break up can make the mind unstable.
Love and Death
A poem about two teenagers with good futures, who kill themselves, together....
This is just a little free verse poem about suicide, it has a story behind it, see if you can figure it out. Oh, little hint : Key = Knife/Gun/Suicide instrument.
Know the pain. Know the story.
A short rhyme.
Dear Mom
A poem to my mom.
Barthroom Floor
I woke up this morning and wanted to die :'(
Another Lifeless Day
A poem I wrote because...I could.
Love Suicide
I got really bored and I had figured I'd write something in a GUYS narration for once. It's basically about a girl who kills herself because of depression and the guy is her ex. Hope you guys enjoy it :)
It tells three different but come stories why a teen kills themselves.
Her Mind Was Twisted
My past really sucks...
A short poem about suicide. Please Comment... <3
It's Gods fault
I hate being here when I did not ask to.
Anonymous Death
Interested? Then read it.
My Walk With Death
My fiance wrote this poem before we met....If you think this is good please comment. He doesn't think he's a good writer :D
Death Hurts
It hurt, Death.
Suicidal Thoughts
They really are suicidal...
Invisible Angel
It is about a girl who dies but could have been saved if somebody have the effort...please comment!!!
I wrote this when I was in the hospital for attempting suicide; a lot of it had to do because of my ex and how he would be abusive..
A Sinner's Requiem
This might explain why suicide is not actually such a bad idea. It might even be a blessing to the other people out there.
After My Death
I know what will happen when I die, so don't tell me that I don't care about the consequences if I commit suicide. Leave a comment...for I am nothing more to add.
Give Me Reasons
Comments are more than welcome. As usual, I can say nothing, and add nothing. Everything is in the poem. Or limerick.
Suicidal Attempts
Comments are more than welcome. I really have nothing more to add. I would really like to read your comments.
Isn't It Better To End It All?
A short poem by me. I am serious in what I write in this poem. I am going to do what I will do one day,,,
Reaper's Words of Comfort
It's about a girl who committed suicide because she was being abused.
No One Understands
I'm emo and no one gets me
2day I want to kill myself.
She's Gone
It's basically a description of a girls suicide as a poem....
It's talking about how life sometimes can be to overwhelming and you commit suicide, and you ask yourself who really committed the murder…
Finding Salvation
When on the verge of suicide there is only one that can help you up.
The Dying Belief
A struggling child's story when his father dies and he loses faith completely in God; he attempts suicide but fails and encounters the devil.....
Hollow Point
My attempted suicide fulfilled…
A Craving for Suicide
Obviously the title explains it!