Summer Sunshine

It's a hard life being an adult.
When did we lose our innocence?
We said goodbye a long time since,
Grew up, got old and left the scene,
Crowded out the memories,
Of endless summer sunshine.

Now we watch the darkened clouds,
Roll their thunder, brooding, loud,
And still the rain comes falling down,
To muddy our hallowed ground,
And end the summer sunshine.

Mature they said, act your age,
Write yourself a headline page,
Make your mark and stake your claim,
Life's a bitch, a dreary game,
There is no summer sunshine.

You've made your bed, now lie in it,
You're on your own, better use your wits,
It's dog eat dog, no compromise,
Don't let them make you eat your pride,
By selling summer sunshine.

The kingdom that was once your dream,
So far away from reality,
Has tumbled with the sands of time,
Been swept away beneath the rain,
That dulls the summer sunshine.

Tell me, do you still believe in rainbows?
Do you think they'll ever ease the sorrow?
Have you ever hankered to return?
Will the cold dark nights release the dawn,
To renew the summer sunshine?

Oh how I wish I was a child again,
No laws or rules to comprehend,
A journey back to innocence,
When all we had time to spend,
Beneath the summer sunshine!
Published: 3/1/2012
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