Sun of my Heart

Beautiful, amazing, truly something unique. The SUN can't compare to who you are! You put the sun to shame! Too bad that you're blind to your own light! Thanks for reading!
Shining and beautiful,
A presence you simply can't ignore.
So amazing, so unique,
Leaving me wanting more.

Bathing me in your warmth,
Keeping me here a while,
Melting the ice off my heart,
With a mile-wide smile.

Truly heartwarming,
You inspire wherever you go.
Beautiful and amazing,
How can you not know?

Eternal and everlasting,
You will never die.
You are too heard to forget,
After all you're mine.

No matter what happens,
No matter how apart,
You shall stay shining,
Forever, in my heart...
Know someone who just seems blind to their own beauty?
Yes! How can they lie to themselves?!
Just makes me wonder, are people just born stupid or do they develop it? Someone should go and study it!
Nah, I'm pretty obvious to my beauty!
Um... I'm ugly!
My boyfriend keeps telling me I am but I don't believe him! He's a liar, I'm the one looking in a mirror!
Yes! It gets on my nerves!
Published: 9/12/2011
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