A little compromise does no harm!
The deep blue sky was very clear.
From the seashore it seemed very near.
Sun was gradually disappearing from sky.
It gave an illusion of being close by.
Setting sun seemed to be drawn in to sea.
In to cold water, sun's rays were happy to be.
Not for long they could be in.
They were out with the rising sun.
Up in the sky they started to shine.
Birds were flying with tremendous strain.
Down below, a dog was starting to whine.
Such was the plight at morning nine!
The heat was too much for all to take.
The rays thought of giving a break.
They decided to hide behind the cloud.
Suddenly there was thunder, very loud.
Followed streaks of lightning and heavy rain.
All were relieved of heat's pain.
Birds were resting in their nest.
The dog, wagging its tail was looking best.
Sudden down pour reduced to a trickling flow.
Also the sun began to show.
None were hostile to its rays.
A slight compromise definitely pays!!!!
Published: 6/26/2008
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