Sunrise: Chapter 24 - Confiding and Comforting Hearts

Hey! I know it's been a long time, I just can't get time to write but that's a relief that I am not just giving it up only because of lack of time. Please bear with me. I am in college and finding time other than college, texting and fbing these days is next too impossible. So I am still apologizing for the delay, but I don't think you all will be complaining as this is now the longest chapter of my story.
This was the best morning of my life, and someone tells me that all my mornings are just going to get better from now on. I am totally, irrevocably, madly, falling-ly and knee skinning-ly, if those are even words, in love with the most beautiful girl on this planet.

No matter what I do, I just can't remove the image of her soft chocolate brown eyes from my mind, the way she blushes makes my heart flutter, the soothing sound of her voice when she talks to me is the best music ever any musician can compose.

Seriously I feel, for a dude type of guy, I am beginning to sound crazy and GIRLIE, but I can't just control what I feel for her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She has such an effect on me, that I haven't thought about drugs or alcohol from last five days, and everyone knows that's a new record of me.

I smiled clicking off my pen, hooking it at the page of my journal which I closed with a soft thud. I just can't control this exciting feeling that is deep-rooted inside my heart right now. Everything looks amazing, as if there is just happiness around me and no one is or has ever been sad. Love does that to us I guess.

"Jake it's time for breakfast, come down honey." My mom called from downstairs bringing me out of my daydreams.

"Coming Mom," I shouted back getting up from my bed. Smiling like a fool, I walked towards my closet and hid my journal in its usual place, behind the stack of my old books.

As I walked down the stairs, I checked my phone once again just to make sure I didn't miss a call or message from her yet. She is never off my mind now, I don't know how she does that but I don't mind. It's only her presence that makes me feel alive every second of my newly beginning of a beautiful life.

"Morning Mom," I said entering the kitchen and walking towards my usual seat at the table.

"Morning hun." She replied while doing the dishes.

"Hmm, so what's the matter with this smile today?" Mom asked smilingly with a raised eyebrow after a minute of silence. I was looking at the table lost again in my own loving deep thoughts.

"What smile?" I said hiding the broadening of my smile but failing miserably at it.

"Ahun?" She said teasing me while placing plates in front of me on the table.

"Uh-Mom when is dad coming back?" I said trying to change the subject.

"Monday night. He was asking about you, and about your studies, and I told him that-" She paused for curiosity building effect as always.
"What Mom?" I said dramatically trying to hold back a laugh.

"That you are working a lot harder this time and you won't disappoint him."

"Thank you Mom. And I promise, I won't disappoint you and dad this time."

"I know son, you're nice try at changing the subject though. Now eat before your breakfast gets cold." She said with a smile on her face that says 'I am trying to guess what's going on'.

Immediately I shifted my gaze to my plate and started eating, only interrupted by the beep of my phone. I quickly checked my phone and found a message from her that read -

Hey, are you free? I want to meet you. I hope I am not disturbing you.

I quickly messaged her that I am free and started rushing through my breakfast.

"Hey what's the rush? Eat properly hun."

"I got a message from Andrew Mom, he has some problem with science project, may I go?"

"Oh, is this Andrew a girl?" Mom asked me a question, instead of reply.

Trying desperately to hide that silly smile of mine, I said, "No mom, you know him. And I don't know a girl."

"Okay-okay," she said smiling knowingly.
"So can I go?"

"Yeah, but come back soon, you just have three days left for your exams." She said standing up and placing our dishes in the sink.

"Okay mom thanks bye," I said rushing upstairs to get my black hoodie.

My phone beeped again -

I am at the park, you sure I am not disturbing you?
Yeah beautiful I am sure. Be there in ten. I wrote and hit the send button.


Amelia's POV

Be there in ten. I looked at Jacob's message and decided to go for another run to calm my scared heart and get back little to my senses. As I ran, I passed the elderly couple now walking towards the exit of the park for the fifth time; the first four times I crossed them, they were sitting together on my favorite bench that faced a beautiful pond with ducks.

Feeling tired I jogged towards the bench and sat down closing my eyes, supporting my face on my hands with the elbow on my knees. As I regained a rhythmic breathing pattern, I realized the way I would be looking right now. The thought of Jacob seeing me like this when I was sweating like hell got me to start panicking and easily destroyed that sweet rhythm of my breathing. I groaned, my frustration into my hands, my groan followed by the chocolaty voice of Jacob.

"Hey what's up beautiful? Tired of running, eh?" I looked at him and found heart fluttering smile on his face. My world just blossomed right then, his smile being the first spring of my life.

"A bit, I guess," I said touching my neck as my voice sounded too raspy when I spoke due to dehydration.

"Here have this," he said bringing his hand up that held a bottle of mineral water.

"How did you know, I needed it," I realized it wasn't for him as he hadn't tore off the seal yet. I pushed my hand forward to grasp the bottle but he withdrew his hand at the same moment.

"You should wait, I guess I don't want my girlfriend catching cold." Oh my gosh, I was about to say the words out loud but luckily didn't do that. The word 'girlfriend' just gave me goosebumps and I felt the hair on the nape of my neck standing erect sending tingles down my spine.

"And by the way, your voice sounds sexy right now," he said smirking and lighting up his face with that handsome grin. I knew perfectly how much I was blushing right now, the heat of the run combined with this welcomed embarrassment was enough to get my face red hot.

Getting no response from me, he chuckled to himself and sat down beside me on the bench without intruding my personal space. I can't believe my luck, concerning how I got a funny, kind-hearted, caring and extremely lovable person like him in my life.

"You like running?" He asked after a few moments of silence.

"Hmm, and I know how disgusting I might be looking right now with all this sweat sticking to my body," I said with a groan, sounding at the back of my throat, scolding myself for not thinking about this before asking him to meet me here.

Without replying he just stared at my face with his eyes searching for something.

"What? Is there something on my face?" I said wiping my face with my palm. A lock of hair became free from the grip of my ruffle as I wiped my face again.

Jacob leaned slightly, his right hand slowly lifting and coming towards me. My gaze immediately shifted to his hand staying there as it drifted ever so slowly towards my face and the moment seemed to be the most cherished one in my life. Everything seemed to stop, my breath got caught in my throat as his fingers brushed lightly across my cheek taking hold of the lock of hair, lifting it and locking it behind my ear. All the while brushing across my face making me feel dizzy due to the lack of breathing as well as the sparkling emotion that I felt somewhere deep down my heart.

I lifted my eyes to look at him and found his eyes focused on my ear, slowly shifting from there to my left cheek and side of forehead. It was as if he were trying to memorize every single inch of my skin where his fingers brushed just now. A moment later his eyes stared right into mine, making me see the affection, the appreciation, the love, the importance of this moment, all those feelings were residing beautifully in those chocolate brown eyes of his. I shivered involuntarily as I felt his eyes wasn't just looking into my eyes but were searching for something deep as if looking into my soul and trying to find out if this little action has had the same effect over me as him or not.

I exhaled quickly, letting out the air that I had held for so long, dropped my gaze trying to escape his searching eyes and the intensity of his stare which was making my heart beat so loudly that I was sure he could hear it by being so close to me.

"I am still waiting," he said slowly, now his voice sounds raspy as if he just run a marathon. I guess his heart was being affected the same way as mine from this closeness.

"For what," I said gulping hard as my throat went dry when I looked up as he spoke and found him staring at my lips.

"For you to say that you were kidding," he said, his eyes never leaving my lips.
"I don't understand," I said softly, trying my best not to move my lips while speaking.

"I am waiting for you to take back those words when you said, you would be looking disgusting right now after running and say that you were just kidding," he lifted his gaze and looked into my eyes said, "even right now you look beautiful," he spoke exhaling slowly. His warm breath sending those tingles over every inch of my skin as it brushed my face, I realized how close his face was to mine.

My eyes shifted to his full lips for a brief moment as my mind registered the fact that he was about to kiss me. A million questions erupted in my mind at that very second, will he kiss me? What will it be like to get my first kiss? Would I be able to kiss him back? Will he not like the kiss and run away from me? Do I want to kiss him back? Will I let him kiss me? And the most important of all, isn't this too soon for a kiss?

The speed of the questions increased in my mind as his face inched closer to mine with every passing second. My eyelids drooped down closing my eyes and shielding me from what was about to happen. As I realized that it was too soon for a kiss, and I was too late to layout my objection, he kissed me.

My eyes flickered open and confusion set in when I found myself looking at his throat instead of his face. I realized a moment later that his lips were pressed against my forehead and not on my lips. My stupid dysfunctional brain! It didn't let me locate the part of my face, Jacob's lips were pressed against my eyes closed as it was actually supposed to do! Idiot!

"I love you beautiful," I heard his muffled sound as his lips moved against my forehead filling me with the feeling of relief, gratitude and a little bit of disappointment. Had I wanted him to kiss me? Do I want this relationship to proceed to next level? Are we ready for it? Am I ready for that? More confusing thoughts occupied my mind as I tried to figure out the various emotions I was feeling right now.

"What? I didn't even kiss you now." He said looking at me with a worried expression.
"Huh?" I asked more confused than ever.

"You didn't want me to kiss you right? I mean on the lips?" He spoke searching my face for anything that proved his thoughts wrong.
"Ummm... No?" It came out as a question as I tried to think if I had actually spoken about it prior to the kiss and my stupid dysfunctional brain hasn't registered that.

He chuckled good-naturedly, his million dollar smile before lifting up my chin in his hand, making me look towards him.

"You are so easy to read, you know? I love you beautiful. Now tell me why are you upset?" He said smiling but I could see the depth of concern for me reflecting from his eyes.

"I am not upset," that came out too suddenly before I could even process the words. Right now I was enough confused to stop and analyze every word that he said.
"Yes you are beautiful, please tell me what's wrong?" He asked softly.

I remembered everything what happened at home today but tried to hide it behind a smile. Lowering down my gaze and sporting a smile I spoke up again, "No, I am okay umm... Hawtie." A true blush spread across my cheeks as I called him that for the first time in person and I couldn't help but lower my eyes more.

"As much as I am loving the sound of you and the blush that's basically enveloping you right now," he chuckled momentarily before his serious tone returned, "tell me what's wrong beautiful please, I can see something is troubling you. Please don't try to shut me out. Trust me baby."

"I trust you completely, don't ever doubt that, it's just-" I stopped processing the words I should say to him but I needed to give one more try to make him forget about it so I asked, "How can you say that I am upset?" I lifted my gaze and found him looking at me with so much concern in his eyes that he was going to have early wrinkles on his forehead if he kept that frowning thing up any longer.

Jacob exhaled and looked away focusing at something far in the distance, clearly realizing what I was trying to do here. "I saw you running the last lap, it seemed you were deliberately trying to exhaust your body. You slowed down a few times clearly exhausted but then you would push yourself harder as if trying to push some thoughts away from your mind and then focus on running. I could understand because that's what I do too. Running is the best, I mean the second best thing now that helps me clear my mind."

"Why didn't you stop me when you were here early?" I asked getting a light chuckle from him in response.
"I wanted to see you running." He said turning his head to face me again with a different kind of grin on his face, a teasing yet loving one.

"Do you run often?" I asked.
"Umm yeah and way better and faster than you." He said sticking his tongue out a little as if he didn't realize he was saying it out loud.

"Ohh yea? Wanna try that embarrassment that you would face after losing a race with me right now?"

"Sorry but I am not actually in my right physical health since few days," he said sheepishly.

"Chicken," I said laughing and stopping abruptly when I realized what he just said, "I am sorry, I shouldn't have called you here. Shit I forgot I am sorry Jacob, you need rest and I called you out here-"

"Amelia, stop," he interrupted me but I continued anyway, "I am sorry Jacob, I don't know what I was thinking, I should have given it more thought. It's just that I needed to talk to you but I could have called or something, or come to your house may be, but you shouldn't be out. You could should have refused-"

"Amelia, beautiful just stop, you are rambling right now."
"Am I?" I said worried about why I didn't think about his injuries.

"Stop beating yourself up in that big brain of yours." He chided playfully, "I would have told you if I won't able to come. I am perfectly fine except for the few tough muscles and a slight pain in my hand. You don't need to worry, I am healing up. And I am glad you called me, I didn't know I was missing you so much until I came here and saw you beautiful." I could see the sincere look in his eyes as he spoke those words to me.

"Are you sure you are okay?" I still asked. I just can't stop blaming myself for his condition and again I was the one who was worsening it too by keeping him away from resting.

"Yes beautiful I am okay," he assured, "now talk to me."
"About what?"

"What you wanted to talk to me about, and what I clearly hope to be the same thing that's troubling you. As you have avoided my inquiries regarding it with several 'nos', I will not ask that. I love you beautiful, you can talk to me you know."

If not for the three words he had said at the end that were giving me a feeling of security, I wouldn't have even tried to think about what I had to say rather than actually say it.

"It's just- it's Brian." I hesitated a moment and saw the quick addition of another emotion on his face, now anger was added to the worry that was already visible there.

"He came at home today in the morning."

"Wasn't he in prison?"

"Yeah but his parents bailed him out this morning. He came to explain himself, and I actually quite believed him until later-" I paused.

"What happened? Why was he arrested in the first place? And what explanation could he give after that?" I could see the anger rising within Jacob, so I quickly took his hand and held it with both of mine trying to comfort him.

"He said, the person who- who-" I didn't know how to finish the sentence.

"Who hurt you," Jacob said cupping his other hand on one of mine, taking over the charge of comforting me this time. I was too grateful to have him in my life, and at this point of my life he was just the one for me and I hoped to be just the one for him.

"The person who hurt me is Brian's actual brother."
"His brother?" Surprise was evident on his face.

"Yeah, I mean I should have guessed that, I saw his blue eyes and I couldn't point out why they were so unnerving to me but now that I know about this relation they share, I can easily see the resemblance in their eyes and that's what was troubling about those eyes I guess."

"So is that person out too? Did he get bailed out?" Jacob said through gritted teeth.

"No, No," I said quickly in hope that it will calm him down, "that guy was disowned by Brian's family a long time ago, he had gotten himself in quite a number of other crimes and scandals two years back and the family thought about their reputation more and disowned him."

"But I guess Brian didn't?" Jacob asked quickly catching on.

"No, he didn't and he's been helping him out financially since then and-and-. I quite believed him then for his apology if only Beth hadn't blurted out what she said yesterday," I could see Jacob was lost, in my all of this trying-to-avoid-the-main-topic-scheme, so I decided to place it all out on the table in front of him neatly and in an arranged manner.

"Look, Brian came home today to apologize, he didn't come, because he thought he didn't deserve to come and called me outside. I thought it was you who came to see me but found him standing on the door when I was going out. I wasn't sure how to react, I was even scared because Mr. Samuels has told us yesterday that he was involved in all of that. I was about to shout for help, but he asked me to at least let him explain everything," I paused before starting to tell what happened next and relived today's morning as I started talking again.


FLASHBACK...(of what happened then)

"I don't want to listen to what you have to say."

"Amy please, I need to explain myself, I wasn't involved."

"How did you even get out?"

"Because I wasn't involved, and that is what I am trying to explain."

"Explain then, I am listening." At this point I just wanted to go inside and hide in my room, looking at Brian's face, I was just getting reminded of that night and what could have happened at the belle if not for Jacob- Jacob, even his name could make me feel safe in a situation like this, I held onto his image in my mind to derive the strength from it as Brian started explaining.

"The guy responsible for all of this is my brother," I gasped, now completely understanding the reason behind those haunting blue eyes.

"You-your brother?" I stammered and went to the wooden chairs kept in the porch. Brian didn't think about occupying the other seat and came to stand in front of me as I sat down on one of them.

"Yeah, my disowned brother I guess. He did some horrible things in the past, got involved in few small gang crimes, got himself arrested a few times two years ago so to save our reputation from getting scalded more than what it had already been, my over proud parents disowned him instead of sending him to a rehab or something," Brian said with the overfilled sarcasm evident in his tone.

"But I didn't." He continued.

"You didn't what?" I asked confused.

"I didn't just forget my brother like that, as if he wasn't present for me... when I was growing up unattended at home without my parents, he was the one who looked after me and brought me all the things. He always curtained my mistakes not letting anyone ever know about them so I didn't- I couldn't just turn my back on him and call him a stranger. He is my brother." Brian looked me straight in the eye to reinforce the strength and bond of their relation about which he just spoke.


"So I helped him with the money without letting anyone know. I got him in a rehab, in which he himself wanted to go and paid for every other debt that he was having with others. He spent ten months there and returned as a good man but my parents still didn't allow him to stay with us." He paused a strange sadness settling in his features, one that spoke volumes without even uttering a word.

"When we shifted here I rented him a small room a bit far from here. When you and I went to the mall that day, he saw us together and called me. He said he wanted to meet you, wanted to know you more, and-and- I thought that you might like him. He really would be able to get back at home if he could prove his worth with you in front of my parents."

"And you just took me on a date to meet that filthy dirt of your brother who you knew was a psycho? You asked me out on a date to be with him, with the guy who wanted to- wanted to- to rape me?" I shouted at Brian, trying to control the anger that was building inside me.

"I know I am sorry Amelia, but I didn't know it by now that he still had been the same. When I got arrested yesterday and was kept in the same room with him. I came to know him better and I can't tell you how sorry I am to have this all happen to you, I am really sorry Amy, I was just trying to help my brother, I didn't know he would do that."

"Yeah, what do you think? Will your apology make me forget it and forgive you right?" I screamed at him.

Suddenly the door opened revealing Rick standing there with a scowl on his face. He darted towards Brian as soon as he saw him, his hands bawled in fists. I immediately stood up coming in between them and tried stopping my brother.

"How the hell did you try to even show your face to her?" Rick voiced out his annoyance at seeing him standing there, his voice thundering above us.
"Rick please stop, it's not his fault." I said trying to calm him down.

"If only I had the right to kill someone, you would be dead by now, you bastard" Rick shouted again, his venom coated words directed at Brain.

"Hey man, just stop okay, I didn't do anything," Brian shouted too.

"Like hell, I will believe you."

"Look man, the evidence was false, I didn't call the waiter, I know the call was made from my phone but I wasn't the one who called him. It was my brother, the one who is still locked up, and the one who has to be blamed for all of this... he called the waiter from my phone. I didn't even know what his plans were."

"Brian just go," I said staying relatively calm than I would have assumed me to be in such a situation.

"I am sorry Amy, I didn't know he wanted you in such a way. I thought he had changed."

"Yeah and you used me to confirm that?" I snapped back angry at him now, "Just get the hell out of here Brian, I know you didn't do it, but it still happened, what had happened that night I just can't erase or think about it when I look at your face. You disgusted me right now. And I can't just forget the fact, that the night actually occurred because of you, and the man who nearly ruined my life is your brother. So please, just get the hell out of here and don't try to contact me ever."

"Okay, I am still sorry. Take care Amy, I didn't want this all to happen, and just to let you know after this court hearing thing, my family is moving away again. So you don't need to worry about seeing my disgusting face that much." Brain said turning away and started walking towards the gate.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see Rick staring at me with concern in his eyes. I wonder how he kept quite when I spoke up, not that I didn't appreciate the silence from his side at that time, but it wasn't like him.

My mind raced and my thoughts jumbled as I stared at the gate from where Brian has just walked out. Feeling the sudden urge to run from everything, I ran inside the house to get my running gears.



"I didn't know what to do, so I just came here and tried exhausting my mind by running. But that wasn't working and I wanted to see you, so I called you here. I am too much of an idiot to not realize that you needed to rest here. I am letting you hug me when I know doing that is hurting your ribs right now. And I am rambling again." I said sniffing and realizing my eyes have given up a few tears that have landed on Jacob's shoulder, wetting his shirt.

Hearing my rambling Jacob chuckled momentarily and pulled himself back a bit. He stared lovingly at me before wiping away the tears that were threatening to spill out, with his thumb.

"I love you beautiful," he whispered softly.

"Oh no, you don't specially right now, when I am still covered with sweat and is all teary eyed, and I don't even know how my hair look right now." I said lifting my hand to touch my head to see if they were in their right place or not.

"I still love you," he said waggling his eyebrows and grinning like an idiot.

"I love you too hawtie," I rushed the words out before rushing back in his arms to hide my face in his chest out of embarrassment and even the love was overwhelming me right now. As he circled his arms around my waist, I sighed contended with the security of his arms and sound of his breathing, a smile playing on the corner of my lips. 'I just can't understand how the hell I got this lucky to have him as mine' I thought before letting myself get lost in the moment.

"Hey," I spoke up ruining our moment, "sorry but you said running is now the second best thing that clears your mind, what's the first?"

"Talking to you, or just being with you," he said, his sexy smile came over his face.

"Yeah mine too," I smiled, "I-I mean, talking to you not me," he chuckled softly at my stupidity.

"Ann..." I groaned at the back of my throat clearly embarrassed again and rushed back in his arms to continue our perfect moment without ruining it with embarrassment this time.


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