Sunrise: Chapter 25 - The Lunch

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Chapter 25 - The Lunch

I stared confused at the shadow of me, my mirror was presenting me with. 'Black or Blue?' I asked myself again as I placed both the ties against my neck, trying to decide which one I should wear to lunch at Amelia's home. I wanted to look presentable, to look like I could blend with her folks easily. But here, I stood confused about what necktie I should wear.

I placed a black tie against my neck, only to find my mind saying, 'you look like you are going for a funeral', and well I did buy it last year to attend a funeral only. Next I placed the blue one, and it made me look like I was a student of a school who still had stupid uniforms.

Huffing out my breath, I threw them both on the table and decided to go without them. What difference will a tie make in showing sophistication, right? Right? My mind tried to convince me but I knew I was wrong.

I looked at my reflection again in the mirror. I was looking very different and I would say an idiot too. With my hair gelled back to perfection, and a plain white shirt tucked inside the only pair of trousers I owned with a belt over it. I looked like I was going for an interview or something, and not for a lunch.

Well, that's the best I can do to impress the family of the girl I love. Giving myself a thorough look again in the mirror, I took my phone, kept it in my pockets, and sprayed slight perfume over me again and went out my room.

"Mom, where's Dad's new black shoes?" I called out to mom while going through the shoe cupboard.

"They must be there in the cupboard hon," Mom replied from the living room.

"Well, they are not here."

"I am sorry son, he must have taken them with him then," Mom said entering the room.

"Oh mom, what would I wear?" I asked, disheartenment showing in my voice.

"You can wear these," she said picking out the old ones.

"But mom, they are old," I complained.

"Well son, these will have to do, or the other choice left are brown ones and I know they won't go with these black trousers."

"Hmm okay, I am late already, I will wear these," I said, checking the time on my watch.

"Just polish the shoes first," Mom said walking out the room.

"Hmm," I huffed.

5 minutes later, I was in the living room trying to say goodbye to mom who was busy fussing over my perfect look and hair.

"Mom, can I go now, I am getting late."

"You look just like your dad used to look when we were young."

"Aw Mom, stop it now please."

She giggled like a school girl that made my desire to leave immediately all the more strong.

"Okay-okay, you can go now. Give my love to lovely Amelia and greetings to her family. Now run, you are getting late," she said smiling at me with admiration.

"I am so happy you realized that at last," I said chuckling, "bye mom," I said walking out the door.

The walk to her home took me just ten minutes, and I found myself standing in front of her door like a nervous kid who came here to collect his first Halloween candy.


I heard the bell, which made my stomach flutter like it had the wings of a butterfly. My heart was thumping inside me with a much greater intensity, trying to spread the red glow in my cheeks again. I heard voices entering the living room, one of the voices standing out; I could hear that voice in the scariest of the places and it will still provide me with calmness that could be only found in heaven.

I placed the last of the plates on the table, moving to look at how the table presented with my effort. I could hear faint noises from the living room. It seemed my dad was talking to Jacob at the moment.

Moving my hand over the yellow sundress, I tried to straighten out the imaginary ruffles from it. It was completely different attire than the others Jacob had always seen me in. My dress was of a calming soothing yellow color that made my brown eyes and hair stand out; starting with spaghetti straps, it flowed down with a slight curve complementing my waist perfectly and blossoming again further down while ending just below my knees. To complement the dress, I always wore a sleeveless white shrug over it that ended much above my waist.

Looking again at my blurry reflection in one of the window mirrors, I prepared myself to enter the living room.

"Well, sir it wasn't such a big thing, I just did what anyone else-" Jacob paused as his gaze landed on me in the doorway, and he blushed a little. I am sure I saw a ghost of that shy crooked smile of his before he straightened out his features again, nodded an acknowledgement at me and continued the sentence, "would have done it in that situation," he breathed.

"Our whole family is grateful to you, dear. I don't know what we would have done if something had happened to her that day," my mom said to Jacob with worries sketched over her face. I walked up to mom and eased myself into the seat beside her, holding her hand to let her know I was safe and with her now.

"I can only imagine Mrs. Wilson what you and the whole of this family would be going through," Jacob said.

I took in his picture, with those dark chocolaty hair gelled up to perfection, and the formal black and white attire he was in, he looked like a Greek God to me. His eyebrows drawn together with concern readable in his eyes, and the soft movement of his lips as he spoke, made everything else fade away. Dad, Rick, and he continued to talk about the events of that day with a sentence or two from my mom, which I didn't want to listen to, so I chose to observe him silently. He talked with his hand gestures a few times, but corrected himself of that habit whenever he realized that. He caught me a few times staring at me like that, once he did a quick observation of my sundress and smiled his patented smile that made butterflies rise up in my stomach and made me flush beetroot red.

"Well, the lunch is all set, we should proceed to the dining room, shall we?" My mom said after a few moments.

"Yes, of course, come son," Dad said getting up and placing a hand on Jacob's shoulder. The act from dad sent in a sudden bolt of happiness within me that charged my heart, making me feel the full toll of those butterflies in my stomach.


I entered her dining room for the first time, and unsurprisingly it was beautiful like the rest of her home. A rectangular rich redwood table occupied the center of the room, adores by wood-colored table mats with similar napkins arranged in cone like manner. The room was brightly lit with the sunlight coming from a huge glass door at one end of the room that looked out on to a small garden they had in their backyard.

"You have got a beautiful home, Mr. Wilson," I said nervously. A little sadness filled me up when I realized that Amelia and I belong to completely different worlds. I glanced at my beautiful angel, and the gloomy look in her eyes told me that she knew what I was thinking. She quickly mouthed the words 'I love you,' before giving me a sweet smile and looking around to see if anyone had seen her.

"Well, thank you son," Amelia's dad said startling me and making me shift my gaze from Amelia to him, "I just like woodwork, may be because my dad was amazing with building furniture. You know I wanted to build furniture like him when I was a kid, but he was always adamant on sending me to school."

"Wow dad, you never told us this," Richard said to him amazed.

"Well son, you never complimented me on our house," Mr. Wilson laughed heartily.

We all smiled and settled ourselves around the table. Amelia's dad sat at the head of the table, with his wife on his right side and Richard in the seat beside her. I took the seat in front of Richard leaving a seat in between me and Mr. Wilson, in which Amelia came to sit happily. Having her by my side provided me with calmness. A servant of theirs started placing dishes in front of us. Everyone helped themselves with whatever they wanted and I did the same.

"So Jacob, you are in Amy's class, right?" Richard asked me.

"Yes I am."

"You used to run on the field, right?"

"Yeah, I did but not anymore."

"Why?" Richard asked skeptically. I knew he was already aware of the reason, and was just trying to make me say it. With no hard feelings for him, I blurted out the truth.

"I was banned from the games for a year on the charge of doping, I never ran after that," I heard Mrs. Wilson gasp suddenly, and Amelia's spoon stopped midway between her mouth and plate, before coming to rest on her plate untouched.

"And were the charges correct?" Mr. Wilson asked.

"Yes Sir," I said looking at him with a calm expression, "I had been stuck into that situation once, but a friend of mine helped me out of it, so that I don't have my name on records. I had been clean since then."

"Good," Mr. Wilson said, nodding affirmatively at me.

"I am happy to hear that," Richard said with a small smile on his face now.

I felt Amelia's hand on mine and smiled at her family. The rest of the lunch went smoothly, and after replying to a few more thank you from Mrs. Wilson, Amelia accepted to show me out when her dad asked her to.

We stood at her front door, staring lovingly at each other for a while before she spoke. "Thank you for coming to dinner."

"Thank you for asking me to come," I smiled.

"Don't ever compare us in matters of money Jacob. I know you were doing that in there. You know I love you, right?"

"I know beautiful, I love you too. I just can't help myself comparing."

"I know," she whispered looking down.

"Hey," I said lifting her chin up smoothly to make her look back at me, "we just need to try, okay?"

She nodded her head slowly.

"And by the way, you look beautiful today."

"Don't I always?" She teased with her head bent to one side, her mood switching up back again.

I choked on my breath and coughed.

"What happened?" She asked concerned.

"Well, you said the same thing before once," I replied.

"When?" She asked confused.

"In a recent dream of mine during Mr. Thompson's class."

"That 'baby' dream?" She asked, looking like it was hard for her to prevent her from laughing right now.

"Ammm.. So you heard that too," I said, raking my hand through my hair, embarrassed.

"Of course I did," she said between her fits of laughter.

"Hey, it's not that funny, alright?" I spoke chiding her but a smile involuntarily spread on my face seeing her laughing freely like this.

"I love you Amelia," I whispered staring at her intently. She caught hold of my gaze and calmed down.

"I love you too Jacob," she whispered back to me, returning my gaze intently.

Suddenly the front door opened and out came Richard with a smile on his face that said I-know-what-you-are-doing. I eased back a bit to put more space between me and Amelia.

"I wondered, what took you so long, so I just came out to see if you had gone to the park or somewhere," Richard said to Amelia trying to look innocent as if he wasn't aware of the fact that he had disturbed us.

"We were just talking about the project we had together. Amelia had to go and submit it alone because of my injuries," I lied. But he didn't seem to believe that.

"Oh, alright."

"It was my pleasure to have lunch with your family. I should leave now," I said glancing towards Amelia.

"Amm-hmm," Richard voiced out his affirmation, which was actually not required.

"Good-bye," I said to him, to which he responded with a nod and a cunning smile spread over his face.

I walked away slowly from her house and controlled my desire to look back with every single step that I took, until the usefulness of looking back vanished as I rounded off the corner.

Huffing out my breath, I unbuttoned another button of my shirt, to help relieve the tension I was in during the whole experience. 'Well, it all went good,' I murmured to myself as I got onto my street.

My phone beeped and I took it out to read the message I received from Amelia, "I love you Hawtie."
"I love you too Beautiful." I wrote, hit the send button as I entered my home with a never ending smile on my face.


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