Supernatural Stories

Any event that occurs beyond the understanding of science or against the laws of nature is termed as supernatural. Sometimes supernatural phenomena are intriguing yet scary, paranormal yet difficult to comprehend. iBuzzle brings you stories that transport you to this intriguing world and keep you coming back for more.
Not My Territory - Chapter 18
De Ortu, latching and a visit from a not-so-pleasant person.
Not My Territory - Chapter 17
A Cocoon, Justine's Parents and Understanding Julia.
Not My Territory - Chapter 16
Happy New Year! Please share your thoughts.
Untrue Mate - Chapter 3
Rita prepares to go on her very first Pack hunt.
Fallen Angel Chronicles
A love that breaks all the rules. Betrayal. Lust. Revenge. (I decided to revamp this story and put a bit more thought into it. Any CC is welcome!)
Untrue Mate - Chapter 2
Rita learns about True and Untrue mates.
Untrue Mate - Chapter 1
Everyone wants to find that special one to spend the rest of their life with. It is no different for werewolves - male or female.
Not My Territory - Chapter 15
Tell me what you think!
Not My Territory - Chapter 14
What will Adira and Emmerson's story have to unfold now? Keeping secrets, the beginning of an argument. Comment Replies included.
The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 6
Just a note - This is a short story. A small idea I've had sitting on my computer for a bit that is finally being uploaded. Also if the flow is weird, I apologize I haven't had the motivation to change it at all.
Not My Territory - Chapter 13
What happens at the police precinct? Adira tells Emerson about her issue and begins an interesting research! Please keep commenting! Share ideas and thoughts on what you'd like to see or what you think is happening.... And take...
Not My Territory - Chapter 12
Learning about mating... Is this all too much for Adira? Find out now! Comment replies at the end! Please comment on how you think the story is going!
Not My Territory - Chapter 11
He's not human... I don't care. What happens between Emerson and Adira now?
Not My Territory - Chapter 10
The big reveal. Comment!
Not My Territory - Chapter 9
Her voice.... A kidnapping. Comment!
The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 5
"Oh, I’m Marciline, but you can Marcy for short. I’m Jack’s mother."
The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 4
"Katherine, Where are you?" He sounded extremely nervous.
The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 3
"Alpha, she’s afraid, you need to calm down."
The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 2
"Are you okay?" I nodded. His voice hit me like a storm. It was gentle even though a shiver ran down my spine.
The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 1
Katherine is a university student studying to be a teacher. One day, she meets a man who will change her life forever. The only problem is that he isn't just a man. He's also a wolf.
Not My Territory - Chapter 8
Hope you guys like it!
Not My Territory - Chapter 7
Maybe a bit shorter than previous ones but still necessary.
Dreams No More: Prologue
After a string of grisly murders, six patients are sent to Ravenswood to help treat their issues. Each patient was found at the scene in a manner of emotional distress, and it starts to unfold that the horrors they're seeing no...
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Four
Katarina's side of the story...
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Two
Short chapter and enjoy...
The Supernatural Side - Chapter One
The beginning of something... (Guys i updated this and will be updating the whole story!!)
Not My Territory - Chapter 6
Hope you guys like this one! PLEASE Comment!
Not My Territory - Chapter 4
The story between Adira and Emerson continue. But what happens when someone is pushed away and another is left in the dark? Comment replies at the bottom! I really love hearing from you guys, you're serious motivators!
Not My Territory - Chapter 3
A short chapter. More on Adira and Emerson! What's really going on? IS there a secret to Emerson's family? "He makes a face and sound that resembles longing the same time as I grip tightly onto the couch cushions below me. His...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 39
Sorry it took so long... "I couldn't put my finger on it but something changed, something in the air something in her stance, something in the earth even. I'm not sure what but something changed, and it was big." Please...
Not My Territory - Chapter 2
This chapter is kind of short, but hopefully it'll allow you to get an idea of the characters and what to expect. Also I included comment replies and I will be posting the next chapter of 'My Inner Beast' soon as well.
The Encounter, Angel, and Punishment - Chapter 1
It's about a guy named Zefar who encounters his guardian angel.
Not My Territory - Chapter 1
What happens when an abused daughter is saved from death, by a wealthy family in... the middle of the woods? And to make matters more confusing, her fantasized 'dream' boy is... real?! NEW STORY! Thoughts?
My Inner Beast - Chapter 38
Short chapter sorry.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 37
Trust at what cost! Training begins and an old character returns! Jess! The Tension rises and Amelia gets hurt as a result.
Brutal Love Triangle - Chapter 8
Time to fall in love...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 36
Suicide watch? Luke returns. A short chapter.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 35, Part 2
Re-energizing, Luke takes action on Amelia, a fight. Also a synopsis of my other story "Not my Territory" that I hope to write. Leave comments.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 35
Home sweet home. A visit from Luke and some relaxation.
Demons Within Us: Wolf Vs. Tiger (1)
Meet Zain, a werewolf struggling through life. Join him as he tries to keep his identity a secret, fails to kill his enemy during the night while having to deal with the pressure of an arranged marriage.
Love, Life, and Death - Chapter 4
He dies, and she's depressed.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 34
A dramatic chapter. The whipping post come to Life... How do they deal with it?
Isabelle - Chapter 20 (Part One)
Hi guys, please, please comment. I need to know if I should continue or end this story or not. I really need your help.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty Six
I've not written in a while, enjoy. Sorry, it's quite short and please comment and do poll. Any questions, feel free to ask. ~ Love all my readers.
Isabelle- Chapter 19
Author's Note is given at the bottom of the chapter.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 33
Here's the next chapter, as promised. Someone loses their powers. Read to know more...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 32
I'm back! Hopefully, I get just as much readers as before. It's time for another jam packed awesomeness. From now on, I will be hoping to post weekly, rather than every two weeks. I plan on completing this story and moving on to...
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty Five
I have not written in a while, sorry been a bit busy.. here you go enjoy. Please do poll and comment, love seeing what my readers think good or bad.
The Lake House - Chapter 13
Sorry for the late update again, but I hope you enjoy.
Grim's Love - Chapter 7
I've changed the title of the story. It used to be 'Grim Reaper's Love' but I figured the word 'reaper' is unnecessary, so now it is called 'Grim's Love.'
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty Four
Not wrote in a while, hope you like it...
Grim Reaper's Love - Chapter 6
Here's the next chapter.
The Lake House - Chapter 12
This is the next chapter, I hope you enjoy. I'm sorry, it's a bit late.
Grim Reaper's Love - Chapter 5
Sorry for long update. I had been busy and I had writer's block but now I'm back. In this chapter, it will be review of previous chapters and we'll learn something about John and his past.
Shadow Kissed - Chapter 2
Lotus meets her mother, and discovers more about herself than she ever thought possible. But who is the other girl in the painting? And why did she look almost identical to her?
Shadow Kissed - Chapter 1
Lotus is a special girl, trying to come to grips with reality and her dreams. But when the mysterious Beau intrude in her life, she couldn't seem to grasp what reality is anymore. Picture is of Lotus.
Brutal Love Triangle - Chapter 7
Hey friends, again sorry for the delay, was busy with exams.. hope you guys are enjoying the story. Please do comment... the triangle is about to form....
A Modern Tale - Chapter 2
Noraline Markett ran away from the throne and her kingdom of Viridian at the age of 15 and three years later she is brought back into the ties with political scandals, sexual intensity, and problems beyond her youth. Being...
A Modern Tale - Chapter 1
Noraline Markett ran away from the throne and her kingdom of Viridian at the age of 15 and three years later she is brought back into the ties with political scandals, sexual intensity and problems beyond her youth. Being strong...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 31, Part 2
Sorry for the lateness. Let's hope you guys haven't given up just yet.
Brutal Love Triangle - Chapter 6
It's spreading in the air...
The Lake House - Chapter 11
The next chapter you have been waiting for is whether she can forgive him and how she will react to what he said.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty Three
Not wrote in a while, so hope this makes up for it.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 31, Part 1
Happy New Year's to you all! Hope you have a great year, wishing you all prosperity and happiness this year. This is only a short intro into Vince and Amelia's trials.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 30, Part 2
"Welcome to Shifter's headquarters!" Please tell me your opinions on what happened here and provide suggestions.
Brutal Love Triangle - Chapter 5
Sorry for the delay, hope you all are liking my story. Enjoy the next chapter... you see more mystery coming on the way.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 30, Part 1
Pretty short chapter. But it's an intro into some action parts. I'm sorry for the wait. Please comment!
Brutal Love Triangle - Chapter 2
"I don't care, he killed my family, and let hell be the consequence, I will take my revenge," I said angrily.
Brutal Love Triangle - Chapter 1
A Paranormal Love story of a vampire and a black magician who fall for the same girl who has her own secrets..... It's a story of love, lust, betrayal, revenge, and lots more.
Isabelle - Chapter 18
Sorry for the long wait guys.
Grim Reaper's Love - Chapter 4
Getting used to new surrounding...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 28
What happens when Jess and Amelia meet up? Also, Vince's first simulation! Sorry for the lateness guys! Senior year is pressuring!
The Wolf Girl Next Door (4)
Thank you for all the reviews. I hope you enjoy your chapters and feel free to leave a comment.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty Two
I don't normally write a chapter or two this quickly, but have some ideas! Enjoy, please comment, love reading all even if they're negative or positive. Please do the poll, love seeing what people think and how many people do it.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty One
I've not written for a while, but here you go and enjoy!
The Lake House - Chapter 9
Sorry, it took a while, but I hope you like it.
The Wolf Girl Next Door (3, Part 2)
Hi everybody, thanks for all the support. Feel free to leave a comment. And thank you Lollita for the nice message, if you check my previous Chapter 3, Part 1, you'll see I left a message for you.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 27, Part 2
See what happens when Vince and Amelia begin living together. Comment Responses at the bottom.
Grim Reaper's Love - Chapter 2
Mei choose her afterlife to be in the Grim Reapre's world... Let's find out what will happen next.
Grim Reaper's Love - Chapter 1
This is chapter one of Grim Reaper's Love, I hope you would like it. Feel free to comment. I love to hear response from my reader.
Grim Reaper's Love - Prologue
This is another new story, I'm going to write. Enjoy!
Werewolf Finding His Mate - Prologue
Future werewolf romance.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 27
A sexy night. A strategy. A new beginning. Please tell me what you guys thinks. Comment replies are at the bottom. I really would love to know what you think should happen next. Or your prediction.
Ice Heart - Chapter 5
Hey, readers! And I present to you Chapter 5!
Ice Heart - Chapter 4
Here is chapter 4 guys. Enjoy.
Ice Heart - Chapter 3
And so here it is, chapter 3. I do hope that you guys will enjoy it.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 26
Please comment. Short chapter.
Ice Heart - Chapter 2
And I present to you, my wonderful readers, chapter 2 of my new and first story.
Ice Heart - Chapter 1
Hello everyone! I'm a new author here at iBuzzle and I do hope that the stories that I typed here on iBuzzle will make you absolutely happy. If there is something that I should be fixing on my story, please do comment.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 25, Part 2
More about Mr. Dumant. Secrets revealed. What's really going on? Short chapter.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Twenty
I'm starting to write more for you guys.... Please comment and do poll. Thanks enjoy.
The Lake House - Chapter 8
His big secret, sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy.
The Wolf Girl Next Door (3, Part 1)
Sorry, I didn't update sooner, I was quite busy. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Part Two will be coming soon.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Nineteen
Here's another chapter for y'all! Enjoy and please comment and do the poll! Enjoy love ya!
My Inner Beast - Chapter 25
Here you go! Please comment!
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Eighteen
Sorry, I haven't written in a while, but here it goes enjoy! Please comment and do the poll. Thanks enjoy...
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 25
Hey guys... long time I know. But enjoy and note at the bottom.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 24
I know, it took long, but I was readmitted. Ugh! Anyway this is the best, I could do under the circumstances. I took the poll results into consideration, so please comment! At least, 10 comments for the next chapter. (And I have it...
Isabelle - Chapter 17
Hi guys seriously, no one's commenting? What's going on?
Started With Lighthouse Legend - Chapter 6 (The End)
What happens when legends appear around everyday Marcy's life....
Isabelle - Chapter 16
Hey guys, this chapter is short but longer ones are on its way. Hope you enjoy.
The Lake House - Chapter 7
I hope you like it, please comment and give me some ideas on whether you are liking it or not. I would love to hear your opinions. Picture is of Rose.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 23, Part 2
I'm sorry, I had to beg the nurses to allow me to even get time to type. Please comment!
The Wolf Girl Next Door (2)
Hi, thank you all for reviewing my stories, hope you enjoy the chapter and let me know what you think.
The Wolf Girl Next Door (1)
Hi, my name is Dino-Dereck, I hope you will enjoy this chapter and let me know if you like it or not.
The Wolf Girl Next Door - Prologue
The fiction written about the book of my best friend. I'm writing about stuff in which I was newly warlock, learning more about my powers and falling in love with a wolf/girl/shifter.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Seventeen
Hope I haven't kept you guys waiting too long. Enjoy this really SHORT chapter...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 23, Part 1
A plan, short but all I could muster. So sorry guys, I got hospitalized yet again.
Isabelle - Chapter 15
Hey guys, enjoy and comment below.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Sixteen
I know, I haven't written since February, but hopefully these few chapters will make up for it.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Fifteen
I know, I haven't written in a long time, hopefully this chapter makes up for it all! Enjoy.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 22
Not much action but in the following chapter the action will begin. Ask questions and make recommendations in the comments please. Picture of Vince included.
Isabelle - Chapter 14
Hey guys, sorry for not posting sooner. Hope you forgive me but enjoy this chapter. And I need some inspiration.
Overgrown - Chapter 1
This actually started when I wrote a short story for the best writing teacher in the world, Ms. Rhodes. (Thank you for all your help!) I got a great idea for a story, well, actually more like a book. So I decided to write the first...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 21
I'm sorry, I'm officially out of the hospital and now I will post more often. I know I've lost some readers but the story must go on. I've thought of so many great ideas. So those readers who are keeping up you're in for a treat....
The Lake House - Chapter 6
Sorry I took so long to update, I had exam and really hope they went okay. I hope you like this chapter because I have been looking forward to getting time to doing this chapter. In the previous chapter 5, the pic is of what I...
Isabelle - Chapter 13
Guys, I need your opinion on this chapter. Please... at least five comments, it is all I ask. Enjoy.
Isabelle - Chapter 12
Hey guys, thanks for commenting. Hope this chapter satisfy you guys...enjoy.
Isabelle - Chapter 11
Enjoy guys... and comment please! I know it's short and for that I apologize.
The Blood Drips - Chapter Three: Suicide Mission
Severus was determined to stop Katherina from her seduction of her victims. Was he successful?
The Blood Drips - Chapter Two: She Who Drinks Blood
Katherina went about her mission for the Path, revealing her inhuman Bloodlust.
The Blood Drips - Chapter One: Destruction
Katherina Desiderium is the youngest Senior of the Path of Illumination, believing that life is just a slow way to die, and she must work toward the Ultimate Truth. She was a Senior Assassin, trained by the best, Severus Intimum....
Isabelle - Chapter 10
Another chapter guys... enjoy.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 20
A bit boring, but it will get better.
Isabelle - Chapter 9
Okay guys, I know you have been wondering about the romance but just be patient. Anyway, enjoy. Pic of Caden... just his eyes are more silver-ish.
Isabelle - Chapter 8
I'm going to at least continue this chapter for those who actually read and comment. Enjoy guys and thanks Rabiya once again, you pay attention.
Isabelle - Chapter 7
Hey guys, I need all of you guys to participate and comment. I really need to at least see seven comments because I'm becoming a bit worried that you guys just read and don't comment on what you think of my story... but enjoy these...
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 24
Enjoy you guys... and comment please!
Isabelle - Chapter 6
Okay, comment and enjoy.
Isabelle - Chapter 5
Enjoy guys, hope you like it and please comment.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 19
I know, I took long, but my explanation is valid. In this chapter, revelations, revelations, and revelations!
The Lake House - Chapter 5
Sorry, I haven't updated in a while, exams are coming up, so I have been busy revising. I hope you enjoy this chapter and I want them to have a few cute moment before he tells her the truth.
Started With Lighthouse Legend - Chapters 2 and 3
As Daniel and Brook show up legend start to appear... Let's see.
Isabelle - Chapter 4 (Part Two)
Comment on this one, I'm sure you'll like it.
Started With Lighthouse Legends - Prologue and Chapter 1
Marcy, a girl Football Kicker in Latte High, who enjoys outdoor and sport. She tries her hardest to become the great, she believes more in legend than love in this world. She thinks legends are much more real than love because in...
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 23
Enjoy and comment.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 22
Enjoy guys and comment.
Isabelle - Chapter 3
Hey guys, seriously need your feedback on this one. Enjoy.
Fell in Love with a Vampire - Chapter 9
Sorry, I have been really busy lately!
Isabelle - Chapter 2
Enjoy the chapter and please comment on the story.
Isabelle - Chapter 1
I'm a little nervous about this story. But anyway guys, here goes nothing and it's good to see you again Rabiya. Long time no see.
Isabelle - Introduction to the Characters
Hope you guys like the characters.
The Lake House - Chapter 4
I am so happy with how this story is going and the comments I got. Thank you and I am glad you are enjoying my story.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 18
Vince finally tells his story. Sorry guys, but I didn't want you guys to get too little. Please share your ideas. Comment responses at the bottom.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 21
Need your input guys. And please leave comments. Enjoy.
The Lake House - Chapter 3
I hope this chapter is a bit more action packed, but thank you for reading my story, it means a lot to me.
The Lake House - Chapter 2
I hope you like this chapter and please comment with your suggestions. As I would love feedback and suggestions, so please enjoy.
Revelations Unfolding - Chapter 2 (The Ways Of The Visum)
A new character has been added and they are very... unique! Please comment!
The Lake House - Chapter 1
This chapter, I hope will be more exciting. Rose has been grabbed from behind, who could it be?
The Lake House - Prologue
This is my first ever story. Sorry if it isn't any good. It is about a girl named Rose and a boy named Jake and three friends.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 17
There's a bit of a plot twist. Amelia isn't who everyone else thinks she is. There is Vince's POV also. Comment your ideas on the plot. I just tried something new. I don't know how you guys will feel about it. Comment responses at...
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 20
Enjoy you guys and pic of Reighnah's baby sister.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 16
Sorry it took so long but I was wondering if you guys are getting bored of the story and if so, how can I improve it. At least 7 comments for the next chapter and I'll try to be swift.
Revelations Unfolding - Chapter 1
The Burtons are an average family. But they have some unnatural events that they have to live through. Join Amos, the family's guardian angel, in a quest to save the Burtons... AND SAVE HEAVEN! Please comment!
Fell in Love with a Vampire - Chapter 7
Awaiting suspense is revealed. Tell me what do you think. Please comment.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 19
Hey guys... I'm so sorry for not posting very soon. I hope you don't hate me for it. Oh, and by the way, I read the supernatural part.... awesome!!
Supernatural Mafia
About a family who is the main mafia and their daughter has to follow in the family business, but the family have to protect the whole world from being exposed to the supernatural world....
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Thirteen
The truth... short chapter guys.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Ten
The journey and risk begin...
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Nine
Really short chapter... because chapter 10 is coming out and is going to be Katarina's big journey, so keep reading.
The Supernatural Side - Chapter Eight
Why Katarina hates Aria so much... and Aria's master plan!
Fell in Love with a Vampire - Chapter 5
Sorry, I've been busy with school. Here's a short chapter! Enjoy, please comment.
Love, Life, and Death - Chapter 3
The mother tells the truth, but someone gets hurt in the process.
Eva - Chapter 7
Three months since the disastrous date with James. It's short I know, but I've been trying to find time to write what with work and all. So many projects and thought I'd come back to this one.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 15
A promise, a kiss, a fight, and an uprising. I apologize for my tardiness, I just didn't know what to type about. I think I have a good jump start now though. Requests are always open! Please!!
Love, Life, and Death - Chapter 2
The girls confronted their mother about they're being witches. Gabrella found someone and fell in love.
Love, Life, and Death
This story is about two girls who found out that they were newborn witches. Then there is a whole new world of obstacles they had to face.
Personal Torments - Chapter Six
Can love bring back Ellendea's soul or is it too late?
Fell in Love with a Vampire - Chapter 4
Sorry, I have been busy lately, back to school. I will try to post as much as I can. Thanks! Please comment!
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 18
Hi guys, yeah I've been a bit busy. With school starting again, I had to prepare myself for the year and enjoy.
Fell in Love with a Vampire - Chapter 3
Sorry, I took long, run out of ideas, but I'm back now. 20 comments for the next chapter. Thanks for all the comments!
Personal Torments - Chapter Five
Ellendea's mind is running wild with thoughts of her betrothed. How will she protect herself from danger when she can't think about anything, but him?
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 17
Oh my gosh guys... sorry for totally abandoning you guys. But me, myself, and I needed some more inspiration, so I went on a vacation. But anyway, here it goes. Enjoy.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 14
I put a little more Vince and Amelia stuff. I hope you guys like it, and 10 comments for the next chapter. Please give me your thoughts.
Fell in Love with a Vampire - Chapter 2
Sorry for not posting early, I was busy lately. Banyana meets someone she likes, but that makes someone very very jealous....
Fell in Love with a Vampire - Chapter 1
Rabiya. This one is for you. I hope it isn't as the ones you have read, enjoy!
The Evil Eye
I wrote this for my English Class, and it's supposed to be a Poe themed story. So let this be a warning that it may be a little creepy and graphic. Other than that enjoy the madness!
The Seventh Kingdom - Chapter 16
I shrieked horrified seeing the blood oozing out as Shade tried to regain his balance. I ran out of the tunnel leaving all thoughts of Lenya behind. Raffin pushed me to the side before I could get there and shielded me as he...
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 16
Hey guys... yeah Reighnah 'sort of' died. But her ashes didn't blow that far. Let's see what happens next. Enjoy and please do leave at least a comment. Five comments perhaps for me to continue.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 15
Hey guys... and thank you Rabiya. You're spectacular as always and no, Lirah is not a fairy. She's a witch. Pic of Argent Hunter.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 14
Thanks Vanzilian, I appreciate it. And hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Pic of Lirah Hunter.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 13
Thanks guys... Enjoy and comment please.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 11
Luke is digging into the past. What will he find?
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 10
Hey guys, I see the ALMOST... scene got your attention. But anyway, enjoy this chapter. Luke shows Logan about the white wolves and their tribes. Pic of Reighnah in her white dress.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 9
My pleasure Rabiya... and yeah, that was a pic of Logan. Just the eye color is wrong. It's an icy blue. But everything else is perfect. Pic of Luke
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 8
Okay, I at least am going to finish this for the one and only Rabiya. Thanks doll. (Wink)
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 7
Thanks Rabiya.... and please you guys, vote and comment. I at least expect more feedback form y'all. If I don't get at least 4, I'm not posting. Pic of Natasha in her swimwear.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 13
Sorry, it took so long. I've been having loads of issues; not to mention the longest and most crucial writer's block ever!! Please tell me if you like it.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 6
Hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Pic of Tarrah.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 3
Hey guys, enjoy...
Luna Angels - Chapter 7
Jay and Indigo solve a big piece of the puzzle.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 2
I know I'm slacking.
Ashes to Ashes - Chapter 1
Thanks for the tip Lily.
Ashes to Ashes - Prologue
Read and enjoy the new story.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 12
Release, a story, a little flirting, and Amelia and Vince get caught ... in bed? More than 7 comments for the next chapter and please include what you'd like to happen next.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 11
A dedication to Amelia and Vince. Shocking information about Jess. MUST Read!!!
Between Heaven and Hell - Prologue and Chapter 1
A story about a girl in whose hands rest the fate of Earth, Hell, and Heaven. No pressure or anything! Of course, in her journey there's going to be love, suspense, family, magic, humor, and all that jazz! **This is the first story...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 10
Amelia and Jess or Amelia and Vince? Controlling her inner beast. Tell me your thoughts. 10 comments for the next chapter.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 9
Hope you enjoy!! New male interest! Share your thoughts on the new guy, and on Vince. Thanks again to all those who commented and those who don't comment, but read anyway.
The Seduction of a Black Rose - Chapter Seven
He determined that after how Brandon Spencer had treated him, he would no longer consider him as his friend. But when it comes to her... to the woman he's so obviously interested in, he couldn't let his friend-turned-enemy hurt...
The Seduction of a Black Rose - Chapter Six
She hadn't expected that the things from past will happen again. She hadn't expected she will pose as a danger to herself. It was impossible to her that she will harm herself, or anyone around her. She thought she was safe... but...
The Seduction of a Black Rose - Chapter Five
He was absolutely sure. It was no illusion, or dream, SHE had saved him. The woman he had only met tonight. In the face of danger, she had wrenched him away from death, though it felt like a dream. But why does it matter whether...
The Seduction of a Black Rose - Chapter Four
She knew well of her powers over men, mortal, or Supernatural. And yet... she didn't know what those powers would bring her. And when she is faced with her own choice to her companions, she couldn't tell from companionship to love....
Hell in High Heels - Chapter 4
I am so, so sorry! Please don't kill me for taking so long. Enjoy. And vote on the poll.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 8
Drama and romance Thanks Mr. Bobby!! ;)
My Inner Beast - Chapter 7
Mystery guy's name revealed!! Someone stands up to Liam and you wouldn't guess who. The first transformation. Please comment.
Love Thy Enemy: Jealousy - Chapter 2
Jealousy is the worst thing in High School .... yet, could it be deadly? Some characters are in this chapter, others are in Chapter three! Picture is of Emily.
The Seduction of a Black Rose - Chapter Three
He didn't seem to know what to do when he saw her alone. Her beauty, her elegance, her coldness, all captivated him. He wanted to know her better, but he seemed to have chosen a very disagreeable way of doing so. She did not think...
Love Thy Enemy: Mr. Blue Eyes Exchange Student - Chapter 1
Cassandra meets her soulmate who isn't like any boy she ever met. Please leave COMMENTS, harsh or nice, I want your feedback!
Love Thy Enemy - Prologue
Please leave a COMMENT and participate in POLLS. (:
The Seduction of a Black Rose - Chapter Two
Chapter Two of 'The Seduction of a Black Rose'. Rosalina had a mission that she lived and breathed for among this world of mortals. And she needed to abide by the laws of her own. Then she noticed him. The cold, beautiful man with...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 6
This is just how Amelia gets along with her new roommates. A little flare of romance. Please do the poll.
The Seduction of a Black Rose - Chapter One
Chapter one of 'The Seduction of a Black Rose'. He didn't believe in her beauty in first, though when he saw her, she took his breath away. But something stirred within him when he laid eyes on her, something more than desire. He...
The Seduction of a Black Rose - Prologue
This is the Prologue of the new novel I am currently writing along with 'Love of the Damned'. This is a novel about love, desire, friendship, and betrayal... sometimes also about difficult choices and self-denial. I hope you enjoy...
My Inner Beast - Chapter 5
First day in school filled with animals!! I tried my hardest. Please comment, and comment replies are at the bottom.
Allira of the Fey - Chapter 2
Please comment and share your views on the story.
Devour: Chapter 9
Gotta love a kissing scene! Enjoy.
Allira of the Fey - Chapter 1
Allira is a rare form of fey, and her young life is constantly in danger because of it.
Devour: Chapter 8
Learn a little more about Kam.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 4
This has some family bonding. It's a descriptive chapter about Liam's friends and a mystery friend too. It also shows some ways in which Amelia is binding with her inner animal. Hope you enjoy.
Payback's a Bitch (Introduction)
Supernatural love story! Enjoy!
My Inner Beast - Chapter 3
I tried. Please comment! Might be a little rushed.
Devour: Chapter 7
Happy Reading. I hope you'll like this chapter and comment please.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 2
Really long. Tell me what you think. 10 comments for the next chapter.
Devour: Chapter 6
A flash from the past. A change for the future. And a secret place.
My Inner Beast - Chapter 1
Leave your thoughts. I'm kind of iffy about this, but I'd like to know what you think.
A man searches for his soul in a land where reality and unreality wrestle for superiority. A fantastic voyage through the realm of the bizarre.
Devour: Chapter 5
How is Kira going to deal with all the obstacles that are coming her way?
Scorpia - Chapter 3
Have fun! Enjoy!
Devour: Chapter 4
In this chapter, you dig a little deeper into Kira, Kam and Wyatt's relationship.
Devour: Chapter 3
Meet Wyatt, an old friend?
Devour: Chapter 2
Kira and Kam finally start college.
Devour: Chapter 1
Black and white twins.... Pale skinned, blonde haired, gray-eyed Kam; and caramel skinned, black haired and red-eyed Kira. One born to the light and the other to the darkness. Kira has to live in a world as an outcast as people...
Scorpia - Chapter 2
Special thanks to Sony .T for commenting. Guys enjoy reading and please comment! Sorry for the very long wait.
Don't Keep Secrets from a Vampire! - Chapter 3
P.S. Very important author's note at the end of the chapter.
Scorpia - Chapter 1
Enjoy! Please read and comment! Thank you so much!
Personal Torments - Chapter Four
Aragon returns home to his betrothed.
Don't Keep Secrets from a Vampire! - Chapter 2
Here is chapter two!! Comment replies are at the bottom!! 10 comments for me to continue! Vote on the Poll!
Luna Angels - Chapter 6
Indy is in a coma but can hear what they're saying. Will she wake up?
Personal Torments - Chapter Three
Ellendea finds out about the prophecies. What will she do?
Luna Angels - Chapter 5
Something really bad happens to Indy.
Don't Keep Secrets from a Vampire! - Chapter 1
Hey, I'm new to iBuzzle! This is so exciting. This is my first story, it's a vampire love story!! Please comment!
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 24
"Good. Now get on the horse." My father said and my mother replied, "I won't if you won't tell me what's going on."
Personal Torments - Chapter Two
Aragon returns home to his mother without finishing his task. What will happen when his mother finds out? Please leave your comments on what you think and how I could improve. Thank you for everyone's support.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 23
Hey guys... Here's Chapter 23. Take a look and please comment.
Forever Alone - Chapter 9
Kinda short, sorry.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 22
Hmm, thinking of ending the story soon.
Personal Torments - Chapter One
Ellendea comes face to face with her betrothed as she leads her kingdom's army to meet his. What will happen? Please leave comments on what you think.
Personal Torments - Prologue
A bit of a background on the story.
From Dawn To Dusk: Chapter 1
I am the author of, 'The Diamond Drops in New York' - I had promised, I would start a new story for all of my viewers! This story is for all the viewers that enjoy romance, along with a little bit of that supernatural speck ......
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 21
Chapter 21! Hmm, thinking of doing a bit of a twist soon.
Yisasia - Chapter 10
This is a shorter than usual chapter, sorry! Also, I haven't been writing 'Yisasia' cuz I've been working on another story in action and adventure, check it out! Anyway, big revelation in this chapter.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 20
Chapter 20 ~ Ryan. You'll find out who this dragon (in the photo) is later on in the story...
The Curse Must Be Passed On!
A man is cursed by demons and thoughts of suicide.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 19
Well, now that the election is over... the writing resumes! I apologize for the delay, but I was watching the elections and well... getting new and more ideas for my new story that will be coming out after this story is done.
Luna Angels - Chapter 4
Indy arrives in the town what happens when she meets someone that knows Jay.
Forever Alone - Chapter 7
Picture is of Tirian.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 18
Chapter 18 is out! Happy Halloween everyone! And enjoy all those sweet candies.
Forever Alone - Chapter 6
Hey everyone, please read and comment.
Darkstalker - Chapter 6
Sorry... after months I submitted a new chapter.
Luna Angels - Chapter 3
They go home and there is an intruder...
Flowmates - Prologue
Everyone loves wolves, right? In this small town, wolves dominate it and things are going swell, well that's until hybrids are heard of (wolves with supernatural powers) and no one knows what to do. Huh, kill or be killed.
Luna Angels - Chapter 2
Drama and legends.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 17
Yay, all better ~ *Watching 'The Walking Dead' at the same time.*
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 16
I apologize for the shortness. I'm feeling sick... but I'll get better soon.
Forever Alone - Chapter 4
Skye and Jace! Pic of Jace, picture silver hair!
A story based on a very ancient myth.
Forever Alone - Chapter 3
Little bit of drama...
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 14
Urgh, it's hot and sunny over here but that doesn't stop me from writing Chapter 14.
Freeze - Chapter 2
"I can’t do anything for you. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Unless…"
Forever Alone - Chapter 2
Picture is of Skye. Skye's eyes are a bright icy blue, not the color in the picture. Everything else is correct!
Yisasia - Chapter 9
Hey guys! Well, a lot has been going on, I am back in school, slammed by homework, and looking for a job (summer here yet?). I also got a cat! She actually looks like Fred except her eyes, but she absolutely adores me and I love...
Freeze - Chapter 1
"I’ll drop you off," dad said. I smirked as Evan glowered at me. It’s so much fun being the older sister.
Night - Chapters Two and Three
More characters are introduced into the story. Javier doesn't appear in here at all but not to worry you'll see him again in the next chapter after these. Enjoy.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 13
Chapter 13 ~ Ah! And today's POV is still Ryan.
Sweetie Pie
'Sugar and Spice', and everything's nice.
Lace: Not every wedding is the bride's dream come true...
Forever Alone - Chapter 1
Here's Chapter 1... sorry it took a while. Please comment.
The Sins of Tomorrow - Chapter 4: Truth
Mia's world spins out of control. How will she handle it? Will she accept her new life?
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 12
Yay... chapter 11 is published! Now for chapter 12.
Night - Prologue and Chapter One
An introduction. The story will be told in the voices of a few people. It is a fantasy story. This chapter starts with Javier's POV.
Forever Alone - Prologue
Please read and comment.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 11
Yay Chapter 11 ~ Ooh and the photo is Brownie the Talking Dog.
Bullet in the Bible
Don't let the title get to you. I'm a Baptist (Christian or Catholic) and my friend choose the title because they thought this would fit best for this story. Please don't hate me, honestly if I know a better title I would use it.
The Sins of Tomorrow - Chapter 3: Unspoken Mysteries
A crazy set of events take place all in less than 24 hours that alter Mia's life forever.
The Sins of Tomorrow - Chapter 2: Prophecy
Mia just can't catch a break. From getting grounded to receiving a detention slip and then being threatened by the weird PE teacher, her week is just not going the greatest. Even though her life is a mess, she continues to wonder...
The Sins of Tomorrow - Chapter 1
A Saturday evening beneath a tree, in the middle of the country with a good book should have been uneventful and relaxing. However, it turned Mia's world upside down within just a few minutes. A novel that holds compelling thrills...
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 10
The picture is of Vasilisa! Kyou sends his thanks since you guys are rooting for him. And yet, Arisu is cursing me. ME. Why me...
Key - Chapter 16
The pic is of Rick.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 9
Chapter 9. But sorry if this is super short. I'm feeling pretty tired, so yeah... and the photo is of Takuya, though he's got black hair... just imagine it fair... though I am currently failing epically trying to imagine him in...
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 8
Weeeee! Chapter 8 ~ Oh and the picture is of Miyuki.
Key - Chapters 14 and 15
New chapters... 14 and 15. I haven't written in so long.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 7
I managed to find a picture of Ryan Hoshiro (after so much time looking). But I really like it!! Enjoy.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 6
Picture is Takuya, Ryan and Miyuki.
Luna Angels - Chapter 1
Indy and Jay's story continues. Will it be a happy one? In this chapter the best thing ever happens to Indigo. The pic is of Jay's ring, I'll post up Indy's in the next chapter.
Unlikely But Not Impossible! - Chapter 4
Arena and Raquel get something unexpected while Matt finds a note in the box.
You Kissed My Tears Away in Hours Time - Chapter 2
Sorry it took so long. My mom took my laptop!
Who's Afraid of the Dark? - Chapter 4
Here is Chapter 4 of Alba's story.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 5
Chapter 5! Picture is of Miyuki Hayashi.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 and the picture is of Takuya Takahashi.
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 2
Uwaaa ~ Chapter 2 and the picture is Nikolai.
A Lion's Child
(One Shot Only) "No you silly old lion, more like I won a bet within myself." She smiled and I licked her hand. "I’m glad you shared this with me Nate." "I’m glad too." I admitted and for once, I felt...
Silent Hunters: Be Unknown (Book 1) - Chapter 1
Ok my dear readers ~ Ta da ~ My new story! But I do dearly hope that you guys will enjoy this story too ~
Demon Lover - Chapter 23
Wow! Last chapter guys... last chapter... Oh, I'm starting a new book 'Silent Hunters', keep your eyes peeled for that...
Lynts - Chapter 3
Zoe's first day in Lynts Academy. Guess who she meets.
Lynts - Chapter 2
Zoe's beginning to settle down in Lynts Academy. Picture of Lynts Academy.
Demon Lover - Chapter 22
Picture for the little grim reaper kid...
Human Angels - Chapter 20 and Epilogue
They go into battle. Will they win or lose?
Fall In Love Like A Fairy Tale - Chapter One
To keep my sanity, and cause I'm bored, another installment of my famous gags with characters from my books. I have grabbed books, movies and even a Sim Dating Game I play to make fun of. Enjoy.
Demon Lover - Chapter 21
Story is coming to an end...
Demon Lover - Chapter 20
Ok guys, well please don't worry. Check out my profile to see the other stories that I will write!
Human Angels - Chapter 19
Will Jay and Indigo make up?
Forgiven - Chapter Three
"Have I died and gone to heaven?" He whispered and I rolled my eyes.
Darkstalker - Chapter 5
There are 11 more chapters to submit.
Lynts - Chapter 1
Zoe Russell was living a normal life till she found out what she was. Please read and comment.
Demon Lover - Chapter 19
Another cat photo. ~ Mew mew ~ OH Btw... this story might come to an end soon.
Demon Lover - Chapter 18
Ha, ha! Anyway, I found a picture which I found hilarious and these furry little creatures are cats! CATS! Anyway, this has nothing to do with the story, but I felt like I wanted to share it with my awesome readers [sips tea while...
Human Angels - Chapter 18
Indigo and Jay have a fight. Will it be bad or good?
Forgiven - Chapter Two
"What did Naboo want?" He asked and I bit my lip. "Steph, don’t you trust me?" "I do, but I’m not sure I trust myself." I answered and looked at him.
Demon Lover - Chapter 17
Ok! The story continues! BTW go on my profile page to see what the peeps from Demon Lover has to say!