Support your Country - Part 2

Love your country.
Since childhood Gowtham and Raja are best friends. Raja has a beautiful sister. Her name is Priya. Gowtham and Priya love each other, and Raja knows about it. Raja is happy to get a wonderful husband for his sister. Since they're studying, Raja asked Priya and Gowtham to wait for 4 years for the marriage. Raja and Gowtham are studying in Chennai, and Priya is completing her graduate degree in Bangalore. She will return from Bangalore after finishing her graduation (4 years) only.

After 4 years...

Chennai is surrounded by police. It's because there is a bomb blast in Chennai central railway station. One died due to the bomb blast. Gowtham is sad and said to Raja, "I thought that would be a big bomb blast, but just one died..."

Raja asked, "Why are you expecting a big bomb blast??"

Gowtham replied, "The bomb was kept by me. One day when I was going to the college, the terrorists asked me to keep a bomb in the Chennai central railway station. I refused. But they said that they would offer me a large amount of money. So I accepted."

Raja shouted at him, "What are you saying? They're Indians. How can you kill our own people?"

Gowtham replied, "No problem. I earned money because of this."

Raja asked,"Will you kill your mother if I give money? You can't. Because it's your family. You should think everyone the same."

After few minutes, they both came to know that the one who died in the bomb blast is Priya.

Raja said, "At last, it's Priya who died in the bomb blast. Are you happy now?"

Gowtham replied, "Sorry! I did a big mistake."

Raja said, "This is our country and we should love it."

Police arrived at their place and arrested Gowtham because the CCTV camera in the railway station recorded everything he had done and he was hanged to death.
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Published: 5/12/2014
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