Support your Country

"Be the change that you want to see in this world." - M. K. Gandhi.
Kevin is studying in a college. In the same class, Dion is also studying. Kevin loves and always supports his country but Dion is just the opposite of Kevin. They both always fight for this reason.

One day, Dion received a call from a stranger. The stranger said, "Hi Dion."
Dion questioned, "How do you know my name?"
Stranger replied, "Just listen to me and do as I say."
Dion asked, "Why should I listen you?"
Stranger replied, "Just listen me ******. I need a 'A -ve' blood and I know that you are 'A -ve'. So I need your blood."
Dion asked, "But 'O -ve' is a universal donor!"
Stranger replied, "I want your blood because it's a pure blood since you don't have any bad activities and it's difficult to search for anyone now. That's why I preferred you."

Dion replied, "Why I will do this, am I stupid! I can't do this."
Stranger replied, "If you didn't do this, I'll kill you. You have just 1 hour left. So take your blood in a bottle and come to the forest."

Dion said, "Ok," and rushed to the hospital. He then went in a bus to go to the forest. He had the blood in a bottle which was put inside a cover. Since the bus is full, Dion is standing and can't keep the bottle, so he gave it to a person. After few minutes, that person escaped from that bus. On knowing this, Dion got down from the bus and is searching for the person & he sees the person is walking towards him. The person said, "Sorry, I'm a thief. I thought there would be any costly item inside the cover, but it just had a bottle." Saying this, the person gave the bottle to Dion. Dion took it and rushed to the forest.

After he reached the forest, the stranger called him and asked to come to the middle of the forest. Dion walked into the forest.
Dion was shocked because the stranger was none other than Kevin and someone was bleeding next to him.
Dion was frustrated and asked, "Why did you speak like this?"
Kevin said, "This bleeding person is my brother. He is a terrorist and today he was shot by the police and escaped from that place. He needed blood to live. That's why I called you!"

With angry face, Dion replied, "Do you want my blood to save a terrorist? I won't give."
Kevin replied, "You know one thing, our country is still a developing country. That is just because of our neighboring countries. They cheated us and pushed us down. So my brother became a terrorist to kill those who are the reasons for getting our country cheated."

Dion asked, "How does the problem get over if he kills the ministers?"
Kevin replied, "The neighboring countries threatens our country and changes the documents. When the ministers of neighboring countries are killed, the CBI inquiries are conducted and will find our country's original documents, so after it was found our country will be a developed country. After that, my brother will be killed by the police. But he will be happy that his desire had come true." On hearing this, Dion cried and replied, "Sorry from now I too will support for my country."
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Published: 4/18/2014
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