Suspense Stories

Ever experienced a scenario where you are literally driven to the edge of your seat as you employ gray cell after gray cell to logically sequence one clue after another, in the pursuit of that one elusive piece of information that will solve the entire puzzle for you? This happens most when reading suspense thrillers. It grips you unawares somewhere at the beginning of the tale and does not let go till the very end. It works to stimulate you into using all your mental faculties. A part of you wants to solve the mystery right away while the other part yearns for the thrill to sustain a little longer. Ken Follett once said,
For success, the author must make the reader care about the destiny of the principals, and sustain this anxiety, or suspense, for about 100,000 words.

At iBuzzle, our authors have tried and enriched this genre by penning stories of various lengths. Everyone will get something of their choice here - whether you like your suspense stories to be short, crisp, and possible to finish at one seating or prefer them in installments for a prolonged period of mystery solving and nail-biting. The excitement is never-ending with one cliffhanger following another.
All For You: Chapter 5
(I'm back!) We find out a bit of the history behind Reed and Geneva. There is friction between Mallory and Geneva: the relationship between two sisters may not be smooth all the time. Read on to find out why.
The Glove Box Robbery
Do you keep cash in your car's glove box. If so, read this!
Enshrouded - Chapter 4
Sorry for a late post... but this one is a new twist in the tale!
Enshrouded - Chapter 2
Just a regular day or is it?
Enshrouded - Chapter 1
And the story begins... going back through a year to see what actually happened!
Enshrouded - Prologue
"How will you see the light... when everything is enshrouded in darkness?" Mia, an 18-year-old has it all. A happy family, luxurious life, and great friends. Life seems to be too perfect to be real for her but...
Chimera - Chapter 7
Sorry for a late post... but now the mystery is about to begin.
Chimera - Chapter 5 (Part 2)
First day of school.
Chimera - Chapter 5 (Part 1)
A train of negative thoughts...
Chimera - Chapter 4
Psychological thriller. Some good news for Sally.
Chimera - Chapter 3
A psychological thriller...
Chimera - Chapter 2
Sally meets the boy next door....
Chimera - Chapter 1
A psychological thriller-Sally is just another teenage girl trying to adjust in a new surrounding. She moves to Florida with her parents and makes new friends, goes out camping, but when she returns nothing is the same again! Read...
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 16
Together with family, there is hope.
Against my Instinct
A short story filled with suspense and drama, and an instinct to survive. Action parked. Kate makes a choice that forever hunts her. She didn't have to, but she wanted to And she paid, in full!
When Fate Calls - Chapter 6 (Part 1)
Okay... so this is part 1... I know that I have posted very late, but I was extremely busy. And part 2 won't be too late... hope you keep reading.
Online Romance
It is a story of a guy who chats with girls online, and then calls them to meet and rapes, then blackmails them saying if they don't pay, he would upload the video on net. As usual he traps a girl, but this time tides turn on him!
Mr. President (2)
Chapter 2! Short, but mostly a filler!
When Fate Calls - Chapter 5
Birthday with a twist!
When Fate Calls - Chapter 4
Sorry for the late post... a birthday party!
When Fate Calls - Chapter 3
Things seem to settle down!
When Fate Calls - Chapter 2
Mike and Christie reached the apartment. Will their friends survive or will they loose them forever? Read on to find out.
When Fate Calls - Chapter 1
How far you would go? How much will you fight? When your biggest enemy is Fate itself.
Mr. President
Just something I came up with on the fly! Young, inexperienced, and single congressman Jason Ackerman is now in-charge of the USA after a tragedy has struck the nation. He must run the country, find the American traitor, and...
Tarnished - Chapter 60
Joe comes to pick up his truck, and Viola takes a shopping trip.
Tarnished - Chapter 59
Welcome back to the Tarnished Team. Thanks for your patience. A soft chapter to ease you back into it.
One Night with a Contract Killer...
Death comes in disguise for the the payment of our 'Deeds Done'.
The Book of Faces: Chapter Three (Updating His Story)
Oliviera was a diehard thriller novel fan. She watched everything from Dexter to CSI Miami, primarily because they involved crime investigations. What will she do though when a real-life crime investigation comes to her very...
The Book of Faces: Chapter Two (Missing)
Oliviera was a diehard thriller novel fan. She watched everything from Dexter to CSI Miami, primarily because they involved crime investigations. What will she do though when a real-life crime investigation comes to her very...
The Book of Faces: Chapter One (Who's There?)
Oliviera was a diehard thriller novel fan. She watched everything from Dexter to CSI Miami, primarily because they involved crime investigations. What will she do though when a real-life crime investigation comes to her very...
Meet Again (Chapter 25) Part 2, The End
Enjoy the last chapter, I can't believe it ended.
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 12
Some love between all tension.
New Girl - Chapter Eighteen
Alexis finds herself regretting past actions, so what better to do than to make Amen? To my fellow new readers, you're more than welcome to join us in this journey by simply reading "New Girl" from Chapter 1!
All For You: Chapter 4, Part 2
Will they ever find their way in White Woods? Also, Mallory seems to be misusing so many things. Find out what and why. [The picture is of Geneva Hunter]
All For You: Chapter 4, Part 1
Not everything goes as planned when Mallory, Reed, Geneva, and Daddy Hunter go exploring the woods. What bad history do Reed and Geneva have together? Read Part 1 of Chapter 4 to find out.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 24
Things get better and yes, after this chapter there will be an epilogue... keep reading!
All For You: Chapter 3
White Woods has the most uncomfortably welcoming impression on Reed, Mallory, Geneva, and their father. Reed begins to act unlike his usual self... What could be wrong?
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 11
The one person I remembered.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 23, Part 2
Really, really sorry for a late update...
Meet Again (Chapter 25) - Part 1
I am so sorry for the long wait, this summer has been the more busiest summer for me and I finally get some time to myself and type the stories. But unfortunately this story is coming to an end. And please excuse my bad grammar.
All For You: Chapter 2
What may have triggered the relationship between Mallory and her father? Is Mallory hiding something? Read chapter Two to find out!
All For You: Chapter 1
Hidden in White Woods are secrets. What kind? Nobody knows. Mallory does not have the most perfect relationship with her father. What will change when she invites him to White Woods with her best friend, Reed and Geneva, her sister...
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 23, Part 1
Sorry for a late update... but here it is.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 22
Some peaceful time.... guilts removed and much more!
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 21
Here's the major truth...!
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 20
A big surprise in this chapter!
Blackmail is Not a Slimy Substance to Be Avoided, It's Actually Quite Tasty
Pure joy: When your boss pulls a fifty out of his pocket and slips it into yours!
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 19
So what is Stefanie's fate?
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 18
So Stefanie is trapped.... are we gonna lose her?
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 17
Mystery rises up... thrilling chapter.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 16
So what's up on Rose's sleeve now and for a change, let's read ALEC's POV too.
Meet Again (Chapter 24)
Here is a new chapter, enjoy.
The Runner - Final Chapter
Running won't solve this.
Treacherous (Sequel) - Chapter 3
So Chloe finally reaches her workplace.
The Runner - Chapter 3
The whole thing is getting more confusing and more issues are revealed.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 15
Finally posting again and the story goes on...
The Runner - Chapter 2
He was prepared for the sudden death which meant his father knew he was going to be killed. But why was he killed?
The Runner - Chapter 1
He saw something so terrifying, it changed his life completely.
Meet Again (Chapter 23: Roller Skating)
When childhood friend meet again after 9 years... what will happen.
Heroes World - Chapter 19
Billy must battle her best friend.
Meet Again (Chapter 22: Memories)
Here's the new chapter, sorry for the long wait.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 14
The most important chapter - MAJOR REVELATIONS!
Heroes World - Chapter 18
Republican Convention 2057.
Treacherous (Sequel) - Chapter 2
A major thread from the previous story is getting connected.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 13
Mr. Murray spills the truth.... can Stefanie handle it?
Heroes World - Chapter 17
The real threat is revealed.
Treacherous (Sequel) - Chapter 1
Treacherous is back!! Meet Chloe, a teenager who's really upset with her broken life... no money.. no fun! But she keeps wishing for a miracle. Join Chloe and her journey where everything is treacherous!
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 12
Emotional overflow! Stefanie's not okay!
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 11
A very twisted chapter. Alec's picture guys!!
Heroes World - Chapter 16
K.S. and Lennox... Heroes no more.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 10
Mrs. Rose' weird behavior and a scrambled day!
Meet Again (Chapter 21 Lose)
Enjoy, this chapter is kind of long.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 9, Part 2
A twist in the tale! What's behind the photo.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 9
Finally the 1st part of this most exciting chapter is here... you cannot miss this! Sorry for posting late! The picture is of Stefanie.
Meet Again (Chapter 20: Jealously)
I hope this chapter is good, I had a little writer's block when I wrote this chapter, but I'm still so excited for this chapter to go up.
Heroes World - Chapter 15
K.S. Vs. American X.
Heroes World - Chapter 14
The return of American X.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 8, Part 2
Something interesting and a call from Mr. Murray.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 8, Part 1
Another chapter... this part is short, but I'll be posting the rest of the chapter soon.
Heroes World - Chapter 13
The fabulous life and times of Senator Noah Lennox.
Meet Again (Chapter 19: Accident)
Here's the new chapter... Enjoy
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 7, Part 2
Let's see what Alec will do?
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 7, Part 1
Stefanie confronts Alec with an important question, "Why did he call her Felicia?"
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 6, Part 2
Part 2, please do read and comment. Can Stefanie and Alec be friends?
Meet Again (Chapter 18: Now or Never)
Let's see what happened....
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 6
The story begins now! Let's see what happens over the dinner?
Meet Again (Chapter 17: Unfair)
Here is the new chapter....
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 4
"Curiosity kills the cat."
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 5
Another interesting chapter with a very important information revealed. Do read and comment.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 4, Part 2
Part 2 of Chapter 4, please read and comment.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 4, Part 1
Introduction to new characters and further unraveling of the mystery.
Meet Again (Chapter 16: Night of Memories)
Thank you for reading my story, I hope you like it.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 3
Stefanie finally meets her neighbor... how's the meeting gonna be?
Heroes World - Chapter 12
K.S. will make the biggest decision of her life. Can she trust the Senator.
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 2
So what's the entire mystery about and what danger lurks over, Stefanie find out?
The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 1
Stefanie is a spy... an 18-year-old spy! While she's on a vacation, she gets a call for her mission, a mission to spy on her neighborhood. What follows her is a series of strange events and secrets that takes more than being a...
Heroes World - Chapter 11
K.S. the prisoner.
Meet Again (Chapter 15: Falling Down)
Taylor gets hurt in the last chapter, so what is going to happened now!! Here's the new chapter enjoy!
Meet Again (Chapter 14: Have Enough With The Secrets)
This chapter will be about Taylor's past, enjoy!
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 3 (Part 2)
What should I do? How can I choose between them? They both mean a lot for me!! - Arayo Natsumy.
Heroes World - Chapter 10
The Cadets Vs. ClampSaw and the Briggs men.
Heroes World - Chapter 9
K.S. and the Cadets.
Heroes World - Chapter 8
K.S. must face a difficult decision.
Heroes World - Chapter 7
Meet the world's greatest heroes, the Patriots.
Meet Again (Chapter 13: Meet The Boys)
Things are just getting crazier! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter...
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 3
This might change everything !!
Heroes World - Chapter 6
K.S. and Jessica D must battle the sadistic American X.
Heroes World - Chapter 5
A menacing threat from the past lurks in South Texas.
Heroes World - Chapter 4
K.S. goes on a trip.
Meet Again (Chapter 12: Who's There?)
I'm trying something new here and you guy will find out a little about Taylor in this chapter as well....
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 2 (Part 3)
"Let me introduce you to someone!" Eric.
Heroes World - Chapter 3
Meet senator cape killer.
Heroes World - Chapter 2
It’s been almost five years since Slayer died, but Billy continues their work. This is her life’s passion, her purpose, and she loves every minute of it.
Heroes World - Chapter 1
"Wow, the man of my dreams." K.S. mutters.
Meet Again (Chapter 11: Thunderstorm)
Here's the new chapter! Enjoy!
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 2
The anonymous sender!! What does he know about her?
Heroes World - Prologue
This is the intro to a new book I'm writing. In an advanced world, the age of Heroes have past. However, Billy Costigan happily continues the war. Even though her work is a dying art form, she passionately battles on in the shadow...
Meet Again (Chapter 10: The Great View)
Here's the New Chapter! I hope you like... please comment.
Meet Again (Chapter 9: Where Are We Going?)
Sorry for the long wait, I had been busy, enjoy....
A Promise to Keep - Chapter 1
Can love win his battle against Revenge? Well, yes!! But it needs STRENGTH... strength to forgive other people's mistakes. But Revenge uses hate that slowly kills its leader. Who will win this battle? Will she choose past for her...
Meet Again (Chapter 8: The Lake)
Where is Taylor taking Elisa...
Meet Again (Chapter 7: The Date)
The date is here! Will Taylor stop Zane before it is too late or will Zane success? Let's find out!
Working Victory - Part 4 (This Is It)
The heist of a lifetime is underway.
Working Victory - Part 3 (Greatness Awaits)
The plan to strike back is revealed.
Working Victory - Part 2 (Susan's Life)
This is Susan’s day-to-day life, this is the dying age of federal agents.
Train Ride
This is a story, I wrote in the creative writing class. I, myself couldn't even believe, I wrote it! Now I want to share it, so enjoy!
Working Victory - Part 1 (Proving Grounds)
In the near future, Susan is a working woman that is recently down on her luck. She is forced to venture to the other side of the law to make things right.
Meet Again (Chapter 6: Before The Evening)
This chapter will be in Taylor's POV! Enjoy! (Left a comment, speak out your mind, I want to hear about it)
Meet Again (Chapter 5: Is it Time to Get a Date!)
All the mystery and questions... Will we have answer today? Let's find out.
Meet Again (Chapter 4: Rainbow Disappears After the Rain)
This chapter meant to describe Elisa's past and get to know her better...
New Girl - Chapter Seventeen
Alexis finds herself explaining her views on Romeo and Juliet in English class, finally catching the attention of Dimitri.
Meet Again (Chapter 3: Recognize)
Teddy goes to her secret hide out... guess who she found?
Meet Again (Chapter 2: Friends?)
Meet the main girl at school in this story!
Meet Again (Chapter 1: The Meet)
A new mystery boy show up at school with scar on his shoulder! What's going on with him...
New Girl - Chapter Sixteen
Alexis has to face the decision she's made. Will she let Dimitri in or will she keep her heart guarded in order to protect him?
The Slender Man
Just one of my slender stories, please comment and rate. Just found it, so I decided to put on here. Enjoy.
Criminal Instinct - Chapter Two
The Johnson's sentimental attachment to the diamond necklace sets Eddie's thoughts in motion. Frankly speaking, there were heirlooms worth thrice the value of that diamond necklace in the mansion... why then steal only the necklace...
Criminal Instinct - Chapter One
Edward Reynolds was the bad boy that the NYPD was never able to nab... until one incident brought him to his knees... and Detective Sanchez gave him an opportunity to reform. Now watch the duo solve the theft that has all the...
The Cat and the Samurai Knife
It's about how our actions hurt us even though the intentions are good!
Treacherous - Chapter 22 (Finale)
Don't miss the Final Chapter.
Treacherous - Chapter 21
So, is Felicia going to die? Read to find out.
Treacherous - Chapter 20
Sorry for the late update but the story still continues. In this chapter Felicia is at gunpoint... what will she do?
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 18, Part 2
Okay, so this is a flashback. Some things happened a day ago. Eli finds out yet another thing. Gabriel acts unexpectedly. Mitch is confusing. Let's just say: "The killers are back."
Treacherous - Chapter 19
Here's the entire story... the cat is finally out of the bag!
Revenge is Sweet - Comment Replies
Hello everybody! I finally did it. Comment replies to all the chapters. But, I should have thought of it earlier. Thank you all.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 18, Part 1
Somebody confesses to Eli. Makes him go mad and to the edge of self-mutilation. And Dallas goes on another date with Mitch - I wonder what happens?
Treacherous - Chapter 18
So, let's see who's the surprise visitor?
Clockwork of the Angels - Chapter Eight
"Well, you’ll have to," he replied dryly, "it’s a little something I like to call 'trust'. You trust me and I trust you. We both want the same thing." Genevieve’s eyes softened a bit. "…No longer...
Treacherous - Chapter 17
A big secret revealed... get ready for a shock that is unexpected... surprise!
Treacherous - Chapter 16
What would Felicia do after knowing her identity? And finally Alice finds out the truth behind the medical reports... read and comment.
Treacherous - Chapter 15
Hmm... so finally a big secret is revealed! Wanna know who's Lily?
Raven Flies: Chapter Six
Sorry it's been so long, I will try and upload stories faster.
Treacherous - Chapter 14
A funny chapter!!
Treacherous - Chapter 13
The picture gets clearer... another secret revealed! The picture is of Lily.
Treacherous - Chapter 12
Interesting conversations...
Clockwork of the Angels - Chapter Seven
"Thank you," Genevieve smiled, placing it in her jacket and then released, she had nothing to give him. "I apologize, I have nothing to give you in return." Theodore held up a hand. "I need nothing from you...
Treacherous - Chapter 11
Another secret revealed... surprise!!
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 10
Clues connecting to memory segments.
Treacherous - Chapter 10
A mysterious conversation and a dream.
Treacherous - Chapter 9
A long chapter and a great secret revealed!
Treacherous - Chapter 8
A twist in the story!
Treacherous - Chapter 7
Something unusual is to happen!
Treacherous - Chapter 6
Here's a long chapter on public demand. And a very important one as Felicia gets her questions answered.
Treacherous - Chapter 5
An encounter with Mr. Woodson and entry into California.
Treacherous - Chapter 4
Do read it... something unusual is going to happen.
Treacherous - Chapter 3
The mystery begins now and yes let's see what did they shop for?
Treacherous - Chapter 2
Here's something exciting... do read and comment.
Treacherous - Chapter 1
Here's chapter 1... ''A new beginning." This is the very first part of chapter 1, hope you like it. Please comment.
Treacherous - Prologue
Felicia is an orphan who finally get a family, but is this her happy ever after or life will be darker than before. Start reading to explore the life of Felicia where everything is treacherous!
Clockwork of the Angels - Chapter Six
Sias closed his eyes and her face came to his mind. Those wild green eyes full of intelligence and loyalty. Her long brown locks with the tips scarlet red; they looked so soft from a distance and he found himself wanting to run his...
New Girl - Chapter Fifteen
Will Alexis tell Dimitri the truth and how will he react to this? Read to find out...
Nerds Without Glasses - Chapter Four
Because Kristy Sanders wanted me to continue.
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 8
I immediately removed my hands from my face and looked around only to find that everything was in its place. Well, not everything, the car had stopped somewhere, the handbrake was in Linds' hands and a frown accompanying her...
Clockwork of the Angels - Chapter Five
"Seriously, where is your escort?" He asked, scanning the area for a male.
Tarnished - Chapter 58
Back to the flashback; Viola updates us on the latest happenings as Jeffrey phones her using an interesting code word for to replace her name! Picture of Viola will be posted when I get one.
Raven Flies: Chapter Five
This is a shorter chapter. The next one will be longer. I can't upload pictures, hopefully I will be able to load a few pictures in Chapter 6 or 7. Comments are needed for support! Thanks for the comments!
Tarnished - Chapter 57
What you'll find is that events will come up more rapidly now, hope you can keep up.
Tarnished - Chapter 56
Continued... We see the ending to Viola's move; and for once, she cries happy tears.
Tarnished - Chapter 55
Viola steps up the game by getting her independence back; unfortunately for Korbin, who loses his 'cool'. It's quite surprising that seeing Viola take control of her life 'breaks' Korbin, is he realizing that his game is over?
Tarnished - Chapter 54
Viola spends the day in bed being waited on by Jeffrey, and has plenty of time to contemplate what her next move will be. Did Korbin's words to the gold digger give Viola the fire that she needed?
Tarnished - Chapter 53
This chapter contains a succinct POV for the gold digger, which is then followed up with a short POV from Viola.
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 7
I had not expected this, but something told me that some change was soon approaching. Every time I am with this girl, I have this weird feeling that something was going to change, but it always linked to the past. I know you guys...
Clockwork of the Angels - Chapter Four
"You look beautiful tonight Genevieve." Theodore whispered into her ear.
I Would Be a Crime Solver for Her
A short mystery story. Hope you guys like it.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 17
Veronica meets an old friend. Tension between Bridge and Veronica? Very Important. Another scene... I'd like you to guess who the characters in that scene are. Plus, a little note. [The picture is of Heather Daily. Imagine her with...
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 16
Revenge is Sweet continues. Dallas is smitten by someone else. Bridge is engaged and somebody doesn't like it. Read on to find out more.
Raven Flies: Chapter Four
Sorry about the long delay. Please comment... if I don't get at least 3 comments, I will stop writing this story. Thanks. Picture of Raven's house.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 15
A scene between Eli and Felix. A scene between two fools in love. A double dose of drama in Ashford. (I hope this picture gives a clear idea of how both Eli and Dallas feel.)
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 14, Part 2
I'm back again. So... This chapter is immensely sad, I'm not a 'tragic' writer, but I did my best. (The picture is of Parker Braxton)
Tarnished - Chapter 52
This chapter contains explicit language and mild adult themes. Also, the picture is of Korbin, you can choose to ignore this image of him and stick the one in your own head - Oh and I don't want to hear: "He's ugly." Or,...
Tarnished - Chapter 51
Viola's POV. We find out where she's been, and where she's going.
Tarnished - Chapter 50
We get an insight into the mind of Korbin as he ponders the evenings events and explains why he doesn't care about Viola any more... Do his actions contradict this?
Tarnished - Chapter 49
We find out why Korbin pampered Viola, and some announcements about the next 3 chapters.
Caution Movie Directors: Do Not Hire This Actor - He is a Suspected Serial Killer!
If you are in the movie or live theater business, beware of a man wearing a rumpled and frayed gray raincoat, with eyes like dirty ashtrays. He claims to be a professional actor... but he is not.
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 6
My smile just became wider the moment my eyes met hers, but before I could hold her and bring her closer, she slowly started to go away from me - her hands leaving my arms and finally leaving my fingertips. This chapter is starting...
Tarnished - Chapter 48
I strongly recommend you listen to the song that I have made references to in this chapter; it will help you get into the story a bit more. I don't often incoperate music into the story, so when I do, I expect you all to listen to...
Tarnished - Chapter 47
Viola pulls a fast one on Korbin - did anyone else feel the urge to go 'Muahahaha' when it happened?
Tarnished - Chapter 46
Viola stands in-between two men who both want to play a key role in her life. It's a pity neither of them are selfless enough to decipher what's good for her.
Tarnished - Chapter 45
Viola narrowly misses getting cornered by Korbin repeatedly; how long can she avoid him and will he rise above it with more serious antics? Or will it bring him to his knees?
Tarnished - Chapter 44
Viola makes some progress on her route out of the mansion; while a blast from her past provides some much-needed inner strength.
Tarnished - Chapter 43
Viola feels guilty about Joe, and as a result goes to lunch with him. What will Korbin do?
Can You Say, 'Tarnished'?
Questions answered by Ams Kingston: a) Where have you been? b) Are you coming back? c) What's happening with the story? With a random photo added just for daily humor!
When You Flirt with Disaster, Learn to Run Faster! - Part 4
The saga ends with a lot of bewildering facts coming out...
When You Flirt with Disaster, Learn to Run Faster! - Part 3
The past and present are on a collision course.
When You Flirt with Disaster, Learn to Run Faster! - Part 2
Now the past tragedy is preparing to sink its claws into the present. Can it be prevented?
Clockwork of the Angels - Chapter Three
"Get your hands off the lady!" Genevieve blinked and took in the man standing in front of her.
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 5
The only thing I did not know at that time was - a big change was coming through that door. (I know very less people read and commented on last chapter, still I wanted to update this story. Let's see where it goes.) And yes, I have...
When You Flirt with Disaster, Learn to Run Faster! - Part 1
Disaster can strike at any time but the thing to remember is that one should never deliberately court disaster.
Clockwork of The Angels - Chapter Two
"I couldn’t stay away another day," Albert said and kissed her forehead. "Word reached me of the poison attempt."
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 4
Whatever was happening to me was totally new and yet familiar. Slowly I recognized what was there in my heart - A pain, I lately recognized. Things are going out of control and before it could be worse, something is decided for...
Clockwork of The Angels - Chapter One
"Victoria, this is Genevieve. Genevieve this is Her Majesty, Queen Victoria of England, Scotland and Ireland. The Empress of India," Lucian introduced.
Clockwork of The Angels - Prologue
During the Victorian era, plots to kill Queen Victoria have caused the birth of Genevieve Archer, the first clockwork human. It's Genevieve's job to protect Victoria but can she protect herself when two guys fancy her?
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 3
Once he was done, I got up and found somebody staring at me. Oh, it was probably me... I looked... Different, completely different. Please be patient with this story as one thing comes out at a time.
Raven Flies: Chapter Three
Sorry about the long delay. Work has been crazy busy. Hope you enjoy this chapter!
Tarnished - Chapter 42
Continued... Joe doesn't give up... Has Korbin? Are they literally two boys fighting for the same girl? Is Viola so caught up in her pain that she misses the signs?
Tarnished - Chapter 41
Viola puts some makeup on and tries to find her own feet... If only she'd remember to put her shoes on!
Flutter - Chapter Four
The popular group gets some shocking news...
Behind the Smile: Chapters 16 to 18 (The End)
Yeah, I know I wrote a kinda ridiculous story and bled your eyes with my grammar mistakes. This is the end and I hope you guys enjoy it.
Flutter - Chapter Three
Zoey and Kat do something mean, and end up with a shocking reaction...
Flutter - Chapter Two
The girls continue to blog when they are shocked to hear from someone from their past...
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 2
But what I could clearly see in her eyes was - rage and anger. No doubt - all the hatred was exactly for me only. - Carson comes home and finds out so many things about family.
A group of popular girls are talking on a social networking site when a piece of their past comes back to haunt them....
Raven Flies: Chapter Two
George's football game.
Raven Flies: Chapter One
Thursday night and Geroge's POV. *The picture from the first chapter was Raven. Now this is the Picture of George.*
Tarnished - Chapter 40
Viola puts an end to her 'role' in the game of lies. She seemingly protects Korbin on the outside; yet on the inside, she's trying to protect her dignity.
Tarnished - Chapter 39
Viola fakes it, and gets an insight into the bigger picture!
A Night at the Bar - Chapter 5
Rachel goes home and makes yet another shocking discovery.
Raven Flies
Raven and Liz prepare for the upcoming dance. However, days before the dance neither of them have dates. Will Raven end up solo?
Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 1
Well guys, this is new story from the author of 'Strictly Professional' and 'Let's Play I Do I Do'. Unlike my other stories, this won't have much romance in it, but it's mystery which will slowly get resolved. Hope you like this one.
Tarnished - Chapter 38
Viola seeks sanctuary; and finally gets to tell Korbin exactly what she thinks he should do. Picture is of 'House in the Sky'.
Tarnished - Chapter 37
Viola receives some helping hands at her hour of need. If only they would stop acting so suspicious; maybe Viola would trust them? Or has the betrayal from her husband taught her that no one is trustworthy?
A Night at the Bar - Chapter 4
Rachel is taken to a strange place after being kidnapped...
A Night at the Bar - Chapter 3
Rachel is taken by the man to a van, where she can't believe what she sees...
Tarnished - Chapter 36
Viola's left with the broken pieces of herself, and an announcement from me, the author.
Tarnished - Chapter 35
We're back to Viola's POV.
A Night at the Bar - Chapter 2
Rachel goes home to make a shocking discovery...
Tarnished - Chapter 34
Korbin's POV. There are two sides to every story - and in Korbin's case, that's certainly true!
A Night at the Bar - Chapter 1
A woman meets a great guy during a fun night, and realizes she's being followed on the way home.
Tarnished - Chapter 33
Reader discretion is strongly advised: This chapter deals with sensitive and violent issues that readers may find uncomfortable. The events in this chapter are completely fictional and should not be interpreted in any other way.
Tarnished - Chapter 32
Continued... Was the boat trip really going to harm Viola? Korbin deserves a big lecture... But how would things have gone - if she hadn't opened her mouth?
Tarnished - Chapter 31
All aboard! Aye aye Captain! Does someone have a boat trip in mind? It's our 'favorite' character Korbin!
Tarnished - Chapter 30
Viola eventually stops crying and lays awake alone in the bed, only to experience a different, unseen side of Korbin...
Tarnished - Chapter 29
Has Viola's plan backfired yet again? Has Korbin finally secretly taken pity on her?
Tarnished - Chapters 27 and 28
Viola desperately wants her voice to be heard while Korbin desperately wants her to become subservient to his plans and treachery.
Tarnished - Chapter 26
Viola narrowly misses another attack as she tries to learn more about what Korbin's plan is... Was she his prisoner?
Tarnished - Chapter 25
Viola tries to escape while Korbin is out... By the way my name is 'Ams'... Not Amy as many of you seem to think...
Tarnished - Chapter 24
The morning after Viola's birthday night of suffering... Is Korbin remorseful?
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 14, Part 1
I'm back! This chapter is rocky for many characters. Beware of assaults and heartbreaks... [The picture is of Mitch Nilsson]
Tarnished - Chapter 23
Continued... Reader's discretion is strongly advised: This chapter deals with sensitive and violent issues that readers may find uncomfortable. The events in this chapter are completely fictional and should not be interpreted in...
Tarnished - Chapter 22
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Viola, Happy Birthday to you. Let's hope her wish comes true!
Tarnished - Chapter 21
Korbin crosses the line with his father as Viola ponders over her birthday.
Tarnished - Chapter 20
Korbin is caught out and Viola chooses a new side for once.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 13
A new character is introduced: He is charming and highly chivalrous... is he competition for Eli? Or is he here for something more? You decide. [The picture is of Justice Griffin-Bell]
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 12
Dallas finds out something about Eli: Will she like it or will she hate it so much that she would hate him? Find out.
Tarnished - Chapter 19
Continued... Why are the odds always against Vivi?
Tarnished - Chapter 18
Breakfast at the mansion; Korbin continues his wretched acting and seems to enjoy annoying Viola some more.
Tarnished - Chapter 17
Another visitor for Viola. Picture is of the phone styled visiting tables, for those of you who didn't get the concept last time.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 11
Everything is revealed between Felix and Veronica. Crucial to the story. Read and comment. [The picture is of the Griffin villa]
Tarnished - Chapter 16
Mummy's come to visit... How long will she stay and how long before she notices something's wrong? I'm posting chapters fast now.
Tarnished - Chapter 15
Continued... Korbin and Viola are still on a drive... Does Viola cross the line? Or has Korbin just brought the line closer?
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 10
Somebody pays a visit to Ashford. And Veronica's infidelity is revealed... Wait, infidelity? What?! Read on to find out.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 9
Dallas has dinner with the Griffins and they discuss Dallas' plans to stay there. Gabriel is a little uncertain about that idea. But will he dare oppose Veronica? And what were Parker and Eli planning to do in the wedding...
Tarnished - Chapter 14
Sandra tries to get Viola to unleash her inner stress; however neither of them is prepared for the stealth that rests beneath Viola's skin. Picture is of Korbin's car.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 8
The time is here: Dallas finally finds out. How do her views of the Griffins change? Or do they? When she faces Veronica after finding out, how does she react? Will she act weird and reveal herself or slip into revenge fast? [The...
Tarnished - Chapter 13
We get a glimpse into the tension between Korbin and his Father, and the confusion between Korbin and Viola. The next chapter won't be posted until there are 6 comments or more on this one.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 7
Bridge gets a chance to really meet and talk to Dallas. The story of how Zed and Bridge met is revealed. Is it one of Zed's schemes, or was there a reason for his act? Eli has a secret meeting with Felix's assailant. Does Eli have...
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 6
Eli makes a promise to Dallas, will he keep it? What are the pros and cons of live karaoke - here... a passionate kiss and a person's probable demise... Any guesses? Read on to find out.
Tarnished - Chapter 12
Three flashbacks in one this time; and it seems Vi's whole life turned upside down even before she went to prison.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 5
What happens when Dallas meets the Griffins? She learns a little something about herself, but Eli is not ready to share it with the others, why? Do you believe in doppelgangers, neither does Dallas, but what happens when she...
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 4
A heartfelt talk between Eli and Dallas as they near the deceptive streets of Ashford: Is Eli planning against Dallas? Who is Parker? Why does his name ring a bell? How is Dallas going to fit into this conundrum of a story? And a...
Lost City: Chapter Eleven
Jesse has a run-in with David - her boyfriend and things are very awkward. Back in Lost City Tyler is lonely and well-lost.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 3
Will Eli manage to convince Dallas to come with him to Ashford? If so, is this the start of a burgeoning romance or a deadly plan for revenge? Read on to find out. Please don't forget to comment. [The picture is of Eli Griffin]
Behind the Smile: Chapter Thirteen - Cage
Separated and trapped. Both Beth and Alice are like a pair of birds trapped in a cage.
Tarnished - Chapter 11
The visitor is here; and Viola is reminded of a few close bonds.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 2
What happens during the confrontation between the mystery man and Dallas? Or Jeanette? What?! Thank you for the views; please comment. The picture is of Dallas Fletcher.
Revenge is Sweet - Chapter 1
When Dallas Fletcher begins to envisage past dreams that have haunted her for the previous years, she panics and returns to a family that she had been with before. She had left the clan for a reason, but when she is emotionally...
New Girl - Chapter Fourteen
Is Alexis dead or alive? Read to find out!
Behind the Smile: Chapters 11 and 12 - Necklace and Truth
Things started to get much more complicated?
Behind the Smile: Chapter Ten - The Party
"You again Ivan," Alice widened her eyes innocently. Ivan??
Tarnished - Chapter 10
Does Dr. Viola Farrington give in? Sandra never finds out but we will.
New Girl - Chapter Thirteen
Alexis comes face to face with her troubled past. Things end badly but for who? Alexis or the person she runs into...
Lost City: Chapter Ten
Jesse is finally home with her father and things are still a bit blurry even with her memory back. Back in lost city Tyler is struggling to come to terms with the fact that Jess is gone. Read this chapter for more! P.s haven't had...
Behind the Smile: Chapter Nine - Decision
Will Beth see Alec again or once and for all?
Behind the Smile: Chapter Eight - Fate
Will the meeting of Alice with them change anything?
Tarnished - Chapter 9
Dr. Viola Farrington reveals the events that occurred after a seemingly fun, innocent night out with her husband and his friends. Was this the moment she realized that the people you love are the ones that can hurt you the most? Or...
New Girl - Chapter Twelve
What is Dimitri hiding from Alexis? Will this end their truce and friendship.
Behind the Smile: Chapter Seven - Promise
In this chapter, it shows a little bit about how Beth and Alice live all this while.
New Girl - Chapter Eleven
Who was the mystery man that helped comfort Alexis? Read to find out. Picture is of Alexis, you'll get the pic when you read. Enjoy.
New Girl - Chapter Ten
When Alexis's past comes back to bite her. How does she handle it? Read to find out! Picture is of Dimitri, I hope he's as hot in description as he is in picture form. Comment your opinions, hot/not?
Behind the Smile: Chapter Six - Their Past
Their past. Alice, Beth and Alec.
New Girl - Chapter Nine
Alexis finds herself in the principal's office... Photo is of Alexis.
New Girl - Chapter Eight
Who knocks on Alexis's door? ... Read to find out.
Lost City: Chapter Nine
Now that Jesse has her memory back things seem even more complicated than before. Join her as she struggles with her present with Tyler and the ghosts of her past...
Tarnished - Chapter 8
The prisoners inquire about Viola's intimacies; but it is Sandra who gets more than she ever bargained for. Reader discretion advised: This chapter deals with sensitive issues that some readers may find uncomfortable.
Behind the Smile: Chapter Four - Beth
The story where their life linked and uncover dark truth and some twist. Will all of them will be alright?
New Girl - Chapter Seven
Alexis finally shows a side to her no one's ever seen... her vulnerability. Picture is of Rebecca Lawson, she's gorgeous right? Comment. Like/dislike.
Behind the Smile: Chapter Three - Unexpected
Things are getting more complicated as unexpected things happen. Who is the new girl? Does both the girls mean something in Alec's life?
New Girl - Chapter Six
Alexis loses it and who happens to be at the receiving end of all of this? Natalie of course, however an unexpected person helps calm her down. Who is it? Read to find out!
Behind the Smile: Chapter Two - Her
Who is she? The mystery girl that Alec encountered. The girl who desperately wants to fit in.
Behind the Smile: Chapter One - Meeting
Where the life they lead intercept with each other... This is where the story unfold right before their eyes.
New Girl - Chapter Five
Short Chapter: Will Alexis make Natalie regret what she's done? Read to find out! Picture is of Natalie, who do you think prettier Alexis or Natalie? Comment.
Tarnished - Chapter 7
Viola learns about some of the other prisoners criminal offenses... And later confides in Sandra about her own 'crime'. Picture is of Sandra.
New Girl - Chapter Four
It's the second day of school... how will Alexis cope? As she gains new friends, she makes an enemy? Image is of Alexis. Read to find out!
Lost City: Chapter Eight
Tyler and Jess gets into a little trouble in this chapter and they are too far from one another to help. Tyler learns something interesting about Jack Rosen's identity and Jess learns who her so-called 'Mom' is. Read this chapter...
New Girl - Chapter Three
Who is this bronze-haired boy, and how will he affect Alexis? Good or Bad?
New Girl - Chapter Two
How will Alexis find her first day of school...
New Girl - Chapter One
Alexandra Scott or more known as Alexis has moved to another school again. Only to find herself attracted to drama, with jealous girl and guy friends and guys that are complete asses. Alexis has to face it all, head on, alone. Can...
Tarnished - Chapter 6
Trouble boils in the canteen once more - and as usual, Viola seems to find herself at the heart of it.
Tarnished - Chapter 5
Viola suffers from a ghastly nightmare; only to wake up to the realization that the walls of Bronzefield Prison contain an ongoing, brutal nightmare... whereby only sleep, may be the remedy.
Lost City: Chapter Seven
Jess spends the night at Tyler's house and has the privilege of meeting his mom. Once Jess is fast asleep, Tyler decides to take a little road trip. Read this chapter for more!
Tarnished - Chapter 4
After spending 5 days alone in her cell, Viola is finally going to face one of the prison's many battlefields - the canteen.
Tarnished - Chapter 3
The dehumanization process begins immediately as Viola awakes on her first 'real' day of being a 'prisoner'.
Lost City: Chapter Six
Jess finally opens up to Tyler. Will he help her through it or will he shut her out? Find out in this chapter.
Tarnished - Chapters 1 and 2
The story of a legal scholar with an endless amount of money and countless degrees and PhDs, whose contributions to the world of 'Law' couldn't save her from the wrath of her abusive husband.
Lost City: Chapter Five
Jesse tries her best to muster the courage to go into the bank. Will she find out what she needs to and when she does what will happen? Find out in this chapter
Lost City - Chapter Four
Jess has the flu and has a house to herself. She finds some weird documents while looking for a can opener and what's worse Tyler pays her a visit while she looks like something the cat dragged in!
Lost City - Chapter Three
On Jesse's first day of school she comes home late and her mom acts really weird and she starts to wonder whether her mom is telling the truth. In the meantime Jess meets up with the guy from the mall at school!
Lost City - Chapter Two
Jesse still can't remember who she is and it's frustrating. While out shopping, she literally bumps into a hot guy who swears he knows her from somewhere. Is he lying or is he just flirting. Read the next chapter and think for...
Lost City - Chapter One
A girl wakes up in a beautiful place and doesn't know where she is and worse who she is.
Last Chance - Chapter 7
Chapter 7 of Last Chance...
Last Chance - Chapter 6
The chapter you have been waiting for... this story I will soon be ending and starting a new one.
Last Chance - Chapter 5
Another new chapter.
Last Chance - Chapter 4
Eliza is going to America to escape.
Last Chance - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 of last chance...
Last Chance - Chapter 2
Chapter two of Last chance!
Last Chance - Chapter 1
Book two of Help me...
Help Me: Chapter 7
The finale of Help Me.
Help Me: Chapter 6
Some new surprises!
Help Me - Chapter 3
Here is chapter 3. And in chapter 1 the picture was of Eliza. In chapter 2 that was Troy. And here the picture is of James.
Help Me - Chapter 1
This is my story called 'Help Me'. Hope you like it.