Sustaining Spiritual Growth

Human life has a beginning and an end. We are born of nature and our souls are contained in the body. The body can depart this life but the soul can live forever. Therefore we may say that human life is endless.
We have this endlessness when we are born the second time and start living life in the spirit. We may die physically but the gift of eternal life allows us to live forever. If we do not have our second birth, we are destined to eternal death. Our lives do not end for our souls will live under torment forever.

We have to choose how we live our lives. Humans are the only creatures who have the power of choice. If we live for Christ, we live in the spirit and we do all God tells us. If we live our own lives, we will be living a life of death since what seems right in the eyes of man, its end is the way of death because we would live as we wish and not willing to know God’s will.

When God brings us to this world, we are all of equal value. This is because we are all made in His image. He never mentioned color, money or anything of great value when He said that man should be made in His image. There is no price for our worth in God. No father can kill his own son for other children he does not own. God sacrificed his own son that we can see His love towards us and see how valuable we are to Him. The world has nothing to offer us. Living for God will bring us true fulfillment in every aspect of our lives. We shall bear fruits even in old age (Psalms 92:12 – 14).

Spiritual maturity is necessary to Christians in order to avoid spiritual death. This means that we should be hungry in spirit. We should always crave for the word of God. We should grow in knowing God (2 Peter 3:18) just like our physical bodies grow. Man cannot live with bread alone (Matthew 4:4). This means that although it is important to feed our earthly bodies so that they can stay strong and healthy, there is a great need to feed our souls with what comes from God’s mouth. Spiritual growth comes through God’s grace.

For our spiritual maturity as Christians, the Bible is the most important book and the basis of tour beliefs. It reveals not only God’s will but also how we should live our lives. The Bible can be read during church services and many Christians also read their Bibles privately at home. Apart from learning more about our faith, the words of the Bible help to support and guide us in our daily lives.

To sustain growth in the spirit, we need to stay away from sin. We should stay with God who provides us with spiritual food which is His Word. We get this by gathering and being in fellowship with other believers and this shows the importance of the church. Working together as believers helps us grow because we can share the Word of God. Spiritual death occurs because of the lack of the necessary thing needed by the spirit. If we turn away from God we die in the spirit, so we need to remain in fellowship with Him (John 11:26). Suffering in his name sake, not because of our sins, is one way in which God makes us grow in spirit. Our God is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12). He purifies us in test and in turn, we grow in the process.

Spiritual death is not necessary because it destructs our spiritual growth. A good thing about it is that is not irreversible. God does forgive us sins and accept us to be his children gain. When spiritually dead, we can still come back to God who can give us life again.

Another way of sustaining growth in the spirit is seeking help from the bible. It helps in giving solutions to complicated problems. This is because it was written by dedicated man who were driven to do so by a Devine power. Since God exists in three unified forms, in the power of the Holy Spirit, God made man write His words so that generations can be able to appreciate the reason of their existence and be able to connect with him.
The bible centers on the forgiveness of man’s sin and reconciliation with god through Christ and the promise of eternal life. It delivers a message of doing what is right before God and the fight against evil. Jesus emphasizes this on the prayer He taught His disciples about deliverance from evil.
Published: 6/29/2010
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