Sweeping Bangs

A haircut or style looks incomplete without bangs. Read on, to learn about the different types of stylish sweeping bangs, that you can accompany with many hairstyles and cuts.
Almost all hairstyles are accompanied with bangs. The bangs style can be side swept bangs, blunt straight Cleopatra style bangs, choppy bangs, side blunt bangs, straight blunt bangs, razor cut bangs, etc. Hairstyles with sweeping bangs are also a good idea if you have a large forehead. Blunt short bangs look good on children, but for teens and women hairstyles with bangs of short swept bangs or straight swept bangs look great. In men's hairstyles, long side bangs hairstyles are extremely popular. Bangs are easy to get and accompanied with many haircuts and styles.

Types of Bangs

Here, are two main types of sweeping style bangs with instructions on how to cut these bangs, and the haircuts they look great with.

Side Swept Bangs
To get side swept bangs, first separate a large section of your front hair, and tie the rest of the hair with hair clamps. Then use a spray nozzle to wet the front section of your hair. If you have wavy or curly hair then before cutting the hair you will need to straighten the hair. To do this use lot of serum on wet hair, then carefully with a hair straightening iron, straighten your hair.

Then, side part your wet hair to form two different sections of the hair. Hold the longer side of the hair at a 45 degree angle, tilt your scissor and make a cut. For long sweeping bangs, cut the hair longer. Then repeat for the other section of the hair. Comb your hair, let them dry naturally or use a blow dryer. Then, check for the length and symmetry of the bangs. Make sure while cutting your own hair, you cut them longer, because once you cut them shorter there is nothing you can do, while you can again cut your hair till you get the desired length. If you wish to give a soft wispy ends look to the bangs, then run a razor through the bangs. This will remove the bulk of the hair.

Sweeping Style Straight Bangs
Side swept bangs haircuts give a softer and stylish look. While straight bangs which are sweeping give a bolder and edgy look. These bangs are also called blunt Cleopatra bangs. To cut your hair into these style, middle part your hair. Then separate a front section of your hair, and secure the rest of the hair behind with hair clamps. Wet the front section of the hair, and comb it straight.

Then, using a scissor motion from right to left, make a straight cut. Make sure you make the cut straight or the bangs will look uneven. Keep the length of the hair till your eyebrows or a bit below them. Then use a round hair brush, and blow dry your hair, and check. If you don't want to go for a perfect straight bangs, then snip off some hair at the edges to get a more relaxed unkempt look. Use a little hair mouse with these relaxed straight bangs, and tousle your hair.

Bangs are cut after the haircut is done. Many haircut styles and ideas look great with bangs, or rather many hairstyles look even more great when accompanied with bangs. Layered haircuts are the most popular, whether it comes to Zack Efron style layered haircuts, or whether it comes to bohemian style women's hairstyle. Layered hairstyles with bangs, like short layered hairstyles with hair ends flipped outwards also look great with side bangs.

So, use the above tips to cut any one style of bangs, and accompany them with a good layered haircut. Enjoy!
By Pragya T
Last Updated: 9/23/2011
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