Sweet Revenge

A murderous fallen angel is pissed off at an ex-best friend...Please comment.
Gripping a giant scythe in my right hand,
I strangle her with my left.
Giggling as I do this,
At her choking,
And ragged breaths,
As I squeeze the life out of her.
No, not yet.
Taking my pocket knife out,
I slit her wrists.
Making her feel the pain,

I felt.
Hurts doesn't it, bitch?
I scrape the knife further up her arms,
Drawing tiny X's on her shoulders,
She can't scream,
Can't cry for help.
Blood drips down her arms,
And dyes the earth scarlet.
I claw at her chest,
Breaking the rib cage,

I dig deeper for her heart.
Oh wait,
What's this?
As I suspected,
This bitch has no heart,
Just a black tarry mass.
I throw it out onto the concrete.
I then,
Gouge her eyes out,
My hands are now blood stained.

Shredding her mouth with my razor,
I stitch the pieces back together,
Twisted into a cruel smile.
Standing back up,
I admire my work,
Taking my scythe,
And mutilating the body.
Severed limbs litter the yard.
Hurts doesn't it, bitch?
My laughter carries out into the bloody sunrise.
Sweet, sweet, revenge...
Ever felt this pissed off?
Oh, my goodness, gracious, no, never!
Published: 6/19/2009
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