Take Me To Where I Belong

When you really love some... you then know that you belong to each other.
Take me to where I belong,
To your serene heart of love,
By your kisses that makes me strong.

When my love to you seem to prove,
That you and I are sole mates,
The heavens smile to us.

Let me be there for you,
And cherish you each day,
Even in the windy days of May,
When everything seem to be in dismay.

Take me to where I belong,
To my secret place,
Let my tears stream on your breasts.

When I am melancholic about life,
And you're the only one to comfort me,
Take me to you,
And let me be with you as long as I want.
Published: 7/29/2014
Bouquets and Brickbats