Take My Hand: Chapter Six

There’s only one thing that I want in the world and that’s her. And all I’m saying is please; can you back off for me?" His voice twisted and contorted. "Well, look Cameron, who are you to tell me what I can’t and what I can do?" I huffed, my face dropped. "Let the best man win."
Shayla’s POV

I got back to the recording studio, I made my way up to the 9th floor (making sure that I took the stairs this time). I entered the recording room to see Kelsey sitting at the control table. She had a quiet serene look on her face. I followed her eyes and sure enough, there was Cameron in the booth, singing, for once, his face looked innocent, sweet almost. The sound that was resonating into the room hit me, it hit me hard like a ton of bricks, but it was beautiful, it was so beautiful beyond words. I closed my eyes letting the melody fill up my ears, my body, my soul, my heart. His voice was powerful, deep, taking my breath away. It was a song that I have never heard before, yet the passion seemed so familiar.

The honey-sweet symphony stopped making me feel empty, cold. Had I just fallen in love with his voice? I can’t have, can I? It’s ridiculous why would God bless someone so… evil with such a beautiful voice? I opened my eyes to see Cameron hang up the headphones and step out of the booth with a shy look on his face. It was a sincere one, not like the smiles yesterday. I liked this smile the most. "How was that Kels?" He was talking to Kelsey, but his eyes were locked on me. Studying me. I felt my cheeks flush, and then I paused, realizing that Cameron had caught me off guard again. I was angry with myself, you can fall for this boy Shayla, he’s just like the other stuck up stars. But yet I find myself stuck in his games, stuck on level one, but guess what? I don’t want to play.

I snapped back into reality when Kelsey’s voice broke out, "Cameron I’m so proud, I think this is your best song yet!" I could tell she was beaming in her seat, noticing where Cameron’s eyes were, she turned around to face me, beaming as I thought she would be, "Oh hey Shay," she smiled warmly and I returned the smile, "Hey Kels, what’s jerk face doing here?" I didn’t bother looking at him. We all knew who I was talking about and even without looking at him, I could tell he was pulling his little patronizing smile, "This is my studio time," I glanced up, but instead of the smile I thought would be plastered onto his face, but in its place was a calamity, a soulful face, just like his voice.

My heart thumped again and I looked away quickly. "Wait, Kelsey, you told me to come now?" A smile crept across Kelsey’s face, "Well, I’ve been thinking we could work on a little side project," I looked at Kelsey with a skeptical look on my face. "I was thinking you two should record a cover to showcase Shayla’s talent and to show that she is the winner of the contest," Cameron for the first time since I got here smirked, I still had a skeptical look on my face. "So, why are we both here together?" The smile on Kelsey’s face got bigger and brighter. "I want more of a real raw feel of this cover, so I’m putting you both in the booth for you two to record at the same time. My face dropped.

I was feeling slightly flustered at how close my face was to Cameron’s since there was only one microphone in the booth. I scowled, I’m really going to kill Kelsey when I get out of here. Even the song that she chose for us to sing was awkward. Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Lucky I’m in love with my best friend? Really? This boy is not my friend nor am I in love with him… I’m not. I can’t be. The music started to stream through the earphones, Cameron began to sing, "Do you hear me, I’m talking to you…" He turned to me while singing which made my heart leap out of my chest.

The way he was looking at me was soft. Caring. Loving. A look that was totally new to me. It was driving me crazy. It came up to my turn to sing, "I can feel you, in my dreams…" My voice sounded different, it had different, it was gentler; my heard was thudding in my ears in time with the music, like my heart was a part of the composition. The duet carried on, with a series of cannons, each time our faces becoming closer and closer with each verse and chorus my mind became blank, I didn’t know what to think or what to feel, but something that reassured me was Cameron’s breath on my cheek. My eyes were locked with his, when the song came to an end and we began to hum the last bars of the song. His face moved closer to mine and I didn’t move. I couldn’t move. It felt right.

Cameron’s POV

As I was singing Lucky my feelings for Shayla became more apparent, real, her voice was sweet like maple syrup, and it made my heart thump, like I couldn’t contain myself anymore. It was scary how this girl could drive me crazy with just one look. One note of her voice drove me insane. I wanted her to see the real me, I wanted her to know that I was more than, "Cameron Styles." I wanted her to see me, Cameron. We started to hum the last couple of bars of the song, and something came over me and impulse it, I didn’t mean to move in but I did, I moved in closer ducking my head down to reach her lips, I paused, making sure that this was something she wanted too, she didn’t move, she stayed still, looking me in the eyes, her eyes were like a latte, bright and full of tenderness, better than the usual look of anger that she normally shows me.

I decided to go for it and I began to move further in, our lips centimeters away - "YO WHAT'S UP!" Damn it. Shayla was the first to jump away from me, her chest was slightly heaving, and I turned to look at Kelsey with her mouth slightly agape, I then realized, the sound didn’t come from Kelsey but the blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy next to her, "Yo Luke!" I called out to him, walking out of the booth to him, shaking his hand and wrapping one arm around him, patting his back while he mirrored my movements, a man hug.

Shayla had slowly made her way out of the booth with flushed cheeks, she looked towards the floor, not making any eye contact with me. I sighed then looked back at Luke Sky, my best friend since kindergarten, he became an actor, well-respected with the girls and the fame community, and also I loved him like a brother. "What you're doing here bro?" He flashed a smile at me, "Hey, why can I come visit my boy?" He smiled deviously looking past me, "And who is this?" He walked over to Shayla while I walked over to him and rolled my eyes, I swear he’s like a predator going straight for the pretty girls no matter what the occasion, "Luke, this is Shayla Hart, my contest winner, Shayla this is Luke Sky, my best friend," Luke held out his hand to give to Shayla, she took it, "It’s nice to meet you," she smiled warmly, "It’s nice to meet a beautiful girl like you, I hope Cam has been treating you well."

I sat next to Kelsey who had been watching Shayla and Luke hit it off. My heart sank. It literally fell to the ground. I really have blown it. I couldn’t believe myself. It killed me. Kelsey had nudged me, "Hey, don’t look so down. Don’t give up hope, if you ever saw the way you and Shayla hit it off in the booth, you would know. I mean, I wish I had popcorn, damn it was so interesting I couldn’t believe my eyes." I wanted to smile, but I couldn’t. I just looked straight ahead of me, at Shayla smiling and laughing.

Something that she hasn’t done with me. "Kelsey, I really don’t know what to do. I mean, I think I really am in love with this girl. It’s funny, this is the first time I’ve actually admitted it out loud. And it feels good… I’ve messed my chances up. And now Luke is going to get her." I sighed feeling solemn as I saw Shayla hit Luke’s chest playfully. "Look, Cam honey, I think you should just tell Luke how you feel, and as friends ask him to back off, if you tell him how you feel, I’m sure he’ll understand." I smiled at Kels, "Thank you Kels, you know I love you like an older sister?" She smiled, "Oh, I know." My attention went back to Luke and Shayla as I heard Luke say, "So, I’d really like to take you to dinner, get to know you a little more," Shayla smiled, a flirtatious look in her eyes, but right now I need to go," she turned towards me and Kelsey, "Goodbye Kels…" She paused, "Goodbye jerk face," she smiled, then a warm blush flushed over her face before she hurried out of the room.

Luke turned towards me, walking over with a soppy smile on his face, "Where did you find her man? She’s beautiful," I tried hard to conceal my smile. "Yeah, I know, but man, can I talk to you for a sec?" I stood up and walked away from Kelsey while Luke had a look on his face like a lost puppy, "Look Luke, about Shay," he smiled, you’re already calling her by her nickname, don’t be getting so close to my girl now," I let out an awkward laugh, it was a fake one. "But Luke, in all seriousness, I have really strong feelings for Shayla and there’s only one thing that I want in the world and that’s her. And all I’m saying is please; can you back off for me?" His voice twisted and contorted. "Well look Cameron, who are you to tell me what I can’t and what I can do?" I huffed, my face dropped. "Let the best man win."

Shayla’s POV

I sat down under the same tree in the garden that my friends and I always sit under at lunch times, I had just got to school, even though it was the end of the day, because I was giving the ok from the principle, to take the day off and look after my mom in. I sat down taking in yesterday’s events, I felt my face flush with red. What was I thinking? Nothing. That’s what. The music was going, my heart was thumping and it just felt right. But at the same time it was infuriating how did I almost kiss a jerk like him? I’m so glad that Luke came in when he did, it would have been a huge disaster and a big regret.

Speaking of Luke… he was just a perfect company to have, his face was angelic and his eyes, wow his eyes were so blue. A smile crept across my face, and then it dawned on me, I never got the chance to get his number. I just left so suddenly because of a text from Karen, my mum’s stay at home nurse. I looked up, Tally, Lee, Blaze, Rain, Lolly, and Tabby all bundled towards me I smiled, feeling like I hadn’t seen them in ages. "Hey Shay!" I was suddenly bombarded with hugs. "You’ve been gone for so long! It feels like we haven’t spoken in ages," Tally sat down next to me and wrapped her arms around my waist, head leaning on my shoulder. "I know Talls, I miss you so much, but you know how things are getting crazy, my mother, the recordings. "It’s okay we all understand," I took a look at my friends who had now formed a circle on the grass under the tree, they all nodded at me, showing me that they understood. I loved these guys.

My friends were a beautiful bunch, Lee had a perfect symmetrical face, his eyes were emerald-green and his hair was a grassy blonde, he was a model, and you can tell he was just by looking at him. I looked to Rain, she had a scene style, with black hair and dip-dyed deep purple extensions, her boyfriend is one of the most popular guys in this school yet she’s so humble about it. Lolly is like Rain’s twin, they have the same style, similar looks, and they are often mistaken for sisters. Blaze is one of the most stunning boys that you could ever meet; he’s sweet and has a skater boy look to him. His eyes are an icy blue that most girls can’t help getting lost in. I’m pretty sure he has a thing for Rain, but she’s completely oblivious to it.

Tabitha or Tabby is the last of my best friends, she is absolutely stunning and she has eyes like a cat, the reason why we call her Tabby is, she’s a very sheltered girl who doesn’t talk much about her home life. She’s rich and her parents are still very controlling of her, she has to dress all prim and proper. Oh and of course my best friend Tally, the bombshell of all blondes. Tabby smiled, "So tell us, what’s been going on, we feel so distant from you?" My face softened because it felt like I was more out of the loop with them. "Well…" I paused as something hit the corner of my eye, "What in the hell is that?" Everyone’s heads turned towards the big limo that was pulling up onto the school grounds, I felt my brow furrow, why in the heck is there a limo at the school?


Author's Note:

I tried to make this chapter slightly longer, and I thank and appreciate you guys who have commented, and I have tried to make this chapter longer with shorter paragraphs. I was going to make this chapter even longer, but I wanted to leave it on a sort of cliffhanger, anyway, thanks for the support, I hope you enjoy this chapter!
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