It's not always a good thing when you never back down...
You walk around with your head held high,
Like you do no wrong,
Don't you know you can make or break,
Something that should be so strong?

You walk around with your heart, sewed on the inside of your sleeve,
Like you believe no matter what, you're the only one who bleeds...
Fighting and insanity reign every single second you're alive,
You can't sit back and watch, pick up the keys, and drive.

Each one believes they have to have the upper hand,
Be better, be best,
And everyone else must follow,
It's your way, and screw the rest.

You never think to take the steps to heal that,
Which you are determined to break,
And then with each step, and every decision you make,
You shatter another little piece,
And you walk further into hell, and leave behind the peace...
Published: 1/17/2012
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