Tale of a Black Moon

(Part 1) Love the moon? Be the moon.
I would not say I have always been fascinated by the moon but every now and then the moon catches my eyes and amazes me with its awe-inspiring beauty. Personally, I prefer darkness. I enjoy the fear of darkness and the unpredictability. But this night is a bit exceptional.

1'o clock in the night and I switched off the lights to enjoy darkness and spend a bit of time with myself. I happily notice beautiful moonlight peeping through my window. I rush to the windows and watch the glorious moon smiling at me.

The moon is looking beautiful today. Doesn't it feel lonely? I don't want to consider moon as the major satellite of earth only. It's something more. Something else. Stays up all night. Lights up the darkened world. Accompanies lonely, wretched people like me. When sun disappears, the moon appears to blow our mind.

It is an incredible sight when black clouds cover the moon. The light of the moon somehow gets blackened. I just gaze and gaze. A weird thought comes to my mind suddenly. I wish I could enjoy rain in a moonlit night. Oh my subconscious mind! I ain't no poet to write poems about the moon. I ain't no singer to sing songs about the moon. I'm just an ordinary man whom moon gives all its beauty to see and enjoy.

I know when sun arrives in the morning, everybody will forget the moon. All its efforts to light up the world and amuse us will be proven too little by the shiny, bright sun. The moon actually will not go away. But bright light of the sun will somehow make the moon invisible, I know it will come back to shine up my lonely night.

It will sound weird but I'm actually feeling like the moon. I will always try to light up your dark night with the little light I got. But I myself will be dark with scars on me. And when the sun, the bright hero arrives, I will be forgotten. Depression will blacken me as black cloud. But I will always be in here. Invisible. Yeah, I want to be a moon. Black moon of course.

6'o clock in the morning. Woke up by the sound of rain. Still missing the moon. And I'm probably the only one who is missing it.
Published: 3/2/2012
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