Tarnished - Chapter 59

Welcome back to the Tarnished Team. Thanks for your patience. A soft chapter to ease you back into it.
Another month passed; it had now been 2 months since my move out of my mansion and into my new little house. I was still getting a daily phone call at my office from Jeffrey who had been keeping me updated on any important events that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to foresee. Only in the past week, Korbin’s father was taken to hospital with another small heart attack. Korbin was still pestering Jeffrey to tell him where I lived... He had also been asking about Joe’s location in order to verbally abuse him... But on the plus side, I had managed to find Jeffrey a new family, up north, far, far away. It was a husband, wife, and two little girls. I knew, the husband as an ex colleague. He was a barrister in one of the greatest cases of my time. I had a great respect for him and after seeing his number in my diary, I phoned him to ask if he needed a butler. He did; but not for another 2 months.

Jeffrey was fine with waiting. He said he would rather be at the mansion, where he would be useful to me. So now I was sitting in my office, contemplating the next email I was going to send to my lawyer regarding my choice of action in dealing with Korbin’s stubbornness. She suggested that I just wait it out, Korbin would get the message eventually; but I knew that wouldn’t happen. Eventually... He would grow tired of seeing the papers and would do something much more drastic. I didn’t want to be his victim anymore. So I was currently looking up policies on stupid husbands who refused to give divorces.


A knock at my door awoke me from my session of internet trolling. I became aware of the fact that it was now half 5 in the evening. It would appear... I got distracted... I really shouldn’t have spent the afternoon watching funny cat videos on YouTube...

"Come in?" I called, stretching lazily.

One of my workers, Chrissie, chirped her head around the door and gave me a warm, helpless smile. She was a young girl, early 20s. She showed up late every now and then, had way too many bruises on her neck and often burst into tears over the things her apparently ‘not’ violent boyfriend apparently ‘didn’t’ do. Secretly, I had always hoped she would be my next case. Such an innocent girl, but completely stupid when it came to love.

"I need your help." She came dashing over to my desk.

"Take a seat, how can I help?"

Suddenly the girl broke down into loud, waling tears. "I’ve missed my period for the second month in a row. And... And... If my boyfriend..." She snorted in her tears; I had to hide the sudden amusement at the funny sound. Why do we always laugh at the most inappropriate times?! "He’ll leave me if I’m..."

"Shhh..." I passed her a tissue and stroked her arm; it felt good to comfort another suffering soul for once.

"I’m sorry... I’m sorry, I know you’re not my counselor, but I just don’t have anyone to talk to."

"No, you’re right, I’m not your counselor; I’m your boss."

"I’m sorry," she quickly tried to get up, but I stopped her.

"That means, I can support my employees." I gave her a smile, "Are you sure you’re..."

She shook her head, terrified. "I haven’t done a test yet. He wouldn’t let me ever do it at home! He’d freak out! I don’t know what to do! He’ll hate me, he’ll hit me again!"

I turned my computer off and got my coat and bag, "Let’s go."


"To your future," I said, trying to invoke some inner inspiration as I led her out of my office, out of the building and to my car.


I sat down next to her on my bed and handed her a cup of hot tea.

"Drink, it will help to pass the time," I helped her lift the cup to her mouth. She was shaking so much; I didn’t think she would be able to do it herself.

"Thank you..." She whimpered. She was sitting cross-legged on my bed and was staring into space nervously. Every so often, she would look through the half-door that led to the bathroom; in which the pregnancy test she had just done lay on the edge of the sink. We had brought it from the local shop on the way back to my house.

"You’re going to be okay; whatever that test says, you’re going to be okay. If you need time off, or need some help seeking refuge, then I’ll support you." I tried to reassure her, she just nodded. I saw so much of me in her. She was in an abusive relationship; the only major difference being that I had made the bold move of getting out of mine, and she was still in hers because she was so ‘in love’. I really didn’t know why I felt the need to take care of her... Maybe it was because I knew how it felt to be abused and suffer in silence. I sighed. It was better that she did it elsewhere.

A sudden beep emerged. We both sprang up.

"I can’t look at it! I can’t! You have to look and tell me what it says!" She whimpered in hysteria. She put her cup down and I scrambled to the bathroom.

I picked up the test and looked at it... I walked back into the bedroom. I looked up from the test and watched her for a moment. She was staring at me, terrified. I left my face blank... I had watched the episode of ‘friends’, where Phoebe had played a nasty trick on Rachel... Suddenly my mouth was shooting away. "It’s negative."

Immediately, tears flushed down her face and she began shaking her head. "That’s... Great news..."

I watched her wale with tears and smothered it in a bit more. I felt so evil, but this could be effective. "This is what you wanted, why are you crying?"

"Because..." She cried a bit more, but it softened. "I don’t know... I wanted it to be negative for him... Not for me..."

My heart started flying with glee, "Well... That’s good."

She stopped crying, confused by my words, "Excuse me?"

"It’s good because it’s positive."

"Wh-What?!" She began to freak out at me. "What are you talking about?! What is it?!"

"I lied... It’s actually positive... I just... I wanted you to understand how you really felt. I mean you wouldn’t be so sad unless you really wanted to be pregnant and now you are! So it’s worked out for you." She immediately ran up to me and looked at the test herself. Then she pulled me into the biggest hug, whispering ‘thank you’ in my ear a million times. I smiled. "Oh and I’ve also watched too many episodes of friends..."

We both laughed, and spent the rest of the evening discussing baby plans. I kept trying to bring up how she would tell her boyfriend, and what she would do if he didn’t like the sound of having a baby. To cut a long story short; I was trying to figure out how much danger she would be in, and what my company would need to do to secure her safety. But she insisted that she wouldn’t tell him yet, she’d tell him after she passed a few more months. I insisted that she had to tell me if anything happened. Eventually, I drove her home... When she got out the car, I watched her walk in through her front door, only to be yelled at by a male voice, for coming home so late. I stuck around a bit longer, only to see a man, who I presumed to be her boyfriend, look out through the curtains at me. He was obviously just checking that she was telling the truth about who dropped her off. It made me sick. He was probably checking that I wasn’t another man. I shook my head, and drove back home, where I proceeded to tidy up the empty cups and throw the papers that we had been drawing pregnancy plans on in the bin, alongside the pregnancy test. I went to bed shortly after.

"A woman pure of heart will always fall from grace at the hands of a selfish man."
Published: 11/28/2014
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