Tarnished - Chapter 11

The visitor is here; and Viola is reminded of a few close bonds.
Willow led me quickly out of my cell and down the corridor. Instead of taking the elevator, she directed me through a set of double doors, which enclosed a staircase. We traveled briskly down a few flights of them until Willow came to a halt, turning around to stare at me.

She frowned. "Well at least you’re showering nowadays." With that comment, she opened another set of double doors on the landing and led me through them.

The scene that emerged was two security guards standing either side of another set of double doors. The guards looked from Willow to me, as she instructed them.

"Dr. V. Farrington is her name. She’s got a visitor in cubicle E." She spoke in a low, cool voice.

The guards both nodded.

One of the guards opened the double doors while the other one reached to me and took hold of my arm, pulling me through the doors.

I gasped as I saw numerous amounts of cubicles... all with glass windows in-between them. The glass didn’t just divide each cubicle... it divided the two people sitting opposite each other within each cubicle.

The guard led me over to a chair and sat me down forcefully.

And then I saw my mother for the first time in five months....

Staring at me through the glass divide... tears swelling in her eyes as a relieved smile took control of her face. She was clutching a black telephone to her ear.

I stared at her, my mouth open, oxygen traveling in, and carbon dioxide trailing out. After a decade of silent gawping, I glanced at the black phone laying on the table on my side of the cubicle. Slowly... I placed my hand over it; looking back at my mother for approval... I guided it to my ear.

My mother smiled again, tears rolling down her cheek. I pressed my lips together while she shook her head, whimpering gently.

"My little girl..." Her voice was merely a whisper and soon became inaudible as passionate sobs emerged.

I continued to stare at her... unable to speak... this was harsh reality... this was my mother....

"Viola, my girl, say something..." She whispered. "Please darling... anything... Let me hear you."

"Mother..." It was barely a whisper, but my mother heard it... she always heard it...

My little bit of speech evoked a fresh load of sobs from her.

"Oh my poor little girl!" She cried. "They didn’t even let us say goodbye!" She got out a handkerchief that was tucked under sleeve - that was my mother... always prepared with something tucked up her sleeve. And if we were at home, it would have been tucked in her bra...

The corners of my mouth lifted slightly as my thoughts trailed off... but they quickly sank again when my mother’s voice came back into focus.

"They just took you off! They never let us say anything! Rerm tried to get to you before they took you off, but they held him back! They pushed him away!" She continued to cry. "They pushed him away, Viola!"

My mind flashed back to the moment when I had been ‘found guilty’... and something had been placed around my wrists... something placed over my head... and people pushing me...

I looked down at my wrists affectionately... What did my family - my brother and my mother... go through....

Tears emerged in my eyes as I looked back at my mother and searched her wet face.

"Darling, we’ve been trying so hard to find some help. To find someone who believes your case." She sighed in despair. "No one will help us, but we won’t stop looking. Rerm won’t stop looking." She dabbed her eyes with her handkerchief. "Darling you are so thin now! You hair, your skin! They are not taking care of you at all, are they! Oh my goodness! My poor darling girl! Oh my! Look at you!" She practically shrieked these words... which made a few of the guards scattered around the room turn their heads... luckily they lost interest quickly.

I swallowed. "Mother..." I cleared my throat. "Please do not worry about me."

"Of course I worry about you! You silly girl! You’re all I think of!" She cried. "Everyone back home. They think you did it! They think you would be so evil as to try to take someone’s life! But me and Rerm, we would never!" She shook her head, she could not say anymore it seemed.

I observed my mother... ashamed that she had to be in a place like this to see her own daughter.

"Where’s Rerm?" I suddenly asked.

She cried more. "He’s outside, in the car. They only allow one visitor!" Her face was horrified as she revealed this ugly truth. "They put you in a prison so far away from your home town! We’ve been traveling for two days!"

I shook my head, closing my eyes and resting my forehead in the palm of my hand as my elbow leaned on the table.

"Mother... please... do not come again. It’s too much trouble."

"Oh I will come again!" She shrieked. "I will come back and see you over and over again! Me and Rerm will see you until this is all sorted out and you are back home with us!" Fresh tears emerged in her eyes. "And if... if your father was still here, he’d be tearing you out of this ghastly place right now!"

The thought of my father... the man that was taken away from me only a year ago... it broke me... my whole body shook as I wept... my mother weeping on the other side of the glass.

I cried silently... I cried... and I cried... I cried so much... internally... No tears fell from my eyes.

"Oh Viola..." My mother whispered, as she watched me, while I self-destructed on the inside.

"What..." I whimpered. "Wh...what would dad say if he s..saw me here now mum...?"

She shook her head again, wiping tears away and trying to straighten her face up as she looked at me protectively.

"Your father would be proud of you, for coping as well as you have. He would be so proud, to know that his daughter stood before the Lords and Lady’s of Justice... and accepted this... this burden!" Tears ran down her face again as she preached.

I squeezed my eyes shut, attempting to drain the possibility of tears. "Mother... I’m..."

"What dear?" She urged, softly.

"I’m going to be okay." I attempted to sound ‘okay’. "You do not need to worry..."

She cried as she listened to my voice.

I leaned in closer to the glass divider. "Now listen mother, I need you and Rerm to be strong for me... I won’t make it out of here if you’re not strong, do you understand mother?"

She stared me in the eyes, I smiled at her; a task that was easier than expected. For months, I had been enclosed, seeing only new faces, cold faces, now I was seeing the face that I first saw, when I first entered the world.

"We... we will never give up." She spoke calmly.

I suddenly became aware of a rush of emotions I had oozing for my mother; I wanted to hug her, hold her... But then I became aware of the hands on my shoulders and the sound of a bell ringing.

"Time’s up. Get back to your cell." The guard’s voice was harsh.

Me and my mother locked eyes as he ushered me to a standing position.

"Vivi!" My mother gasped, horrified at the way I was being manhandled.

"Mother, stay strong!" I urged, as the guard pulled me back through the room and the double doors.

As the doors shut behind me, I was able to take one last mental snapshot of my mother’s face... the love and the anguish I found there, indented my heart...

"Mother..." I whispered as a tear rolled down my cheek. "Please don’t forget me."


Author's Note

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Published: 8/28/2012
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