Tarnished - Chapter 13

We get a glimpse into the tension between Korbin and his Father, and the confusion between Korbin and Viola. The next chapter won't be posted until there are 6 comments or more on this one.
I leaned against the guest room door... I could hear them yelling all the way from the drawing room downstairs.

"How could you speak to her like that?" Korbin's father's deep voice vibrated through the walls and floorboards.

"How could you bring her to my house?" Korbin boomed back - that was his way, he always had a response for everything... And a defense.

"Korbin!" His father shrieked. "You-"

"What?!" Korbin spat. "You... WHAT?! What were you going to say? Were you going to swear at me? In front of your 'bitch'? That's embarrassing, isn't it?"

"Korbin... I was going to say... She hasn't done anything to you! What gives you the right to bully her?!" His father once again shrieked.

"She's trying to replace my mother! That's what she's done to me! And you're not even doing anything about it!" Korbin laughed loudly and coldly. "What do you know about my rights? What rights do I have? What rights don't I have? What's it to you?" Another scoff. "Stop trying to turn all of this around on me. You're trying to make it my fault."

"I'm not Korbin, I'm trying to make you see..."

"Stop trying to win me over old man! It doesn't suit you." Korbin snarled.

"I don't want to win you over! No one does!" His father mocked. "Even your own wife didn't try to win you over when you broke up with her! But now I see... Oh yes... She was lucky to get away from you!"

"Don't you fucking dare!" Korbin spoke anxiously, and bitterly.

"What?! Can't handle the truth?" His father continued. "What about that girl in your bedroom right now? She's a bloody drug addict! Whatever she is... isn't she 'replacing' your wife? You think you're being so smart? You feel so powerful? When are you going to wake up and realize? When it's too late?"

"Stop it!" Korbin spat.

I suddenly heard the sounds of their voices travel, as if they were moving from the drawing room to another room downstairs.

"She'll leave!" His father cried. "I'm telling you! And you'll be stuck here with that whore! You'll have lost your wife - the only good thing... the only person who ever made you see the truth!"

"Shut up!" Korbin yelled.

"Trust me! You lose your wife, you lose everything!" His father hesitated. "I felt it after your mother died!"

"I don't want to hear this!" Korbin was beginning to sound very upset.

"You don't want to hear it? You NEED to hear it son!" Another hesitation. "I lost your mother... And I never got the chance to get her back, or say goodbye. Here you are, letting your wife go because of your stupidity!"

"Is it stupidity that I don't want her anymore?" Korbin asked. "Is it stupidity that I'm being honest with her?"

"You'll regret everything you're saying and doing to her one day."

"Shut up! Shut up!"


"I mean it, Korbin."

"You know what dad?!" Korbin laughed harshly again. "Your words can't hurt me more than all your new marriages can; especially your latest one to that gold digger girl who's in your bedroom right now!"

I heard footsteps running up the staircase and trail off... Until they resumed and then the sound of a bedroom door opening and closing was heard.

A bedroom door... Or was it a cell door... What was that noise... Someone in the distance was shouting... Something was stirring... Something was happening... I couldn't focus... I shifted my weight slightly... What was I doing... What was I thinking... Oh yes...

I was sitting in my office, it was my lunch break... I was eating my bagel while checking emails... It was the only time during the day that I could really find time to read those things... Emails... Emails... So many damn emails... emails... delete... delete...delete...

A knock on the door.

"Come in."

The door creaked open, my secretary Megan peeped her head around it. "Dr, your husband's here to see you..."

I blurted out, "What?!" Half-glad that my bagel hadn't blurted out with the word.

"Your husband..." She pressed on. "He's here... to see you?"

"Oh..." I replied. "Right... Send him in..."

She nodded, disappearing and closing the door behind her.

A moment later, Korbin entered, shutting the door behind him.

I placed my bagel down, losing my appetite.

"Hi..." He said gently, hovering by the door.

"...Hi." I replied. "What's... going on?"

He shrugged. "I don't know..." We made eye contact... for the first time in weeks... since he told me... told me that he didn't want me anymore.

"Right..." I answered.

He sighed. "I guess..." Another sigh, alongside a scratch on the head. "I guess I just wanted to see... to see you."

My eyes widened. What?

"What?" I thought aloud.

His eyes widened at my reaction, as if he had suddenly just become aware of what he had said.

"Yeah... I wanted to see you." He began walking closer to my desk. "How've you... been?"

I swallowed. "Fine."

"And how's work going?"


He chuckled. "Come on Vi... we can't even have a conversation now?"

I choked back the need to incessantly vomit. "A conversation? Oh you want to have a conversation? With me? I'm sorry... How does that fit in?"

He blinked. "What?"

"Well, you see Korbin. A month and a half ago, you told me you no longer wanted to be... with me... And now you're sitting in my office... and you want to have a conversation... with me... your soon to be ex-wife..."

"No..." His immediate response was different from his next one. "So you're telling me... we can't talk now? Now that you're not going to be my wife anymore... you can't talk to me?"

What was happening? Was this the definition of 'mind-fucking'?

"Are you still with... Graceanna?" I asked.

He blinked again, looking down, he answered. "Yes..."

"Then no. We can't have a conversation." I picked up my bagel again. "I'm going to finish my lunch, please leave now."

A crease appeared between his eyebrows. "So that's it? No more talking... we're not even friends?"

"After we get a divorce Korbin, we won't even be acquaintances."

"That's not true." He shook his head. "I don't believe that."

"You better." You mind-fucker.

"But Vi-" My phone began ringing, luckily it cut him off.

I quickly picked it up and answered calmly.

He watched me talk for a while, after which he began staring around the room impatiently.

I dragged the conversation out for as long as possible... waiting for him to leave... waiting for him to get fed up and go home... not waiting for him to grab the phone out of my hand throw it across the room and slam his arms down on my desk, caging around my upper body which was resting on the desk.

Our faces were inches away from each other...

Unable to move... I sat there... surrounded by him... wondering what was going to happen... What was he waiting for... Should I ask him? Should I slap him?

Without a second thought, his lips were on mine; playing with them gently... bubbling them... soothing them... it felt as good as being in a jacuzzi. It felt as good as melted chocolate... it felt as good as... as always with Korbin...

He pulled away firmly, staring seriously at my face. "I'll see you when you get home."

And just like that. It was over. Quicker than it started. Quicker than I could remember...

"You're right, he is a mind fucker." It was the beginning of summer in HMP Bronzefield Prison and Sandra was sitting on a bench in the gray outer grounds, with a cigarette in one hand. "What happened, when you got home?"

I was sitting cross-legged on the floor next to the bench, enjoying the heat. "Well... I went home and he was sitting on the sofa in our living room..."

"And?" Sandra puffed some smoke, gracefully.

"Well. He wasn't alone."

"So? Who was he with?"

"He was with Graceanna."

"Oh. The blond bitch?"



"They were kissing each other's faces off."

Sandra choked on some smoke. "Wait... this fucker kisses you... then goes home and kisses his bitch... That explains why someone tried to kill him."

I shrugged. "He sat there purposefully. He knew I'd come home and immediately see them. I never understood why. Why did he want to rub that girl in my face?"

Sandra chuckled. "Men try to make women they are in love with jealous by less important bitches... it helps them feel... powerful."


Author's Note

How did you like this chapter? I know you're all confused; but the story is progressing even if it feels like it's not. Everything I write in each chapter is deliberately there; because I want you guys to 'think' a certain thing. What I like about all your comments is that you always 'think outside the box'. It may feel like the story has no direction, but you'll all understand the reasons for Vi's actions in chapters to come. I'm worried that you'll all get so confused that you won't read it anymore! Please don't desert me!



Lucy - Thanks for reading! It's a sad story, isn't it? They are still living together, because they both have ownership of the mansion... Doesn't it make you wonder? Doesn't Vi have anywhere else to stay? Why isn't she moving back home with her parents? Why isn't Korbin living with his new girlfriend at her house? How could Korbin move on so quickly? Could they be putting off the divorce? Why is Vi just letting him walk all over her? How long will she let him do it? See even I have to ask questions... Don't you worry, I'll be answering them all soon. You're one of my favorite authors too by the way!

Beauty - Thanks for reading my story, and thanks for the compliment. I'm glad my story brings a bit of diversity to your reading. Some aspects of this story are based on a real life situation - I won't say more than that though! Happy reading!

Amiea Matthews - I'm glad you're hooked, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.

Graceanna - You're right I am hiding a lot of things... But so is Korbin. She's still in love with him, regardless of the things he puts her through. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality that comes along with love. Thanks for engaging with the flashback contest - I hope you spotted your name! Also sorry about your character, I actually thought your name sounded too nice to play such an awful woman! And you'll see how awful she is in later chapters! Thanks for reading and enjoy the story!

Xeneb - Really appreciate you commenting, and yes I know. It's so sad, isn't it?! What happened to their love? Did it die? Or did one of them change? I wonder. Thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the story!

Sasha - Your comments make my day. Thanks for getting involved in the flashback contest! Your name will make a cameo soon! I think a lot of us hate Korbin for hurting Viola! How long do you think he'll go on hurting her for? He's not exactly your prince charming is he? Thanks for reading Sasha and thank you for commenting. Enjoy this chapter!
Published: 9/3/2012
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