Tarnished - Chapter 14

Sandra tries to get Viola to unleash her inner stress; however neither of them is prepared for the stealth that rests beneath Viola's skin. Picture is of Korbin's car.
Sandra and I walked into the prison gym along with our usual group of girls. I had been granted a gym membership by Willow since I had 'behaved' myself since my arrival.

"I'm telling you Vi, it's easy, all you gotta do is put the gloves on and beat the shit out of it." Sandra stated as she took her position behind a red punch bag.

I had just about managed to put the gloves on; I had no idea how to hit the damn bag thing. "I don't think this is a good idea San." I stuck my bottom lip out to show that I was really nervous.

Sandra wasn't buying it. "You have so many entries all over your body for the stress and anxiety to get in. How about you create an outsource for all that negativity? Come on!" She whacked the punch bag as she spoke. "Just hit the fuckin' thing!"

I laughed at her enthusiasm. "Why can't we just stick to the old-fashioned method of just talking?" I poked the punch bag daintily.

Sandra's expression turned from enthusiasm to pity. "Oh dear. We're still in that mind frame, are we? Listen to me. Talking didn't work in your court case. Talking didn't work for your husband."

"But I'm not him!" I said, rather defensively.

Her eyes grew excited as she saw my reaction. "Okay fair enough, he took his anger out all the time... but it's different for him, because 'you' were his 'punch bag'."

She watched me closely as I digested the thought. Was I his punch bag? I looked at the red shiny apparatus in front of me; the thing that I was supposed to hit. It was merely a target, a mechanism to relieve stress. It was just sitting there; aimlessly... waiting for the first blow... is that how Korbin had seen me throughout our marriage?

"Oh my God! I cannot believe, you let your son do that!" The gold digger wined at her 50 year-old husband. "You need to put Korbin in his place!"

Korbin laughed loudly as his father tried to assist his young wife as she cleaned up the soup that had just been thrown on her by Korbin.

"No, no sweetie! Korbin didn't mean to do it! Did you Korbin?" He shot his son a mean look. "Apologize, now."

Korbin faked a thoughtful face for a moment, after which he replied, "No." Smiling happily with himself.

"Korbin. I mean it. Apologize!" His father raised his voice.

"Make me!" Korbin spat.

His father's palm smacked his cheek, wiping the smugness off his expression immediately.

Korbin moved his hand protectively to his cheek. "What... What the fuck?!"

His father blinked... a hint of concern growing on his face. "If you're going to act... like a... like a child. Then I'll treat you like one!"

Anger rose in Korbin's face. I reached out and grabbed his arm just in time to divert it from the path it was traveling... the path to his father's face.

"No, stop!" I cried, stepping in-between the father and son. "Stop it!"

Korbin didn't give up. He continued to attempt an attack on his father in any way he could, all the while trying to work his way around me.

"Korbin, enough!" I spoke gently to him, placing my hands on his shoulders and either side of his face... trying to gain eye contact with him. When his eyes finally met mine, he let his strength drop a bit. "Enough, baby..." The word slipped out of my mouth without a thought even going by.

Suddenly the struggling was over, and I was standing in-between the three of them... who were all looking at me. I instinctively pulled my hands away from Korbin, leaving him standing there, unsupported and confused.

How could I have called him 'baby'? He's not my... 'baby' anymore...

While I was relieved that the fighting had momentarily stopped, I was now ashamed and embarrassed about getting involved at all.

I looked at Korbin to see him staring at me intently. He heaved big breaths, clearly trying to calm down from the vigorous activities that were just about to take place.

"How come..." His eyes were wild with fury. "How come... when he went to hit me, you didn't stop him?! Now I go to hit him and you're protecting him?!" He shook his head at me in disbelief... as if I had just betrayed him. "How come you never protected me?!" After which he stormed off out of the room... And I found myself chasing after him.

He walked fast out through the hallway, into the porch, while I sprinted to catch up with him.

"Wait!" I called for him. "Korbin!"

His hand was on the handle of our front door when he spun his head round to look at me. I saw tears in his eyes, but he shook his head again angrily and jerked the door open, walking through it out into the dark night.

"WAIT!" I yelled.

I managed to reach the front door just as he was walking towards his silver convertible car. I closed the front door behind me and followed him again.

"What do you mean I never protected you?!" I asked, my tone of voice was ruder than I had intended.

He ignored me, continuing to walk to his car.

"Korbin! How did I not protect you?" I asked again.

He still didn't answer as he unlocked his car and opened the driver's door.

"Hey!" I ran to him and grabbed his arm before he could get inside the car. He jerked it away from me, but I held on firmly. "Look at me, Korbin." I spoke calmly.

With a moment's hesitation, he looked at me.

"What? What do you want?!" He asked me, exasperated and clearly upset.

"What you said back there... Did you mean it?" I stared intently at his eyes while he tried to avoid eye contact.

"If I didn't mean it, I wouldn't have said it." He hissed.

"That's right. You mean everything you say." I lowered my voice so that it was on the same level of coldness as his.

"Can I go now?" He asked, looking at me.

"How could you say I never protected you?" I asked again. "If anyone protected you, it was me. In fact I protected you more than your own father ever did!"

He rolled his eyes. "I don't care about who protected who!"

I pressed on. "And I didn't stop him from hitting you, because I didn't expect him to do it!" Tears were bubbling in my eyes. Tears of hurt. How could he be so cold? "What would be the point of hitting him back, Korbin? Are we in school?"

He turned to look at me as my voice began crumbling as my emotions took over.

"Do you think if I knew he was going to hit you, I would actually let him do it?" I continued.

Our eyes locked... I had no idea what he felt... Whether he felt anger... hatred... I knew he didn't feel love for me anymore... But I had been keeping my love for him all to myself... and for some reason... at this moment in time... I wanted to make him feel my love for him... I did not know why.

"So if you think that I stopped you from hitting him because I wanted to protect him, then you're wrong!" I continued, crying freely now... sobbing as my words flowed. "I stopped you from hitting him because I wanted to protect you from the childish behavior your father induced from you. You're a better man, a stronger person... I protected you all through our marriage... and even though that's over..." Tears momentarily took over. "I'd still protect you with my life..." I broke off, unable to finish my speech.

I covered my mouth with my hand and began sobbing heavily. Stealing one more glance into his eyes, I saw him watching me intently... for a second, I almost saw concern... I almost saw something... as if he wanted to do something, or say something but he couldn't... he was stopping himself... Or was it all in my mind?

"Just..." I sobbed again. "Just don't fight with them anymore. They'll be leaving... leaving in a few weeks... just let them go. I want some peace before I leave too."

I gave up... it was no use... our marriage was over, and he did not care about who I protected... or who I loved... Or who I cried over. I turned and began walking away... when he grabbed my arm and yanked me back to face him.

"Okay." His eyes flashed dangerously. "I won't fight with them anymore... But you..." He leaned his face closer to mine. "You have to come with me."

"Wh-what?" I was cut off by him dragging me around the car to the passenger's side. He flung the door open and shoved me inside, buckling my seat belt for me.

All the while I yelped and questioned what he was doing... I was so confused... What was happening?

He slammed my door shut and walked briskly over to the driver's side, opening and closing the door smoothly.

He refused to meet my eyes... refused to answer my pleas to tell me where he was taking me... he simply turned the ignition on... turned the bright headlamps on... and soon... We were roaring away into the pitch black night... out of our driveway... out of our neighborhood... and onto the highway... with only each other's company...

"Where are you taking me Korbin?" I yelled over the engine's roar. "Answer me you fool!"

He finally looked at me sideways... My eyes widened as I saw his crooked smirk... his beautiful sapphires looking more like pools of poison as they flashed wildly against the night sky... His smirk only grew... bigger... and bigger...

And so did my fear.

To be continued...

Author's Note

If you thought the story was intense in chapters previous to this one, then you better buckle YOUR seat belt and prepare for the journey to come.



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Published: 9/5/2012
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