Tarnished - Chapter 15

Continued... Korbin and Viola are still on a drive... Does Viola cross the line? Or has Korbin just brought the line closer?
The engine roared as Korbin hit 120 mph.

"Slow down Korbin!" I yelled. "You’re driving like a maniac!" He smirked again.

"Stop that!" I yelled again. "I mean it Korbin, where are we going?"

He rolled his eyes. "Will you shut up for just one second? We’re driving... does it matter where we’re going?" He took his eyes off the road every so often to glimpse at me. "I’m not a serial killer, just calm the fuck down."

"How can I be calm when you’re speeding?!" I was so frustrated. What is the point of all this?

As I observed his focused expression, he increased his speed yet again, I suddenly regretted crying before. This was just a joy ride for him. He was finding this amusing, while I was holding onto the car for dear life... I had to make him turn around somehow... I wanted to be back home, safe in my guestroom... away from him.

"Okay, you’ve had your drive now, just turn around at the next junction and take me back home." I tried to sound polite.

He turned his head towards me, grinning. "Not a chance."

I sighed, exasperated. "Look!" I pointed at his petrol meter. "You’ve nearly run out of petrol! You have to turn around to go to the petrol station back there!"

He grinned at me again. "You’re so smart, huh? Like I’m going to fall for that?"

I frowned... A few moments passed...

The wheels screeched as Korbin suddenly veered the car onto a side road... I watched in slight fear as the highway disappeared from view and the blackness of this unknown road took over.

He slowly brought the car to a stop. I observed as he turned the engine off and pushed his head back on the head rest of the seat.

I blinked.

He sighed.

"What now?" He said, annoyed, after a whole minute of having me watching him.

"I want to go home." I said, bluntly.

"No." He replied. "I don’t want to go home. Not while that dog’s there with his bitch."

I winced at the names he gave his father and new mother... He was so bitter. When did he get so bitter? This wasn’t the man who I married... This wasn’t the man who I loved... Yet this was the man who didn’t want me.

He swiveled his head to look at me. "So..."

"So?" I replied, rhetorically.

"So... wh-"

I cut him off. "I don’t want to talk to you."

He narrowed his eyes. "Oh I see. You’re still on that ‘we can’t talk’ shit."


He rolled his eyes. "Stop being pathetic."

"Oh, I’m being pathetic?!" My mouth twitched as anger built. "You’re calling me pathetic?"


"Hmm. Yes I see. Yet, you’re the man who is on a ‘drive’ with the woman you’ve only recently dumped. That seems more pathetic to me." I shrugged, pretending I believed the words that were coming out of my mouth.

"Ahh, now you’re calling me pathetic." He changed his posture so that his upper body was facing me. "Tell me, is it pathetic that my father has remarried for the fifth time, to some little brat who is young enough to be my little sister?"

I changed my posture to match his. "Yes. But you’re still more pathetic." For some reason, I was feeling angry... Very angry. This man had driven me to the edge, literally. I wanted to spite him. "You’re still more pathetic because you act like a teenager whenever you’re around them both."

"Oh really." His eyes narrowed bitterly as he listened to what I was saying.

"Yes." I continued, boldly. "You act like a stupid teenager who is throwing a temper tantrum because he isn’t getting his own way. Let’s take the soup incident for example."

"What else?" He hissed, an angry glare growing on his expression.

"You blame your father for your horrible attitude, when really you choose to be this way. He chooses to be a bad father, and you choose to be a bad son." I gave him evils with my eyes as I spoke. Yes. This was making me feel better. He came to my office wanting to talk before, and now he’s dragged me out in his car... Well I’ll give him a talk, he’ll never forget.

"Don’t you think, I choose to be this way because of my father’s actions?!" Suddenly he was yelling.

"No!" I yelled back. "You’re not a child. You have to take responsibility for what you do! You can’t blame your father for your actions. Just like he can’t blame you for his! I know he’s made mistakes, but so have you! You’ve been terrible these last few months!" I stared at him in disgust. "Your father keeps getting remarried? So what? It’s his life!"

"But he comes flaunting each new wife in my face!" He hissed.

"So what?!" I yelled. "You don’t get it, do you? You’ll never get it!" I repeated the words he spoke to me when he told me he didn’t want me. "Your father’s just trying to live his life! He just wants you to be happy for him, and not make problems! Why is it so impossible for you to accept how he wants to live? To accept his decisions?! Are you so much like him that yo-"

He cut me off rudely. "I’m not like him at all! Don’t you dare compare me to him!"

"Why can’t I?!" My voice was becoming higher and higher with each new stride of confidence I took... along with each new layer of spite I added. "You can’t tell me what I can do, or what I can’t do... What I can say or what I can’t say. You don’t own me. You never did. You may have been my husband, and you may have controlled my thoughts then, but not anymore. You gave up that right and power the minute you told me you didn’t want me anymore-"

I felt a sharp blow on the side of my face... So sharp... That my head spun for a moment or two after... Once I had regained focus; I looked back at Korbin who was staring at me wide-eyed... as if he was shocked by his own action of violence.

I moved my hand to my cheek, tears immediately stinging my eyes.

"See?" He said, smug at his actions. "It’s not nice, is it?"

I continued to stare at him, my cheek stinging and my heart breaking.

"Now what were you saying?" He asked, sarcastically.

I dropped my hand from my cheek. "It’s not nice." I whispered.

His eyes moved to my burning cheek, a crease appearing in-between his eyebrows... the skin must have been going red.

"Am I not human to you?" My voice was quiet as water leaked from my eyes and simmered along my cheeks. "I didn’t hit you. Your father did."

"But you stopped me from hitting him back."

"So?" A ball of cries grew in my throat, but I held them back. "You got slapped; and you felt pain. Now you’ve slapped me; and I feel pain too! Am I not then human like you? What am I to you? What’s the real reason you brought me all this way? To take your frustration out on me?"

His eyes grew as he listened to my words.

"It’s not my fault that your father remarried. It’s not my fault that she’s a gold digger and it’s not my fault that you’re angry." I began crying softly, while he sat there, watching me. He was breathing fast, but he was not blinking. "Well, I hope you feel better." I said bitterly, as I unbuckled my seat belt and grabbed the door handle. I opened the door quickly and got out of the car.

"Wh... Where are you going?" He stuttered as if he was nervous. "It’s so late now, get back in..." He waited for a response from me, but I was on my way already... my way away from him. I walked, and walked... I didn’t turn back. "Hey! Vi! Come back!" He called for me... but I didn’t turn back. "Vi! Don’t make me come and get you." If he came anywhere near me now, I wouldn’t be responsible for damages.

He waited a moment before speaking again. "Fine! If you want to walk home this late at night along the highway, ready for some rapist to come along and tear you apart, then go ahead! Have fun with that!"

I heard his engine turn back on, and the gears shift. I didn’t turn back as his engine gently hummed away back down the road.

I must have walked for a full fifteen minutes before I realized how lost I was. There were no signs... I was looking for a shortcut back to the highway but there just wasn’t one. A strong wind was whistling through my body, my clothes and ears... making me shiver down to the bone.

I was searching my pocket for any loose change... maybe I could get back to the highway and find a taxi... a strong wind blew along the road ahead of me... followed by a humming and a pair of blue headlamps.

He was back?

The silver convertible slowed to a halt next to me. I chose to ignore it, but just as I did, Korbin shifted it into reverse, so it rolled alongside me as I walked.

"Viola." He spoke softly.

"I know why you’re back." I said coldly.

"Because I wanna take you home."

"No." I corrected him. "You’re back because you’re scared that your dad will find out that you made me walk home in the dark and in the cold, after you slapped me. You’re not here because you want to be here, you’re here so you don’t get a lecture tomorrow."

"That’s not true at all!" He spoke defensively. "Just come back, I’ll drive you home, it’ll be better than walking, trust me."

"No." I wasn’t going to budge. "Just go home yourself. I don’t even want to go back there."

He sighed. "I’m... I’m sorry I hit you."

"I don’t care!" I spat. I wouldn’t accept an apology this time, I wouldn’t give in.

He sighed again, putting the handbrake on his car and unbuckling his seat belt. I looked to see what he was doing just as he opened his car door. I immediately broke into a run. He wasn’t going to get me back in that car. Never.

Before I knew it, he was running behind me with his hands outstretched.

"Get back here!" He cried.

"Get away from me!" I cried back. "I mean it Korbin; I’m really scared right now. Just leave me alone!"

"Stop being crazy and just come back here!" He yelled.

"JUST GO AWAY!" I screamed, as his arms circled around my waist and pulled me back to him. "No! No! NO! NO! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!" My screams echoed through the solitary black night.

He tightened his grip as he picked me up. "Stop being crazy! You’re always so stubborn!"

"NO! GET OFF OF ME KORBIN, PUT ME DOWN!" I screamed, over and over again. But he was too strong. No matter how much I struggled to get free of his grip, I just couldn’t overcome him.

Soon his silver car was in view again and I was being dragged into the passenger seat. I slapped and pinched as he buckled my seat belt for me, but it still didn’t affect him... I punched, smacked, slapped and tried to tear it apart... I tried so hard... Punching and kicking, and... and... The red punch bag was flying around hysterically as I bombarded it with my bombs of anguish.

"Alright! Alright!" Sandra yelled as the punch bag fell to the ground. "Enough love, enough!"

I was still punching; even though the cord that held the bag up had snapped... I was still attacking it... I couldn’t stop...

Sandra grabbed my arms, I may have punched her a few times, but it didn’t stop her, she didn’t mind... she threw my arms out of the way and pulled my head into her shoulder as my raging hot fury turned into wails of crying... A mixture of beads of sweat and tears were running along my face, my body, my mind, my heart... and now they were on Sandra’s shirt as well.

She held me... I don’t know for how long... But she held me, and I didn’t stop crying for a long time... Even when I did stop crying, she continued to hold me. I wasn’t aware of anyone else that was in the room, all I was aware of was this woman... holding me close... and giving me warmth and tenderness... This woman... who was my friend... My friend... Sandra. Dearest San.



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