Tarnished - Chapter 25

Viola tries to escape while Korbin is out... By the way my name is 'Ams'... Not Amy as many of you seem to think...
I had eventually gotten my act together somewhat; well enough to dress myself in my clothes from yesterday and after doing so I quickly ripped some of the fabric off from the four-poster bed... I gathered a mixture of strips of lace and cotton.

I walked over to the double doors feverishly... How would I do this?

The night's events had made my brain completely dumbfounded, and as I tied the lace and cotton strips around the double door handles, I felt a bit of tension release. At least this would keep him out of the room while I tried to figure out a way to escape. He was somewhere within the villa... Doing God knows what... He might come back any moment.

After I tied the knot securely I stepped back into a corner of the room, perching on the floor, hugging me knees once again. A terrible ache was forming in my lower stomach and I hated it. It was a constant reminder of the intrusion my body suffered last night.

Maybe I could just stay put; then if he tried to come in, the fabric knotted around the door handles would prevent him from doing so. Eventually he would get tired of waiting outside... And then he would finally agree to take me back to the mansion.

At this point I didn't care if he left me here for weeks. As long as he couldn't touch me. As long as he didn't see me.

I looked around the room, all that was there was the bed, two cabinets, a dressing table with a chair and some fancy ornaments. I suddenly noticed a closet door embedded into the wall. It looked old and rusty; in fact the whole villa had an 'old' feel to it. I didn't find it comforting, nor did I find it repellent.

Suddenly, I heard some doors opening and closing.

He must be coming back... I thought to myself.

There was knocking on the double doors I had just tied a knot around.

"Hey! You've been in there for hours!" He called. "Are you alright?"

I stayed quiet.

"Hey! Do you hear me? Open the door! Come on!" He yelled.

Stay out... Stay away...

"Hey! Are you even awake?" He asked.

"Go away! I don't want to see you!" I yelled.

"Open the door otherwise I'll break through it." He warned.

I stayed put. "Just go away!"

"Will you open it or not?" He asked.

I stayed quiet...

"Fine." His voice was quieter, and suddenly there was a rattling of keys...

No! He wouldn't!

I ran to the double doors and untied the knot as quickly as I could, but by then it was too late. Once the knots were untied I tried the handles but the door was firmly locked from the outside.

"Korbin!" I screamed, smacking the door. "KORBIN, OPEN THE DOOR!"

"What?" He asked as malice and humor started creeping into his voice. "You wanted the doors to stay shut... You wanted to stay in that room. I just helped you."

I shook my head, banging my fists on the door. "DON'T LOCK ME IN HERE!"

I pressed my ear against the door to hear his footsteps as he walked away...

I quickly ran to the windows as I heard the front door open and close. I watched him walk to his car and get in...

He was fumbling with something... What was it?

He got back out of the car... What was that in his hand?

My briefcase! It had all of my keys, my paperwork and my mobile phone in it! I kicked myself for leaving it in the car, as I watched him open the boot of the car and throw the briefcase in there. He closed it, and then got back in, driving away fast.

I banged on the window. How the hell could I get so unlucky? Everything was backfiring on me right now!

Every time I tried to get away, he had the upper hand.

I looked around the room again. I began searching thoroughly through all the ornaments for something that I could maybe break the window with.

Everything was useless. I opened the closet door amidst my mad search, only to realize that it wasn't a closet door... It was a bathroom... It had a toilet, a sink and a walk in shower...

And an open window that was quite high up...

It all clicked nicely.

I ran back to the dressing table and picked up the chair, speed racing with it back to the bathroom, I placed it next to the wall beneath the open window.

The window was small, but where there was a will... There was a way.

I stepped up onto the chair and swung the window open full. Getting my hands on the sill, I tried to get a good grip, and then pulled with all my strength to get my body out of it.

I got stuck halfway through... And realized it may have been better to put my feet through first, but I had to escape... If I had to break a finger or a wrist to leave this place, then that was the price for my freedom.

I landed roughly... Pain immediately shot through my arm but I didn't care. I tried to stand up but something was wrong with my ankle. I still didn't care.

I began limping towards the nearest fence... Yes... This villa had to be surrounded by a fence didn't it?

I walked all the way around the villa... Korbin had been smart; he had locked the gate behind him so I couldn't even run out over the bridge, the way he'd driven us in.

I decided to stop wasting time, and just do the next to impossible, but obvious thing... Climb over the fence.

It was tall, but it had some panels going across it.

I cautiously put my foot on one of the panels, and immediately felt splinters rummaging through my skin... I forgot my shoes inside the house, but I couldn't get them now! I placed my hands on one of the top panels and tried to lift myself up.

It took a lot of falling over and a lot of splinters, but some time later, I eventually managed to climb up to the top panel... Now all I had to do was swing one of my legs over and begin climbing down on the other side.

I was brave... I swung one leg over. Now I was see-sawing the fence, which hurt... A lot, given my current state.

I put all my strength into my upper body, and began building up to swing my other leg over when the silver car came back.

My heartbeat picked up as I swung my other leg over carelessly and waited at the top of the fence foolishly for him to see me.

The roof was down on his car and he was frantically slamming the brakes on and getting out of his car. I took it as my queue to jump off of the fence, landing crookedly on one ankle and one wrist. I felt no pain however; I was on a mission.

I began running away, through some decking and down the beach... Then it dawned on me... This was a private beach? A beach that Korbin owned?

Where would I go? I spun my head round quickly to see him running after me down the sandy beach. We were both running along the shore... Well I was limping.

Panic ran through me as I only saw a continued beach up ahead of me...

"Where are you going?" He asked, as he managed to overtake me and push me to a halt.

"Take me back home now!" I was panting from the running, but it obviously hadn't had much of an effect on him.

"Stop being a shy girl. You know you like spending time here, really... In fact, I bet you can't wait to see what I've got in store for you next! Besides, I still want to be here with you... Why do you want to hurry back to the mansion?" He grinned.

I pointed to the sea. "If you don't take me home, I will walk into the sea right now!"

"You're so serious today!" He yelled, exasperated. He took a step closer to me. "The longer you're with me, the longer my father and his witch of a wife are wondering where we are! Don't you get it?"

"Stop speaking about them! I'm sick of it now! I have nothing to do with that situation! If you come any closer to me, I'll run into the sea, I swear!" I could smell the saltiness from the water already.

He smirked, taking a step closer to me.

I meant what I said... I began running into the water, and when I saw that he wasn't following me, I stopped running and just began wading my way through.

"If you're still angry about last night, just think of it this way. Last night... I gave you a gift... A gift you hadn't received from me for a long time. And perfect timing too! Since it was your birthday..." He was so smug... It hurt so much.

"Last night..." I couldn't stop my voice from being high pitched as my anger grew. "What happened may have just been a trivial matter for you... But something like that is a lot more important for a woman like me!"

"Stop acting like you're brave enough to go in there." He patronized me, his voice rising over the sound of the waves crashing down along the shore. "We both know you're not a good swimmer."

"Just watch me, Korbin!" I said, continuing to walk further into the sea.

"You're crazy!" He yelled.

"I AM CRAZY!" I roared. "I'll keep going in! I'll die here if I have to!"

"You think that will solve anything?" He scowled, yelling at me as I was further away in the sea now. "The problems will all still be there! You'll die worthless!"

"No. I won't die worthless! Because my goal would have been to get away from you and if I died here it would have meant that I achieved that goal! Being dead is better than being here with you!" I screamed, as he shook his head.

He watched me walk deeper. Eventually I surrendered my legs to the power of the water and I began waving my arms about in an attempt to swim. I was no longer walking... But floating. I tried to move my arms faster so that I would go deeper into the sea. It worked.

Soon water was engulfing over my head.

"DAMN IT!" I heard him below.

I was satisfied. If I died here... At least I was momentarily satisfied.

I began waving my arms quickly, but the water slowed them down and my body was growing quickly tired. I suddenly felt the freezing cold temperature of the water and felt my limbs go slightly numb. I kept on my mission, I didn't turn back to look at him. I didn't want to see him ever again.

I began gulping down mouthfuls of water as my arms struggled to keep me above sea level. My head sunk down a few times, but I managed to pull myself up.

A large amount of water traveled in through my mouth and clogged up my throat... I began choking... Hyper ventilating... Panicking... Was this really it? Was I going to drown to death? My vision started to blur and I began to squint as more water soaked my eyes. I sunk under sea level abruptly as I felt my arms give way... Letting the water own me...

I fought one last time and pushed with my legs to get my head above sea level... Gasping for air, I looked around frantically to see if he was still there, but I couldn't see him anywhere... He had gone... Left me here...

"Kor...bin..." I choked as the water engulfed me once more; sinking me down... further and further down... There was no sky... No more oxygen... Just blackness... And more blackness...

Suddenly oxygen fluctuated through my lungs and I felt a jolt travel through my body as my chest began rising up and down again... I couldn't feel the water... Was I in water...?

I opened my eyes, squinting at the bright light... I was laying somewhere... All I could see was sky... clear blue sky... the sun shining brightly, blinding me as it did so...

I wriggled my fingers and toes as I looked around the sky... This end of it... And then that end of it... Suddenly I was looking at Korbin's head... Was he... Floating in the sky?

I frowned... No, he wasn't allowed to be here in this new world that I had found. He wasn't allowed to be in this realm of death with me.

His face was distraught with concern as he stared down at me. "Please..." He whispered...

His voice echoed through my head, pinging through my ears, causing pain in my head... The pain was so harsh, it swallowed me up, leading me further and further down to blackness once again.


Thanks for getting involved with the poll. The results show that A LOT of people voted 'yes please', so I can now reveal the plan. I have dedicated Chapter 34 to Korbin so you guys still have a while to wait but remember... Patience is a virtue - This is a lesson Viola will learn the hard way!



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