Tarnished - Chapter 29

Has Viola's plan backfired yet again? Has Korbin finally secretly taken pity on her?
I was sitting there in the car... Waiting... Waiting... Any minute now he'd come running out with the waiter... What if he got so angry that he tried to kill one of us? What if the waiter got hurt? All because of me? I'd never be able to live with myself!

Korbin suddenly appeared again, walking out of the restaurant quickly. I squinted to observe his face. He didn't look angry... He didn't look annoyed... He looked bored.

Relief ran through me as he walked into the parking lot. I looked straight down at my hands innocently as he came nearer and nearer. Things were looking promising... Maybe this time my plan had worked and I'd be able to get away from him.

The driver's side door opened and Korbin got in, closing it behind him. He stuck the key in the ignition, but didn't turn it. Instead, he pulled a napkin out of his pocket and held it up in front of my face.

I froze...

"What. Is. This?" His voice was grave.

I was still frozen.

"Answer me." He licked his lips before he spoke again. "Okay, if the cat's got your tongue, then I'll read out the writing on this paper. 'Please help, I've been kidnapped, Call 07792839284'... And don't say you didn't do it! Don't you dare say you didn't write this; I know this is your handwriting!" He stared me out, and when I still didn't respond, he whacked the dashboard of the car with his hand. "It's lucky I went back in there when I did, they were just about to pick up the phone! Can you imagine Viola?!" His voice gained strength and volume the more he spoke. "If I hadn't gone back in there; I'd probably already be on the six o'clock crime news for kidnapping you!"

I looked at him, angrily. "Well isn't it true?"


"You have kidnapped me! You've locked me up! Look at me right now with this fabric around my hands and feet! I only wrote the truth!"

"I'm not a kidnapper! I'm not doing this for no reason! I was forced to do it!" He flaunted the paper back in my face. "You're such hard work, you know that?! I just can't trust you with anything! After everything that's happened over these past few days! How could you do such a stupid thing?"

"I did it because I don't want to be here with you anymore, and you're forcing me to be here! I was forced to write that message!" I yelled.

He shook his head at me. "You want me to get locked up? You want me to get taken away? Am I really that bad?!"

I stared at him in disbelief. "How can you not know the answer to that question...?"

He looked back at the paper. "Whose number is that? I don't recognize it..."

Alarm bells rang in my head.

"Well?!" He yelled shoving the paper in my face again. "Whose number is it?!" I didn't answer, so he grabbed my face and pulled it to his. "Tell me!"

"Just someone from work!" I yelled back.

"Who?! Who is this someone? It must be someone fucking important for you to trust them with this matter!" He lowered his voice and asked again. "Who?" When I didn't immediately answer him, he lost it. "WHO? FUCKING WHO?!"

"Joseph!" I screamed.

He was silenced... Slowly he looked back at the paper... It was almost as if something hit him... Or he was realizing something.

"So you trust this little Joseph boy so much, huh? You were gonna call him to get him to rescue you?" He began yelling in a patronizing way. "You like him, huh?! Feel like you could trust him to get you away from your big bad husband, huh?" Tears began emerging from my eyes as I looked down at my hands, trying to block out his words. "You like him so much that you were gonna get him to come and get you?! Is this it?! He drove you home the other day, suddenly he's worthy of your trust? Is that how stupid you are? You've not been getting the attention from me so you went to another guy?! Is that how it is with you now?" He hesitated for a moment as I yelled at him.

"Shut up..." I couldn't get more out because of my crying; again my face was becoming covered with slobber, but he didn't care.

"So you want to talk to him, huh? You wanna see him? Fine!" He reached into his pocket and grabbed his mobile phone. "Here, call him!" He yelled, waving the phone and paper violently in my face. "Call him! You hear me? Call him! What are you so afraid of now? You weren't too afraid to write this message! Call him and tell him all the things I've been doing to you! CALL HIM! FUCKING DO IT!"

"Enough now! Enough! STOP SHOUTING AT ME!" I pleaded and screamed.

He waved the phone around so much in my face that it eventually ended up hitting my cheek. I immediately pulled both of my tied hands up and whacked it out of his hand. He slammed the paper down on the dashboard afterwards.

"What's wrong? Don't you wanna call him?" He smirked, evilly... cruelly... coldly. "Yeah... Good idea." He leaned closer to me, his face inches away from mine as he whispered. "I tell you what... You could call him if you want... But I wouldn't recommend it. He may like you now, and you may like him. But trust me..." His eyes flashed dangerously. "The minute he finds out you're here with me... When he finds out about all the things I've done to you... All the different ways you've given yourself to me... He won't want anything to do with 'you'."

"You're evil! How can you be this evil?!" My voice was merely a cry as I looked at him through blurry-eyed teardrops.

His face cooled down as he saw me shake with tears and cry louder than I'd ever cried before. He almost seemed panicked for a second, but then the anger came back. "Stop crying! Don't think your tears will evoke any pity in me!" He scoffed.

I continued to surrender to loud, shaking cries of despair... I didn't stop... I couldn't hear him... I couldn't feel him... I was numb to the core... The only thing I felt was the empty space in my heart where his love for me had been... The empty space that was gradually being refilled with betrayal... sorrow... and agony.

My heart was breaking... tearing apart gradually with each breath he took. He turned the ignition on and began driving us back to the villa... I continued shrieking with pain and overwhelming sadness.

When we eventually pulled up over the wooden bridge, in front of the villa; he got out of the car and after picking me up out of my seat, he carried me inside, back to the bedroom. My heart didn't begin to race... Panic didn't run through me... I wouldn't feel anything he would do now.

He placed me gently onto the bed, where I rolled over and hid my face in the pillow. He held onto my shoulders and pulled me back up to face him.

He began untying my feet.

There was a constant background noise... My crying.

"Stop it! I'm getting bored of hearing your crying!" He complained, while he untied my feet. I didn't listen; his complaining only made me cry harder. "Oh stop it! I'm warning you, shut up!"

I cried even harder... I couldn't help it... I was so bruised... So broken.

"I'm not going to feel sorry for you!" He continued.

I continued my crying.


A shriek of despair.

"Keep crying!"

A shriek of betrayal.

"Don't stop crying!"

A shriek of grief.

"If you stop crying, I'll just make you cry again!"

A fresh load of shaking screams and cries grew in me and I let it all out.

He shook his head at me, his face scrunched up... As if he was unsure of what to do. "YOU JUST KEEP CRYING!" He roared, and to my surprise, he walked out of the room, and locked the double doors behind him.

I couldn't stop... I was now choking on my tears, and I was no longer shrieking... I was wailing and howling with sorrow.

After everything he put me through... After everything he had done to me... He was now accusing me of having feelings for someone else?

One thing was clear to me now; he didn't know me... He didn't care about me... And he definitely didn't love me.



Lucy - Thanks for being patient with me; suffering still ahead? Who knows? Who knows what he'll do? I dread to think Lucy... Thanks for reading and commenting!

Neno - Thanks for the compliment; I think you're brilliant as well! You're right, she has suffered so much! When will she get a break? Thanks for reading and commenting!

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Tamika - I can see you got lost in my story and I'm very happy about that! Maybe losing the baby is a significant factor as to why he's chosen to make Viola suffer? Maybe he is angry about it inside? Maybe he's always felt guilty about how she fell down the stairs? Maybe... Just maybe... He has too many emotions inside of him and doesn't know how to express them... So he presents them like this? Or maybe he's literally on a one-way ticket to loony town. Thanks for reading and your insightful comment made me smile!

Skyblu - Thanks for the comment. You recognized an important point - this kind of thing happens a lot. And I've done volunteer work where this kind of thing has had a major impact on some of the people that I've had to work on. Maybe people aren't brave... Because they're afraid of it? I admit that it was very difficult to write. I had to disengage my mind from it to make sure I was keeping objectivity and not letting too many of my OWN emotions creeping in. Hope you continue to enjoy the story!

Xeneb - Thank you for reading and making good suggestions! I think we all hate Korbin for the most of it, don't we? Thanks for checking back frequently. Wouldn't want you to miss anything important now would we?! Thanks for the comment and happy reading!

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Published: 9/21/2012
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