Tarnished - Chapter 30

Viola eventually stops crying and lays awake alone in the bed, only to experience a different, unseen side of Korbin...
I lay awake for the whole night... My howling crying eventually dispersed into silent tears.

He didn't come back into the bedroom... I could see his car still parked outside the villa... But I couldn't see him. It seemed he had given me time to myself all night.

I was lying on my back, my tied hands lying on my stomach. I was staring out of the window. The sun was beginning to rise... It must have been very early morning.

I inhaled and then exhaled calmly... My eyes were so sore... My throat was sore... The pain in my lower stomach was less sharp now.

Suddenly, I heard a door open and close outside the bedroom... Then the rattling of keys... He was going to come in!

I quickly shut my eyes, and pretended I was asleep. I began feeling vulnerable... But I didn't have the strength to face him now.

I heard his quiet footsteps. They came nearer, and nearer... Until they stopped. I could hear his breathing.

The bed covers were slowly placed over my body... He gently lifted my tied arms up, and placed them over the covers.

Then, I felt the mattress move next to me as he... Sat down on the bed?

I felt his fingertip brush some hair out of my face... Another fingertip then brushed my wet tears off of my cheek... I stayed completely still.

His breathing grew louder... I wondered what he was doing... Then it occurred to me that he was moving forward, nearer to my face.

His breathing suddenly stopped getting louder... And maintained its volume... As if he was hovering above my face.

My heart raced... What was he going to do? My cheek felt a tingling sensation... As if his lips were near... But his lips never touched it... Instead, his breathing grew quiet... And I felt the pressure release off of the mattress, as if he had stood up again.

I then heard his footsteps... Growing distant... The doors then creaked.

Then silence... What was he doing?

The doors closed quietly, the rattling of keys was heard and then... My mind began drifting off... My heart had been beating fast the whole time he was in the room... Had he... Just come in to check up on me? Why did he wipe my tears away? He was the cause of them! He hated my crying last night.

My thoughts drained me as sleep engulfed me. I let myself fall into the deep realm of dreams and sleepy peace.
Published: 9/21/2012
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