Tarnished - Chapter 31

All aboard! Aye aye Captain! Does someone have a boat trip in mind? It's our 'favorite' character Korbin!
I awoke when it was bright daylight... I immediately sat up in bed. I didn't know what the time was and I didn't know where he was...

I looked out of the window, and didn't see his car... He was out...

I could have contemplated trying to find a way out... I could have tried to escape... But the chances of it working were very little. Everything always seemed to backfire on me, and I nearly always ended up in a worse situation.

So instead of trying to escape, I changed my body position, to a cross-legged pose, and waited...

I waited for him to come back... Waited to see how he would act today... I waited to see how much he hated me today...

I must have waited for nearly an hour... Although it felt like a year...

His car pulled up outside, and I saw him get out of it with a bag in his hand. He then disappeared out of the front gates, and after about ten minutes, he came back. He walked towards the villa and soon I heard doors opening and closing within the villa.

Keys rattled and the double doors opened collectively.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw me sitting there, waiting for him. I stared at him helplessly... He stared at me... Some emotion growing in his eyes...

Without saying anything, he walked over to me, grabbing the bit of fabric lying on the bed on his way, and tied my feet up. He then reached his arms out for me.

"What are you doing?!" I asked, instinctively.

He paused. "You can never see me in a positive way, can you?" He asked innocently.

"B-But you always-"

"Always? Always what?" He asked. When I stared at him clueless, he scooped me up in his arms; he then carried me through the villa, and outside. He continued to walk through the gates and then along the beach.

I looked ahead to where we were walking; there was a large white, pristine boat... It seemed to be waiting for us. I looked at him. "Is that yours?"

He nodded.

"You know how to use that thing?" I asked, staring from the boat, to him.

He nodded again. "I'm taking you out for a little spin in it."

I gulped, wondering how I should feel about it... Alone at sea with my psycho husband? Did I have a choice?

He placed me down on the sand and untied my feet and placed the fabric in his pocket. Then he pulled a little hatch on the side of the boat; making some flimsy stairs pop down. He picked up the bag that was already on the sand... The bag he was carrying earlier... And walked up the stairs, into the boat. He placed the bag down and then turned back around to look at me. "Come on, get up here."

I stood up, sheepishly. Those stairs didn't look very safe... But judging by the weekend I was having... That didn't really matter. "You haven't told me where you're going to take me yet!"

"Do you want me to carry you? Or will you get on nicely?" He patronized me.

I climbed the stairs slowly, not wanting to piss him off. When I reached the top, he held out his hand and when I didn't immediately take it, he grabbed my hand.

I slapped his arm. "Get off me! I can get on by myself."

He pulled his arm away and watched me.

I put one foot on the boat, but just as I did so, the stairs collapsed. I quickly saved myself from falling back off the boat by lunging myself forward. My other foot slid and I reached out for Korbin, and he reached out for me, just as I landed on my bottom on the shiny surface of the upper end of the boat. He was kneeling down with me; he had saved me from falling clean off the upper end and breaking my neck. I was shaking, clinging to his arm and shoulder for dear life.

He pulled me up, back to a standing position and scooped me up in his arms, carrying me safely to the lower deck of the boat. "Serves you right." He muttered in my ear.

I rolled my eyes. "Put me down!"

He put me down. "Go and sit on that bench." He ordered.

I did what I was told... Once I was seated, he walked over to me, taking the bit of fabric out of his pocket. I knew exactly what he was going to tie up with that...

"Please don't tie me up..." I pleaded, looking at his eyes intently. "I won't go anywhere."

He gazed at me for a few moments. "Are you sure?"

I nodded, innocently.

He then untied my hands and placed all the fabric and lace in his pocket.

I watched him walk away to the upper deck, where the boats controls were. He turned the engine on, and we began moving. Soon we were picking up speed, and as I observed the sea flying past us... My wrists were stiff, so I placed my hands in my lap. My hair flew in the wind that overwhelmed my face. All the while... He observed me.

Our eyes met... He was driving the boat, but his concentration was on me... I stared back at him... It was almost as if his eyes were trying to speak to my eyes... But I tore mine away, back to the sea.

Eventually, when we were in the middle of the ocean with nothing in sight... Apart from... Water... He turned the engine off and walked down from the lower deck, and sat next to me.

I stared down at my hands as he sighed in relaxation.

After a moment or two, his hand reached out and clasped my arm softly. My eyes darted to our skin touching... His hand rubbed my arm... And traveled all the way down to my bruised wrist. He wrapped his fingers around it slowly and began massaging it.

I looked at him to find him already watching me. What was he doing? Why was he doing this? I wanted to snatch my arm away from him; but I was scared of how he'd react.

He abruptly stopped, dropping my arm. "You see that bag over there?" He pointed to the bag he had brought on with him. "Go and get it." He commanded.

I didn't argue, there was no use. I stood up slowly and walked over. I reached up to the upper deck and got hold of the bag; I then turned around and walked feverishly back. I sat down again and passed him the bag.

He opened it and took out what appeared to be a sandwich. He then handed it to me. I didn't want to eat it, so I turned my head the other way as a clear indication of not being hungry. He then found my hand and placed the sandwich in it.

"Eat." He ordered.

I held onto the sandwich, scared of what he'd do if I didn't. He reached into the bag and got out another sandwich, which he then took a bite of. He placed the bag down on the bench on the other side of him and then rested his head back.

I couldn't eat. Something was gurgling in my stomach. Was it hatred? Was it... The unfairness of the whole situation? I shook my head.

"Why did you bring me out here?" I asked impulsively, turning my head to his.

He looked at me, smiling happily. "Because I wanted to come here with you."

"Well, next time you just 'want to come here', just 'come here' alone! Because I don't want to be here with you." With that I threw the sandwich out to the sea, lazily. I wanted him to know that I wasn't entertained by this little boat trip he had going on.

I stood up, and began walking to the railing on the side of the boat, when he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to my seat on the bench next to him.

He shook his head at me. "You hate me so much right? Do you hate my father this much?"

"I will never hate your father. He's not the one hurting me right now."

"But he hurt me!" He frowned as I refused to see his point.

"That's your business. I've got nothing to do with it anymore; you said you didn't want me anymore remember? If you were going to bring a girl here to take your anger out on, it should have been Graceanna!" I spat.

"Graceanna isn't..." His eyes flashed as he trailed off. "She..."

I couldn't comprehend what he was trying to say and for some reason I was no longer afraid of what he would do to me if I spoke freely and talked back to him... Suddenly... I refused to be the 'little' one. "I feel sorry for her. She's going to be trapped in a relationship with a man who doesn't know what love is. But at least my mother and I will be away from you."

He grabbed my hand. "Your mother isn't doing a very good job at supporting you, is she? How she chose my side over yours when she came to stay? She practically ran to my side when I told her I'd take her shopping. She ran to protect me and made you apologize to me-"

"I don't care about that anymore. She was deceived by you."

"So you'll forgive her?" He asked.

"Yes, because she's my mother, and I'll always love her."

He began caressing my hand, and held it up to his mouth, pressing his lips against it. "That means... That no matter how bad... And mean I am to you... You'll go on always loving me, right?"

I smiled, patronizingly back. "Right. But the fact of the matter is, Korbin. I find it difficult to love a heartless person. And I only give my love where it is deserved. So, no matter how bad and mean you are to me... I will never love you again." With that, I felt proud of silencing him. I stood up again and walked to the railing.

"Hey!" He wasn't going to give up easy. "You act like your love is so great! As if it's such an honor! I tell you what; your love is nothing to me anymore..."

"I know." I turned around and leaned against the rails. "I know that because your father probably loves you as well, and you don't appreciate that either."

"He doesn't have any love for me!" He yelled. "You don't know anything, so don't try to act smart. You just follow the crowd and try to please everybody, giving off this 'innocent' image. You do what everyone else tells you to do. You can't even stand up for yourself."

"Though I may not stand up for myself, and try to please people; I'm still better than a selfish man like you!" I continued, raising my head high. "You only think of yourself; you ruin other people's happiness to get what you want and you don't even care. No matter how much I love and all the people around you give you... Including your father... You don't even acknowledge it. You just don't even appreciate it! You bully me, you've bullied your new step mother and you always bully your father!"

"I bully my father and his wife?" He stood up and his height overpowered my high head. I immediately felt intimidated. "Do you know what they did to me? No?" He leaned closer. "If you don't know, just keep quiet and stop lecturing me."

"I won't stop, Korbin." He wouldn't win this time. He wouldn't. I would speak. "You can't run. We're in the middle of the ocean... So you have to stay and hear it this time... You have to listen to me saying the words no one has ever dared to say to you before!" I took a step towards him. "I don't get you, you have everything! You have money, you have cars, you have a house and you have a brilliant reputation... You're a master in your field of work! Girl's love you-"

"What do you mean, 'girls love me'? What do I care about other girls?" He asked bewildered.

"You know exactly what I mean! I don't even need to mention your new girlfriend's name! You have everything! But you throw it all away! You're always behaving as if you've had such a tough life, as if you had to grow up on the streets or something! You act like you have a reason to be a complete bastard, but you don't! And everyone knows it! Everyone knows you're just using your father's remarriages as an excuse to be a bastard!"

"You're calling me a bastard?" His eyes quickly hardened.

"What do you think?" I spat.

His sapphires became pools of venom and his mouth twitched in anger. "You don't know what you're saying... You don't know how... You just don't know... Apologize to me now." He ordered.


"Apologize Viola, I mean it!" He repeated.

I resisted. "I didn't say anything that wasn't true! Why should I apologize?"

"Will you apologize or not?"

I took a step away from him... This situation was all too familiar...

To be continued...



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