Tarnished - Chapter 32

Continued... Was the boat trip really going to harm Viola? Korbin deserves a big lecture... But how would things have gone - if she hadn't opened her mouth?
"You're only mad because I said the truth and you don't want to hear it, so now you're turning into this monster again!" I cried as he took a step closer to me.

He looked me up and down, his eyes twitching with anger. "How would you know what I feel?" He asked as he scooped me up dramatically in his arms and pressed his lips to my ear. "I'll ask you one more time. Will you apologize?"

"No! Not unless you apologize for what you've done to me... For... For raping me!" I yelled, naming his action for the very first time.

Suddenly everything was passing me by in a blur as he swung his arms to gain momentum, and then tossed me into the ocean. I crashed into it and immediately swallowed gallons of water as I tried to steady myself with my arms.

The familiar sensation of drowning enveloped me and I began panicking. I tried to get my head above sea level. "He-help!" I shrieked.

He laughed, watching me. "Apologize to me first."

"I will... NOT!" I yelled, panting and gulping down water.

"Then I'll stand here and watch you drown!" He boomed, folding his arms as he watched me continue to struggle.

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep myself up for much longer.

"You're really stubborn..." I heard him say the words, and saw him turn around so his back was now to me...

I was going to drown, because he was too proud to admit that I was right... He would rather I died, than him have to swallow his pride. Well then it's better that I died... At least I'd be free of him.

He turned his head and looked at me over his shoulder as I coughed water down. He turned his whole body to face me as my head finally sunk under the water... I sunk deeper and deeper... My vision blurry and glazing over... This was it... I'd die for sure now... He would let me drown...

I looked up to the surface of the water just as he crashed through it and came swimming down towards me. He reached his arms out and surrounded my body with himself, as he pulled us both up to sea level. When oxygen hit my lungs again, my head felt like it was going to burst, and as he pulled us both back up onto the boat, I felt something traveling up my esophagus...

He was just about to pull me up to stand up straight, when I lurched out of his hands and vomited heavily over the side of the boat, into the water. I thought it would never stop, as my body shook with the force of the vomit. I felt one of his hands on my waist and another one of his hands pulling all the hair out of my face as I let it all out.

My vision faded and my eyes began shutting... Was I vomiting anymore? What was...? Everything zoned out...


Everything zoned back in and my eyes shuttered open... I was lying on the bench on the boat. I quickly sat up, my head banging as I did so. I looked up to see Korbin driving the boat again, but watching me the whole time.

The boat suddenly slowed, and I grew relieved as the shore came into eyesight. I stood up when we got nearer to it. My head spun like crazy. When we reached the shore, Korbin managed the parking of the boat while I quickly lean through the railings and used them as a climbing frame. I jumped through them and landed on the soft, yet stern sand. The water was around my legs and as dizziness took hold of me, I turned my walk into a crawl... I crawled further and further up the sand... Suddenly becoming aware of my coughing and spluttering.

He had parked the boat, and jumped off of it in no time. Now he was walking towards me.

"How about it? Are you still going to be stubborn?" He asked. He looked completely deranged. "I will give you one last chance; apologize to me now."

I panted and coughed. "I will not do such a thing! Why didn't you let me die? Why did you save me again?!"

"Dying would be too easy for you." He spat. "I won't let you go that easily."

"That's not true! You saved me because you didn't dare to let me die! Though you don't love me, you wouldn't dare to be responsible for killing me! You're a coward deep down. You'll threaten me, you'll act aggressive and you'll abuse me in the easiest and most obvious way. But deep down, you're a weak man! You have no strength or capability inside you whatsoever anymore! You may have been stupid enough to abuse me on Friday night... But you'd never be stupid enough to do mo-"

He pushed me back on the sand violently. "Are you challenging me?"

"I'm not! I'm just saying the truth!" I shrieked. "I tell YOU what! Since you brought me here on Friday night, you've done everything to make my life a misery! You've done everything you can to make me feel ashamed and upset with my body and life. Well you succeeded. You've made me want to die - but now, I truly will be the living dead. Nothing you do from now on can hurt me more; because I'm numb all over!"

He smirked at me, listening to my words deeply. "Actually... I can hurt you a lot more... Why can't I?" He grabbed my arms again and began dragging me along the sand. I kicked and tried to free my arms but each time he dropped me, he'd just come and drag me back up again. I couldn't get free. I just couldn't!

Eventually he had dragged me all the way back to the gates of the villa. He continued to drag me along the concrete, until we had walked half way around the villa. A deluxe swimming pool came into view...

My eyes widened...

He lifted me up and sat me down on the pool ladder, forcing my feet to be in the water at all times...

He then got the fabric out of his pocket and tied my hands to the ladder.

"If you apologize to me, I'll untie you!" He hissed into my ear. "But if you're still stubborn and stupid, then you just sit here."

I lifted my head up to watch him walk angrily away. He reached a glass sliding door; he opened it and turned to look at me before he shut it. Our eyes met, and he suddenly looked hopeful that I would apologize to him... But I quickly pulled my eyes away and angled my head in the opposite direction. I refused to look at him.

He ran inside the villa and slammed the glass sliding door shut again.

Tears grew in my eyes, as the sadness of our situation grew on me again. I lifted my head back up and slowly moved my eyes to him. He was pacing around inside... Unexpectedly, he turned his eyes to me once again... Our eyes met... But then anger took over him and he began throwing tables, chairs, magazines, pots and anything else he could find around the room.

My face scrunched up as my crying became more passionate.

He quickly walked over to the door and stared at me through it, his shoulders raised and his hands making fists... I immediately angled my head the opposite way, refusing to look at him once more. He responded by punching the glass door and stomping off, out of view.

I was left alone there... My feet soaking and becoming wrinkly in the pool, while my shoulders and wrists were stiffening, as they were glued to the ladder behind me... I cried... I cried so hard... I bowed my head down... Was I crying alone...?



Lucy - Glad to hear your weddings gone well, I'm happy for you. You were right in your assumption about him throwing her off the boat. You weren't being melodramatic! I can tell you right now Korbin hasn't got mental issues or health issues. Love does stupid things to people. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading.

Sneha - I think Viola is forced to tolerate him! And remember, she will have the memories of when he was a loving husband who she could trust! Let's hope she doesn't suffer more! Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading!

Tamika - Again, your comment had me cracking up with laughter. You're right about the victim card! He's clearly got his logic twisted somewhere along the line! I hope the 'OMG I NEVER SAW THAT COMING' moment will live up to its expectations... Actually... I'm not even sure if there is one final sha'BANG like that... Hmm... We shall see Tamika... We shall see. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Xeneb - I've already revealed why Viola's in jail - She was convicted of attempted murder. Korbin was the person that she apparently tried to murder, but Viola reveals she was set up, and in fact it was someone else who tried to kill him. So, Korbin is actually still alive... This was all revealed in earlier chapters! Hope that cleared it up for you! Thanks for the fabulous comment as usual and thanks for reading.

Neno - I wonder what he's going to do to her now?! He is a psycho... Right now... I wonder what his father did? We will see in a couple of chapters time! Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading.

To all of you: If you leave a comment on a chapter and then see that I haven't replied in a 'shout-out', it's because I didn't see your comment in time... Sorry in advance but please don't be offended.
Published: 9/25/2012
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