Tarnished - Chapter 35

We're back to Viola's POV.
My eyes bounced open. My head moved up and down as it lay on his chest... My arms were wrapped around his body... And one of his hands was buried in my hair while the other rested on my back... I blinked... He was asleep and he was holding me... Yes... He was holding me...



I dived off of him over to the other side of the bed, my hands slapping his arms and chest.

"Get off! Get off of me!" I screamed, dramatically.

He awoke to hear the sound of my yelps and to feel the pain from my slaps.

"Cut it out! Why are you hitting me?" He whined, rubbing his eyes and focusing his half asleep gaze on me. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Why were you holding me like that?!" I was struggling to breathe in my panic.

He yawned. "You got really sick last night... So I covered your body in towels, dressed you again and then held you while you slept your fever off."

I shuddered. "You... Dressed me?"

He nodded, smirking.

I punched his shoulder involuntarily. "You dirty bastard!"

His face hardened. "Wh-"

I cut him off. "How much of a pervert are you? You dressed me while I was asleep? How do I know you just ‘dressed me’? How do I know you didn’t try anything else? You freak! You fucking freak, Korbin!" I was screaming at him while my hands lunged at him to gain more punches.

He was forced to get off of the bed and stand up just to avoid being hit by me. "I did everything to make you well again..."

"You think because you took care of me for one night, you’ve redeemed yourself for all the bad things you’ve been doing to me?" I shook my head at him in disgust. "Even if you took care of me for my whole life Korbin; I would never forgive you for what you’ve done to me! I would never forget about any of it!"

His mouth was ajar as the shock of my words passed over him. "You just don’t understand do you... You don’t like it when I’m good to you? You prefer it when I’m bad to you, huh?"

He yanked me towards him by my shoulders.

"STOP IT YOU SOD! STOP IT!" I screamed; fury running through me as my body pounced around on the bed trying to free itself from his grip.

He slammed my wrists together behind my back and began tying them up.

"STOP IT! I’M HURT! YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK MY WRISTS!" My voice broke in all of my screaming.

He didn’t listen; he continued to tie them up.

"I’m hurt!" I sulked; tear drops forming in my eyes as the excruciating pain traveled along my arms.

"If you’re hurt, just hold still! Stop moving and just hold still!" He yelled over my cries.

He finished tying my hands up and threw me back face down onto the bed.

"Now, yo-" He was cut off by the sound of the villa’s doorbell.

We both froze.

His face flushed red... My heart rose from its slumped, depressed state and grew hopeful that it was someone who had come to look for me...

Maybe my mother had twigged on that Korbin had taken me! Maybe she had organized a search party!

Korbin grabbed my face with both of his hands. "I’ll be right back. Don’t make noise. Understand?!"

He didn’t give me time to respond; he was too panicked. He threw me back down onto the mattress again and leaped off of the bed, flying to the double doors. He walked through them and locked them behind him.

I waited... Patiently... I heard some voices every so often...

Now was my chance.


I heard some doors slam.


Keys rattled as I yelled and Korbin re-entered the room.

He was glaring at me. "Why did you make noise?" He began walking forward. "Didn’t I tell you already not to make noise?"

He stood at the end of the bed and reached his arms out, grabbing me by the ankles and pulling me down to him.

"Didn’t I already tell you?! Didn’t I?!" He fixed his eyes to mine, pulling my face inches away from him. "You hate me so much now, right? You hate me?!"

I stared up at his mean face... Tears provoked my eyes as the realization of another missed opportunity hit me... The crack in my heart deepened... How long was I going to be stuck here...? This man used to be my husband... I used to sleep beside him every night and share my deepest thoughts with him... Now he was the meanest, darkest person I knew.

"You’re crying?" He tugged my face closer to his as my thoughts became suicidal. "Go ahead!" He shook my head, violently. "Cry! Fucking cry! Cry it out! Let it all out! The more you cry... The more you’re unhappy... The more you hate me! Tell me you hate me! Go on! Tell me! Cry!" His eyes flashed, as tears built up in his eyes with the torture he put me through.

I froze, staring up at him. He shook my head again.

"CRY!" He roared at me. "Cry! I SAID CRY!"

I swallowed some tears, and did my best to hold them back. Breathing loudly as the effort took hold of me... The wetness on my face was caused by the tears that had already leaked out of my eyes. My eyes weren’t showering my face anymore though.

"Just remember these words coming out of your mouth and look at me." My voice was deep with vengeance. "The tears you see on my face here today will be the last drops that I will cry for your incessant cruelty and misdemeanors. From this moment on, you will never see these tears again."

He gazed into my eyes for a moment... Digesting what I had just said...

He increased his grip on the sides of my head before lobbing it back down onto the mattress. I didn’t get back up... I lay there... Trying to hold the tears back.

He turned his back to me. "Whether you cry anymore or not... It doesn’t change anything... the damage is done now." He muttered to himself.

With one last glance at me... He stalked out of the room and banged the doors closed behind him. He didn’t lock them though.

I didn’t bother getting up... I continued to lie there... Fighting my tears.

About thirty minutes later he walked back into the room... He was now fully dressed and he was carrying a bundle of clothes... My clothes... The ones I had worn on my birthday... He was also carrying my briefcase.

He reached out to me and began untying my hands.

"What are you doing?" I asked immediately.

He hesitantly looked at me, as if he was admitting defeat. "I’ll take you back home."

My eyes widened...

He tossed my clothes and briefcase to me. "Here are your clothes. You can either wear these, or find some of your other stuff in one of those drawers over there... It’s up to you." He tugged at the neat collar on his new shirt. "I’ll be outside." He paused and gazed at me... "You can have a lift back home with me; hurry up and meet me outside. We’re a long way away from home... And there aren’t any bus stops around here." With that he paced quickly out of the double doors.

I watched him walk away, and then looked down at my clothes... My briefcase... My belongings... My things... I stared out through the window and watched him as he paced around outside...

Was this really it? Was it all over?
Published: 9/27/2012
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