Tarnished - Chapter 36

Viola's left with the broken pieces of herself, and an announcement from me, the author.
I dressed myself quickly. I tied the bow on my linen trousers and then began buttoning my white shirt up. I walked over to the dressing table, and watched myself.

I didn't know what to feel... Was this my body? Had my body actually gone through the entire trauma that my brain remembered? I rubbed the bruises on my arms; pain zinging through my senses. I looked at my own reflection... My own face... My own lips... My own cheeks... My own eyes... How did I survive it all?

A knock on the window startled me and knocked me out of my thoughts. I turned to see Korbin staring at me through the window expectantly.

He wanted me to hurry... My heart burned... I would not hurry.

I turned back to look at my reflection and began flicking my hair, combing my fingers through it. Pampering myself in any way I could think of to make him wait longer.

Another set of thuds on the window. I turned to look at his annoyed face. I smirked; picking up my briefcase and walking out of the room, through the villa and out of the front door.

He was standing a few meters away from his car, watching me. I hovered a little distance away from him, watching his every move... Shadily, I began walking past him to his car when he grabbed my hand.

"Wait a second."

I spun around, annoyed. "What do you want now?"

He blinked at my rudeness, but then continued. "Turn around."


"Just do it!" He watched me fold my arms and refuse to turn around. He responded by holding onto my shoulders and spinning me around himself, so that my back was now turned to him.

"What are you doing?" I was so exasperated with his games.

He gently lifted my hair up and I felt something thin and cold being placed around my neck. I looked down to see the necklace he had brought me for my birthday, hanging upon my collarbone.

"Why are you putting it on me?" I asked, suspicion creeping through me as he set my hair back down and then turned me around to face him.

"I want you to wear it." He smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes. There was no chance of that happening. I raised my arms to take it off but before my hands had even touched the silver, he grabbed my hands and forced them down by his side.

His grip was strong. "Don't take it off." His eyes were hard again. "You don't want to take any more risks do you?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "This again?! I'm so tired of your threats! You said you would take me home, didn't you? Why are you trying to make me wear this stupid necklace now then?"

"I told you before this weekend even started; I'd make you wear this necklace." He smiled again. "And now I've made you wear it."

"But I won't wear it!" I spat.

"If you don't wear it..." His eyes hardened again and his lips curled into a smirk. "You don't want to know what I'll do..."

I rose to the challenge. "I won't let you threaten me anymore. You can't keep abusing me like this!"

"How do you know I can't?" He sneered.

I shook my head at him. I couldn't think of anything to say anymore. Is this what he was now? Would he always be an arrogant man abusing people who were weaker than him?

His lips suddenly came towards me as his arms wrapped around me. I was stunned by his sudden action... It wasn't violent or forceful... It was almost affectionate.

"You know you can't stop me..." He whispered into my ear as his hands stroked my back and his lips flicked my neck.

I wouldn't accept it anymore. He couldn't use my body anymore!

I pushed him off of me with all of my force; he stumbled backwards. I took a step closer to him as he regained his balance and smacked him hard across the face. His eyes immediately shot back to mine as they watered with the stinging pain from my hand.

"I hate you." My heart finally spoke the words Korbin had never directly heard from me before.

His eyes widened and watered as a hurt expression spread itself on his face. "I don't love you either..."

My face scrunched up as my eyes glazed over with tears. I couldn't face him any longer. I couldn't look at his hurt expression. I couldn't hear his words any longer. I quickly walked past him to the passenger side of his car and slammed the door shut behind me as I sat down inside. I covered my mouth with my hand as tears poured and silent crying took over me. I know I said I would never cry over him again but...

He turned around to look at me sitting in the car. His face scrunched up too... Water coming out of his eyes. He began kicking the car tire, over and over again. Taking his anger out on it. I squeezed more tears out of my eyes as I watched him through the side mirror. He continued to kick it... Until he eventually stopped and stared back at me... Tears staining his face as he shook his head at me. His chest moving up and down fast. His hand wiped the tears off his face, and he then sniffed back more tears. With one final glance at me... He walked back to the front door of the villa, locked the door, and then walked back to the car and took his seat beside me on the driver's side.

We didn't look at each other when he turned the engine on. We didn't glimpse each other when he began accelerating. We didn't glance at each other when we eventually got back on the highway.

The whole drive was silent. My heart beating in two pieces. The closer we got to home, the closer I came to the brink of terror and grief. I felt like my life had been sucked into a vacuum... A vacuum that would never stop running.

He drove extremely fast. I didn't even have my seat belt on... But I didn't care. If he were to crash the car now, it would be a blessing. I would rather be lying dead on the roadside somewhere than going back to the hell at home.

Finally I saw signs for our village. I didn't feel any relief though.

There was dense traffic, which made our journey slower... Thus prolonging the silence and agony.

Korbin changed his route suddenly; turning off of the main road and driving down a small side road. We were near our mansion... It was within walking distance. He parked the car next to the pavement, where a bench was sitting by its lonesome.

He put the hand brake on, and looked straight ahead of him. "I'll drop you off here."

I looked straight ahead too as I listened to his hollow voice.

"Our mansion is just around the corner... You can go straight there... Or anywhere you want. I won't interfere." He swallowed, pausing briefly. "If someone asks you... Where you were all weekend... I won't tell you how to answer them."

Our eyes still didn't acknowledge each other.

"If you don't want to tell people who you were with me; then I won't tell them either. On the other hand... If you want to tell everyone what I've been doing to you... Then I won't deny it and try to prove you wrong."

His voice was deep and not interested... I didn't know how to respond...

"You can go now." He spoke quietly.

I couldn't stop my head turning slightly, to glance at him... He was still staring straight ahead.

I slowly clutched my briefcase and opened the door... I stepped out of the car slowly and shut the door behind me, stepping up onto the pavement.

I couldn't stop my head from turning around again as my eyes longed to see his face... His head turned back to face straight ahead of him again just as my head turned to look at him...

He had been looking at me too...

I watched him put the car into gear, lower the hand brake and drive away, join the main road and roar off into the distance.

I stood like a feather... I started backing away from the edge of the pavement... The back of my knees hit the bench... I let myself sit down on it...

I looked around at my surroundings... A busy road with houses and shops surrounding it... I observed the people walking around... The people who weren't Korbin... I watched the cars whizzing past... The cars that weren't silver... I touched the bench beneath me... The bench that wasn't a bed... I interlocked my own fingers... My own hands... Not Korbin's... He wasn't here... He wasn't anywhere near me now... He had left me here... It was all over... The torment was over... He was over... We were over...

I was me... Sitting here... Alone... I was me again... I was free... I was allowed to do what I wanted again... I was allowed to be me...

Then the realization struck me as my eyes welled up.

It felt like the 'Viola' that celebrated her birthday quietly died on Friday night at the hands of Korbin... I was sitting here now... On this bench... As a completely new version of 'Viola'... A new version of me... A tear droplet glided down my face...

This version of me was broken...


Hello you buzzing readers!

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Published: 9/27/2012
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