Tarnished - Chapter 38

Viola seeks sanctuary; and finally gets to tell Korbin exactly what she thinks he should do. Picture is of 'House in the Sky'.
I walked out of the A&E exit doors and walked to the edge of the pavement. I looked at each car that swished past in front of me.

Swish... A red Honda Jazz.

Swish... A purple Peugeot 206.

Swish... A taxi...

My mind raced through my options. I could go anywhere in the world... Anywhere... Anywhere to escape. I lifted my arm out and signaled for another taxi to stop... It screeched to a halt. I opened the back door and sat down in the backseat.

"Rivercrest Plains, please." I ordered, rather firmly.

The driver nodded and began our journey. In no time we were back on the highway and heading back to my village. Yes... I was going back to my village. No... I was not going back to my mansion. I would never go back there.

Rivercrest Plains was a vast amount of land; it had farms and barn houses aplenty. The majority of the land was owned by Joseph's grandparents who had a gigantic farming business. The barn houses were nearly always deserted; which made them all the more appealing to me now.

I kept my eyes on the road ahead of us. I knew my destination, and I was going to get there within the next 15 minutes. I was no longer feeling the pain from my cuts and bruises, within my lower stomach or even in my ankle. Maybe a part of me did... Maybe the two pieces of my heart did, but my mind did not. Not anymore. I stopped feeling pain the minute Korbin shoved me into his car. I stopped feeling pity for him the minute he impaled me with his hatred. I stopped feeling empathy the minute he accused me of wanting Joseph. I stopped feeling any kind of remorse the minute he threw me off of that boat, when he tied me to the pool and then insulted me once again. I stopped feeling anything... Anything... I felt nothing... Nothing for him...

Nothing but love...

"Hey lady! We're here!" The driver was gawping at me from the driver's seat. "That'll be a forty."

I opened my briefcase quickly and brought out a fifty note. I handed it to him. "Keep the change."

"If you insist." He smirked as he tucked the note in his pocket.

I stepped out of the taxi, shutting the door firmly behind me. My head pivoted around my new setting, as my crumbled heart sang a crumbling lullaby.

I walked into the waist high crops and did not stop until I found myself in the center of the gigantic crop field. This was just one field of about twenty. I sighed sweetly as I saw a deserted barn house in the distance. I recognized it immediately. It was the famous 'House in the Sky'. I smiled to myself, walking towards it. Making my way through the muddy and crop-filled land. My shoes were too posh for farm work; they had a slight heel on them. I shook my head at them, as if they had disobeyed me as I swung my feet in turn and watched the shoes fly off in the distance.

I walked on, barefoot. I didn't care if my feet got dirty; I could handle it. I could handle anything... I could handle everything. After what I had been through... Nothing would be a challenge. Living out here, 'one with nature' wouldn't even be a challenge. It wouldn't even be a hassle.

I suddenly realized, I was standing next to the house in the sky. I looked up at its tremendous height and observed the woodwork pillars that held it up. My heart was still singing to itself... with only me as its listener.

I climbed through the pillars so that I was now standing underneath the house, and sat down cross-legged within the dark shadows, the pillars were creating. I plopped my briefcase beside me and interlocked my fingers, staring up at the great tall house high above my head.

"No one will find me here..." I whispered to myself. It seemed at last; I had received a birthday present; a present that I actually wanted. I smiled to myself. "I'm going to stay here forever."

Why couldn't I? No one would miss me! My mother hadn't come to look for me; my colleagues from work hadn't come to look for me.

Then an idea sprang to my mind. I hadn't even checked my mobile phone since Korbin had dropped me off on the side of the road. My hand lurched into my briefcase and I pulled my phone out of it - it had been turned off... I assumed by Korbin.

I turned it back on and after a couple of seconds, it loaded... After a few more seconds... It displayed fifteen missed calls from... Korbin... I checked the date of the missed calls, only to find that they were from today. In fact they were all within the past half hour.

I shuddered, deleting his number from my phone... But just as I searched for his name in my contacts list, his name came up alongside: "Incoming call".

I nearly vomited... I nearly regurgitated every kiss he had given me all weekend.

I pressed the answer button and held the phone shakily to my ear. He didn't know where I was now and thus he would not be able to hurt me... So this was a perfect opportunity to tell him exactly what I thought of him.

"Viola?! Are you there?" His voice seemed panicked.

I didn't respond.

"Viola, don't mess with me right now, where the hell are you?" He urged me to answer.

I didn't answer.

"Vi..." He sighed, exasperated. "Where are you? Tell me... I'll come and pick you up and bring you back to the mansion." I could almost sense some concern.

I didn't respond, again.

"Viola! I mean it! Your mother is worried! Everyone is worried!"

I didn't answer, again.

"You're not talking now, huh?" He chuckled; my ears detected his shrill voice. "You really are stubborn, you know that? Answer me for God's sake."

I shut my eyes.

"VIOLA! ANSWER ME!" He yelled down the phone. "Your boyfriend from work... What's his name... Joseph! He's called us about ten times, why don't you just answer me and I'll come pick you up."

I shook my head. Clearly I had been imagining the concern. Why would he feel concern for me? He felt nothing for me.

He heaved a great breath, as if he was trying to keep collective. "You are pushing me, you know that? Can't you see everyone's worried? What is wrong with you...? Oh. I get it." I could sense a smirk traverse his face... I knew that smirk too well. "I bet you're waiting for your boyfriend to call 'you'. I guess you want 'him' to come and pick you up, right?"

I gritted my teeth, anger rose within me, but I resisted the urge to speak. I didn't want to give him the pleasure.

"Well if you want HIM to find you before ME, then that's your problem I guess." His voice turned sour as it grew in depth. "You know why? Huh? Because I'm going to make sure I. Find. You. First."

I gripped the phone tighter as my trembling voice seethed. "Go. Fuck. Your. Self."

I hung up. I then resumed deleting and blocking his number from my phone.

I could no longer keep my emotions in control; I could no longer hold back. I couldn't let him do this to me again. He could not threaten me like that. I was in the middle of nowhere now; he would never find me here. I could NOT let him feel that he had any kind of power over me. I hated him.

Oh my, I hated him. I hated him so much.

So fucking much.

I hated him...

I hated him... So much...

I hated... Him...

I hate him...

Before I noticed it my breathing had quickened and I was hyperventilating. My heart was pounding seriously fast, but I did not care.

"I hate you." I breathed. "I hate you." I shook my head. "I hate you so much." I heaved a wheezy breath. "I hate you... I hate you..." I couldn't stop myself as something lurched and opened in my chest. "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you." A pain in my head shot through my senses as I flung my head back and looked up into the darkness. "I HATE you. I HATE YOU..."

I wheezed continuously as the echoes of my screaming voice drowned out of my ears and consciousness.



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