Tarnished - Chapter 45

Viola narrowly misses getting cornered by Korbin repeatedly; how long can she avoid him and will he rise above it with more serious antics? Or will it bring him to his knees?
I had no choice, I thought to myself as I was sitting in the back seat of the taxi. I had to go back to the mansion. My clothes were there, my work folders... Everything was there. I had avoided taking the bus or walking home in any kind of way. I ordered a taxi to come and pick me up from the doorway of the shop, and I had demanded that it drop me off outside the front door of my mansion.

The driver had other plans however, and refused to do so. Thus, I was left walking up the long driveway to my mansion instead.

I looked out for any noises or signs of Korbin... However there were none. The driveway was completely quiet. I looked up to the mansion, and spotted some bedroom lights on. I took a deep breath to try to calm myself. Whatever I had coming... I would just have to put up with. Only for a few more nights and not a second longer. If Korbin tried to hurt me in any way, I would scream and yell, and follow the gold digger’s footsteps.

I walked up the bend in the driveway and all the cars came into view; Korbin’s stepmother’s personal taxi vehicle, Korbin’s father’s bmw, and Korbin’s Mercedes Benz, which he was now leaning on as he watched me approach.

I stopped in my tracks and glared at him, as a warning to stay where he was, far away from me. The night was black with only a dimly lit porch light to guide us, so whether he detected the warning in my expression, I didn’t know. I started walking, quicker, towards the front door. I opened my hand bag and rummaged in it for my keys.

"Nice evening, right?" Korbin asked, sardonically as he stopped leaning on his car and began walking closer.

I shot him another evil stare and continued to rummage for my keys.

"How about we have a chat?" He asked; again the sardonic tone attacked my defense.

"How about no?" I replied, trying to match his tone.

Before I knew it, his hand had latched onto my wrist and he had pulled me across the driveway, so that I was now standing in between the tall hedges behind his car, hidden from everybody’s view.

"What are you doing?!" I was no longer thinking about what I was saying. I just wanted to get away from him. I had only thought about what he’d do when we were in the house, not what he’d do when we were ‘outside’ the house. "Get off!"

He shoved me back against the hedge, and stretched out both of his arms, placing his hands either side of my head on the hedge.

"Today." He began; his eyes vented the anger that his veins were struggling to conceal. "At 1. I came to the shop. To take you to lunch. But you weren’t there."

I blinked at him; I didn’t like this at all. I didn’t like it!

"Well?!" He hissed. "Where were you?!"

I didn’t answer, I was almost panting for breath out of fear. He shook his head while I felt completely stupid and pathetic for even trying to return to the mansion in strength.

"You went with that guy right?! You went with Joseph?!"

"No!" Was my immediate, accidental reaction.

He smacked the hedges either side of my head as his anger nearly burst through his eyes. "Don’t lie to me!"

Tears welled in my eyes as he scolded me.

"I told you we were going to eat together, and you still went with him! Where did you go?!"

I bit my lip for a while out of fear... I could feel myself shaking. "L-lunch!"

He smacked the hedges once more. "Just lunch?!" His eyes shone in disbelief. "You were gone for hours!"

I shook my head. "I wasn’t!" Feeling the need to defend myself.

"And the receptionist said you went to do ‘something’?! ‘Something’? Is that your code word for giving him your-"

I lifted my foot up and stamped on his in one, big mighty push. He didn’t budge, he just groaned in pain. "Don’t you dare!" I was fuming; it felt like steam was pouring out of my ears. "Don’t you dare say anything like that! We had lunch! It’s none of your business! If I want to have lunch with somebody, I’ll have lunch with them! And there’s nothing you can do about it!"

"You’re testing me, you know that? This morning it was Joseph, as well as that man with the ridiculous chef’s hat! He can’t even pronounce his own fucking name! What is wrong with you? You’re literally trying to wind me up aren’t you?" He shook the hedges behind me, making me jolt with panic and fear. "You want to make me jealous right? You let them touch you and take you places, flirt with you! Make them feel good about themselves? Just so I can see right?!"

I pressed my lips together. He was getting so annoyed by these other men; he was letting it affect him so much... Why was this happening? Why did he care so much?! He hated me!

"Well I’ll tell you what... I won’t be giving you... This... Up that easy. I know you thought that our weekend away was a nightmare... Well guess what. Your nightmare isn’t over yet. Because as long as those guys want you, I won’t let you be." His eyes flashed dangerously, and I let out a scream which he then muffled by attacking my mouth with his.

I stomped on his feet, I kicked him in his manly area and slapped and pinch every part of his upper body. I tugged at his ears, I tried to karate chop his neck... Every time I’d manage to set myself free, he’d pull me back with more energy and force.

At once, he pulled back and placed both of his hands around my face, cupping it and pulling it closer to his. I stared into his eyes as he hissed. "You fight me off every time I touch you, but you don’t mind it when the other guys do?"

I continued to look in his eyes with fear as I panted. My heartbeat was causing pulsations in my skull as I gawped at his fierce sapphires. They were once mine... They were once soft and pure... Now they were polluted by the fumes of passion and the stench of pure lust...

"Noooo!" I managed to scream as his lips dug back into mine and his fingers intertwined with the buttons on my high collar. It didn’t take him long to unbutton them and pull me closer by grasping the back of my neck.

Suddenly, he stopped dead. He removed his lips from my mouth and stared down at my collar. His hand fiddled with something. Having his hand so close to my breasts made me feel like vomiting so I quickly grasped his wrist, but he didn’t notice. I looked down to what he was ogling at, and realized he had found the necklace he had placed there on Sunday.

He looked me in the eyes. "You..." He stared back at the necklace, and then back at me, scowling. "Why are you hiding my necklace?"

I looked down at it, and then back at him. I didn’t respond, I didn’t know how to. I was in such a state. Shout Viola. Shout. Scream. Kick him again! Kill him! The voices within me growled and pounded on the walls of my stomach, my womb, my heart.

"Are you afraid people will see it?" His scowl turned into a smirk. He let out a chuckle, and then shook his head. "Are you that afraid of what people will think?"

I again didn’t respond. Come on Viola! Smack him! Give him one! Show him how it feels! Snap his stick off! No, rip it off! Teach him how it feels to be tortured! Teach him how it feels to be used!

His smirk deepened. "You know what? Keep hiding it." He chuckled, his voice growing deeper as a twinkle appeared in his eye. He placed the necklace back down on my neck and moved his hand down to my chest. I slapped it away, causing him to interlock his fingers with my hand. "Let’s keep being secretive like this... It’s exciting."

His lips locked with mine again, and I let out a cry. I was so weak. I was so pathetic. When did I become so pathetic that he thought he could do this to me?

Footsteps were heard.

"Hello?! Whose out here?"

I shoved Korbin away just as he pulled his lips away and began straightening out his shirt. I quickly buttoned my collar back up and pounced out from behind the hedge and tried to calm my breathing.

The gold digger was standing in the front doorway, staring at me suspiciously. She was quiet clearly alarmed at my appearance, I could sense it in her eyes. I quickly began straightening my Alice band and fiddling with my collar, making sure the necklace was hidden, when she spoke, harshly.

"What are you doing out here?" She narrowed her eyes. "Why did you yell?"

I blinked at her. What was I meant to say? My inner soul was too busy crying to tell her what had just happened. Was it tears of happiness? I think so. The gold digger was a serious bitch; but this bitch had just saved me from something much worse.

"Well?" She asked impatiently. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open as Korbin stepped out from behind the hedges with a smirk on his face.

I stared from Korbin to the gold digger. This whole scene had a stench of ‘caught in the act’ floating about. I looked down at my feet ashamed... Ashamed that anyone would think that I would give Korbin any of my body, willingly.

He smirked and chuckled to himself.

"What are you BOTH doing out here?!" The gold digger was getting furious now; her eyes winced as she stared at me and then Korbin.

Korbin sighed. "Well. We were trying to enjoy our night, but then we got interrupted by YOU." He smirked, placing his hand on my waist. "We barely have any time alone... Especially with all the trouble makers in our house." He stroked my side.

I yanked my handbag onto my arm and walked free of Korbin’s gesture. I skimmed past the gold digger sheepishly, and walked through the front door. I practically half ran up the stairs and into my guestroom. I didn’t know what they did after I left... And I was glad. I didn’t need to explain anything to anyone, especially that gold digger.

I locked the bedroom door behind me and placed my bag on the bed. All of my clothes were still in the master bedroom, so I would have to stay in these until I got the opportunity to get some more. I stared down at my white shirt and perused the thought of having to sleep in it...

Then the hurt began. In my uterus and in my lungs. The re-occurring hurt that I had suffered all weekend. The hurt that Korbin kept putting me through. What if the gold digger hadn’t walked out when she did? What if I had been left there alone?

"You need to fight more." An inner voice spoke freely, and passionately. I put my head in my hands and let some tears loose. I would just have to stay in this room all night. I couldn’t face seeing anyone else. My heart was beating so fast... My body, mind and heart hadn’t caught up to the reality of what had just happened to me... I didn’t know whether to be angry about what he had tried to do again... Or whether to just be relieved that he didn’t get a chance to finish it.

Tap tap tap...

My eyes shot to the door.

Tap tap...

"Who... Who is it?!"

More relief. "Viola?" Korbin’s father. "Your mother is on the home phone... She wants to speak to you..."

A smile spread across my face.

"Will you come down to the living room and speak?"

"Yes!" I sprinted over to the door, unlocked it and followed Korbin’s father down the hallway, and down the stairs, where we passed Korbin who was walking up the stairs.

"What... What are you doing?" He asked, panicked at seeing me and his father walking so close.

"Her mother wants to speak to her." His father replied in a blank way, not wanting any hassle.

Korbin carried on walking up the stairs as we walked down, wearily. The look on his face showed pure anxiety at not being able to interfere with me now.

I thanked his father and then walked into the living room. The handset was waiting on the coffee table for me.

I picked it up, and me and my mother were up, up and away. She only wanted to talk about the shop... Sometimes I thought she forgot that I was in such a harsh situation; but I had to remind myself that she wasn’t aware of the lengths that Korbin would go to, to make sure everything went his way. We spoke for a good half hour... She gave me a list of things to check about the shop tomorrow, and then after expressing love, we finished the call. It felt so good to hear her voice, it felt like a breeze of fresh air... Even though she was miles away and wouldn’t be able to help me now...

I didn’t want to hang around... I wanted to fly up back to my guestroom. And I did exactly that. I shot to the bottom of the stairs and then bumped into Jeffrey.

"Hello Mistress!" He bowed his head to me and suddenly we were walking up the stairs together.

"Hi Jeffrey." I stared down at my feet and after Jeffrey noticed this, he responded accordingly.

"Mistress, do not worry. Everything will be right as spring before you know it!"

I stared at him; he was smiling fondly at me. I smiled back.

Our weird conversation came to an end along with the stairs. We both froze on the top step as we saw Korbin emerge from the master bedroom. When he saw the two of us standing there watching him, he stood quietly by the bedroom door.

I turned back to Jeffrey. "I’ll go back to my room now... Good night."

"Good night Mistress." He called. I felt Jeffrey’s eyes on me as I walked away.

I walked past Korbin who eyed me the entire time, and then picked up my pace once I had gotten further down the hallway. I heard a door open and close and then a hand sealed itself around my arm.

I spun my head around to see my deranged husband attempting to drag me somewhere.

"Get off!" I hissed.

"Where are you going? Back to that guest room?"

I ignored his question and tried to pry my arm free of his fingers. His voice was soft and yet firm.

"Come to our room now." He purred, pulling me back towards the master bedroom.

"To do what?!" I spat. "I don’t want to be alone with you, you pervert!"

He yanked me harder.

"Don’t do anything like this in the house! What’s wrong with you? Have you lost every inch of your sanity-?!"

His head did a u-turn and our bodies slammed together, his lips on mine and his hands caressing my lower back. I wrapped my hands around his neck for a moment... Feeling it... Feeling for it... Feeling... His Adam’s apple! And then I squeezed and pushed, forcing him off of me. He fell back. I turned to run, but his hand caught my arm again and he pulled me back. His father’s bedroom door opened and we immediately let go of each other.

The gold digger eyed us up maliciously. "What are you doing?"

"When are you going to learn to mind your own damn business?!" Korbin yelled, exasperated, running his hand through his hair swiftly.

I straightened my shirt out, took a deep breath and then walked back to my guest room, locking my door behind me.

Saved by the gold digger.
Published: 11/30/2012
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