Tarnished - Chapter 46

Viola stands in-between two men who both want to play a key role in her life. It's a pity neither of them are selfless enough to decipher what's good for her.
I opened my eyes and stared at the clock on my bed side cabinet. It was 5 am.

I pulled the covers off of me and rolled out of bed. I stared at the clock one more time. I knew what I had to do today. I just knew it.


I had dodged Korbin all morning and had managed to shower, get some clean clothes and then brush my hair in peace, all while he was showering. I left my makeup for the day. The world would have to see my bare face... The bare ugly face.

I didn’t waste time. Before Korbin’s father and stepmother had awakened, I grabbed my handbag and leaped out of the guestroom and down the stairs. I walked through the foyer, checking behind me to make sure Korbin wasn’t there, which he wasn’t. For once, a relief.

I checked my watch, it was exactly 7. I felt proud that I had stuck to my plan so far. I opened the front door and my jaw hit the ground.


He grinned at me. "Don’t tell me you’re surprised?!"

I shook my head, walking out of the doorway and closing the door behind me. I laughed. "How did you-"

"You said you were going to leave the house today at 7... And here I am! It was your plan remember?!" He smiled, heartily while I pondered over some things in my mind.

I stood there, hesitantly remembering what had happened the last time Joe had tried to drive me somewhere.

Joe raised an eyebrow. "There’s not promise today? No reason why I can’t take you?"

I smiled. This boy was just too generous. I would have to put a stop to this. "I don’t see why not." He got off of his bike and began assembling a helmet for me.

The front door opened. "Trying me again?!"

Me and Joe turned to sneer at Korbin.

"Enough of this!" I waved my hand at Korbin in a signal to make him go away. "I already fulfilled my ‘promise’! Go away!"

Joe was startled by my tone, and this only made Korbin fume much harder.

"Come on Joe." I put the helmet on and tugged at Joe’s sleeve. "Next time bring your car so I don’t have to invade your body bubble."

I motioned my arms around his waist, trying to remain lighthearted, while doing my best to ignore Korbin, but Joe didn’t want to do that.

"You got a problem, Korbin?" Joe stepped towards Korbin, who stepped towards Joe... They gradually squared up to each other. "You got a problem with Viola coming with me?"

"Of course I don’t!" Korbin spat, faking a sardonic laugh. "But..." An innocent frown. "I’m sure your pregnant girlfriend would mind!"

Joe’s whole body froze. "What do you mean by that?! How do you know... How can you?" He was lost for words... Then he turned angry. "What have you done to her?! Did you go near her?!" He began poking his finger into Korbin’s chest. They were now both nose to nose.

I quickly stepped in-between them, but Korbin pushed me softly out of the way.

"I haven’t done anything to her; all I know is gossip travels fast. You just have to listen out for it!" Korbin smacked Joe’s hand away, but Joe responded by swinging a punch at Korbin’s face.

They stared at each other, raw hatred between them both. I tried getting in the way again, but they pushed me aside.

"YOU! Leave my girlfriend alone! If I find out you’ve said one thing to her I’ll-!" Joe spat but Korbin was quick.

"You’ll... You’ll what?!" Korbin smirked. "I guess now you know how it feels to have another man meddling with your woman."

Joe swung another punch, Korbin began swinging his fist towards Joe, but I got in the way and he quickly pulled his fist back. For a moment, my husband and I stared at each other in the eyes. I saw his sapphires, faded and sad. He saw my shaken, frightened anatomy. He placed his hands on my elbows, pulling me closer.

"Please..." He panted. "Please don’t go with him."

"What did you do to his-" I was cut off.

"Don’t you dare touch her!" Joe came sprinting forward, ready to throw another punch at Korbin but I got in the way again. Joe didn’t stop when he saw me; he stopped when Korbin’s hand reached for his and blocked it from breaking my jaw.

Joe immediately took his hand away, realizing what had happened. Korbin grabbed my shoulders, for some reason, and pulled me into his own chest. Joe grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him and then yanked me over to his bike.

"Come on!" He said, returning to his normal self. "This isn’t worth it anymore." He got on his bike and I found myself getting on behind him. I stared back at Korbin who was staring with a hurt expression on his face. Joe started the bikes engine and I saw Korbin reach his hand out to me, longingly. I shook my head, in an attempt to shake the image. I was seeing things surely. The image wouldn’t go away, tears welled in his eyes as I saw his lightly bruised cheeks. I shut my eyes in an attempt to make it go away... But it didn’t... It only grew stronger. Before I knew it... The bike was moving and we were speeding away.

I felt myself crumble.

What was I meant to do?

Open my eyes to the nightmare that existed?

Or close my eyes to see the dream... The dream that...

That didn’t exist.
Published: 11/30/2012
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