Tarnished - Chapter 48

I strongly recommend you listen to the song that I have made references to in this chapter; it will help you get into the story a bit more. I don't often incoperate music into the story, so when I do, I expect you all to listen to it with me!
'Champagne kisses, hold me in your lap of luxury... I only wanna' fly first-class desires, you're my limousine...'

I hummed along to the song 'Luxurious by Gwen Stefani', as they pampered me.

First they had taken my old clothes off me and had let me soak in a soapy, musky, warm bath. Now I was propped up in a reclining pedicure chair. I had one lady working on my toenails, and one lady working on my fingernails. They were massaging as they worked... It was apparently all part of the package Korbin had signed me up for.

My ankle was no longer swollen, it still hurt vaguely, but the massage I was now receiving was working beautifully. I let my head sink back into the cushion on the head rest as the song zoned back into my mind...

'So elegant the way we ride, our passion it just multiplies, there's platinum lighting in the sky... Look I'm living like a Queen...'

Soon my nails were done and I was receiving an Indian head massage... My brown locks were draped in oil and two hands were now slithering through them, rubbing my temples and neck. I let myself sink into a trance like composure... Willing the hands to carry on... After all the pain, the stress and anxiety I had gone through... This was like heaven... And that song... Oh that song...

'Sugar, honey, sexy baby, when we touch it turns to gold... Sensitive and delicate... Kinda' like a tuberose...'

They washed my hair, they blow-dried it, styled it, and placed a dozen rollers in it. Then the makeup artists began their work. I could not see the mirror... It was blocked from my view by all people working on me. I felt self-conscious, but then I drifted again... Letting them take care of me...

'You know you are my treasure chest... It's pure perfection when we kiss... And you're my Mr; I'm your Miss... Gonna' be until we're old...'

The lead makeup artist finished a few brush strokes on my cheek and the hairdresser came back to take the rollers out. Soon she had the curling tongs out, the straighteners and for some reason... A pair of scissors... She began snipping away... It felt like she was trimming what had been my fringe... After she was done trimming, she began rolling my hair into something on the side of my head. She let some strands of curls linger around my ears and forehead... She sprayed me with hair spray and packed up her tools...

'This kind of love... Is getting, expensive... We know how to live baby... We're luxurious, like Egyptian cotton...'

Then they stood me up and they brought me to a fitting room which had velvet walls and purple diamond crested curtains draped along each mirror... Which I wasn't allowed to look in... Not yet anyway as they told me... A woman with a tape measure dangling around her neck came towards me with some gold silk in her hands. It was only when she held it up properly for me to see that I realized it was a marvelous gown... It was embroidered with beads of tranquility and beauty... I ravished its golden touch... It oozed the feel of a Greek Goddess... And I recognized it... It was the dress I wore on mine and Korbin's first one year anniversary... I had loved it then and I loved it even more now... I quickly forgot Korbin as I was helped into the dress by the woman. She tied the silk strings at the back, and made sure my chest was in place.

More women emerged, with boxes of jewelry and perfume bottles. One woman placed some gloss on my lips, while another placed some earrings in my lobes. I was spritzed with perfume, a musky, Middle Eastern scent... The shop assistant from earlier lifted my feet up in turn and placed some golden slippers on them... I recognized them as Christian Louboutin... They were cushioned and comfy... The woman, who had placed the dress on me, lifted a golden silk Pashmina over my shoulders...

And then at last, once they had done their finishing touches... I was allowed to look in the mirror...

'We're so rich in love; we're rolling in cashmere... Got it in fifth gear baby...'

I didn't recognize the woman standing opposite me... Was that still me? This had all felt like an outer body experience. I observed every feature of my new hair, my new nail colors and my dress...

'Diamond in the rough... Is looking... So sparkly...'

I couldn't believe my eyes... I looked so... So elegant... This was definitely not me... Or was it? Was this really me? Was I still here? How was it possible for my ugly self to wear such beautiful things... And... And... Have such shiny hair, with such fresh, bouncy curls... To have such delicate looking fingers... And glistening sparkly eyes with gold and browns kissing my eyelids...

The shop assistant handed me a little clutch bag, I opened it to find my keys, my phone and my purse in there... My mind dashed back to Korbin... Had he... Had he organized all of this?

"Come, madam." The shop assistant ushered me out of the fitting room and through the private parlor once more. He held my hand to make sure I could learn to steady myself in the new shoes. I let him lead me... Unaware of my body as I was so... So confused... The aromas of all the perfumes were going to my head... I was wrapped up in the ecstasy of fusion elegance...

We reached the top of the stairs... The shop assistant walked to stand behind me... I could see Korbin sitting on a sofa reading a book at the bottom of the stairs in the open waiting area... I tried to calm myself but I felt extremely faint...

A gentle nudge from the shop assistant behind me told me that I needed to walk down the stairs... So I did... Slowly... Careful not to fall to my doom... As I approached the middle of the stairs, the shop assistant cleared his throat and Korbin's head shot up. His eyes were immediately on me... He placed his book down on a table and stood up, walking slowly to the bottom of the stairs.

I continued walking down the stairs slowly, my eyes on his sapphires... The shopkeeper sped his pace up and overtook me, walking to the ground floor to stand next to Korbin and watch me walk down.

I kept my eyes glued on Korbin... Both of us in a trance now it appeared. I wavered on the second from last step, so there was still a stride's space of distance between us.

"Well Mr. Farrington? Have we done well, or have we done well?!" The shop assistant asked, a chuckle escaping his lips as he bowed his head down at Korbin who was only partially listening to him.

We both stood there... Staring... I didn't say anything... I had forgotten who I was... I could have been Chinese for all I knew... Korbin seemed to have forgotten how to speak... So his sapphires did the speaking for him...

The way they soothed over every part of me... The way they clasped an image of every inch of me... My dress... My hair... My nails... My necklace... My eyes... We all heard the last section of the song...

'C'est pas possible cet amour, c'est incroyable... Tu me fais transpirer, c'est parfait...'

The shop assistant laughed kindly. "I take it, we have silenced Mr. Farrington with his wife's beauty!"

Korbin half-smiled, while a few chuckles were heard... I watched him devour me with his eyes... I observed him deflower my entire being with the everlasting glance...

I could feel a tingle of heat ignite the lining of my chest and spine... It rolled all over my body, and it caused me to blush... Having all the attention on me caused me to place my eyes on the floor... I pretended to inquire something there... I let my eyes dazzle themselves with the plain floor... I only lifted them again when my husband finally spoke...

"She looks..." He began... My heart sank... I didn't want to hear the abuse. I didn't want to listen to the hurt... I didn't want to know... I didn't want the grief... I couldn't bear it... I couldn't listen... I wouldn't be able to stay here... The two pieces of my heart began to distance themselves... Not wanting to be torn apart again... But then he... "Mesmerizing."

My eyes shot up and again they interlocked with his sapphires as a round of 'Aww' shot around all the employees watching us.

"She's stunning..."

"She's gorgeous!"

"Lucky man."

Were the words people spoke about... Who? Me? No. No they didn't speak them about me. Of course they didn't.

"Yes she is." The two pieces of my heart hugged each other and high-fived in delight for some reason... As the words came out of my husband's mouth. "I paid over the phone, earlier." He turned his line of sight onto the shop assistant, and I was grieved to have lost his focus...

"Yes." The shop assistant bowed his head and smiled at me. "Thank you, it was an honor."

I couldn't speak... So I smiled and attempted to bow my head slightly at him. I looked back at Korbin who was now smiling warmly at me. He reached his hand out and I took it... For some reason...

My surroundings zoomed past me as we traversed through the boutique and out of the front door... The sun had begun to set... It occurred to me that I had been pampered for a while and time had moved on... It was now early evening.

He led me to the passenger side door... I sat in the car, and after tucking my dress in the car for me to make sure it didn't get jammed, Korbin closed the door and got in the driver's seat. He started the engine, and we put our seat belts on. I dared not look at him... I kept my eyes down on the clutch bag in my lap...

He put the car into gear and rested his hand on the handbrake... I could feel his eyes on me, so I lifted my eyes slightly to the road before us... My heartbeat picked up as his face came towards me and his fingers stroked my chin... Angling my head towards his... He placed a small peck on my cheek, close to my mouth, and then put his fingers back on the handbrake, pushing it down and beginning to drive to wherever he was taking me next.



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Published: 12/1/2012
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