Tarnished - Chapter 5

Viola suffers from a ghastly nightmare; only to wake up to the realization that the walls of Bronzefield Prison contain an ongoing, brutal nightmare... whereby only sleep, may be the remedy.
"Do you surrender?"

"Never." I choked, breathless.

"Are you sure?"

I nodded my head.

His hand around my waist tightened its grip.

"Really... really sure?"

I held my breath. Waiting to see what his next move would be.

"You asked for it."

With one swift and mischievous movement Korbin throttled me to the floor and raised the hand that was carrying the water gun.

"Prepare to be super soakered!" He laughed heartily.

I shut my eyes and within seconds of him pulling the trigger, I was well and truly soaked.

I opened my eyes, only to see him running through our field back to our house, laughing like crazy at his victory. I sighed and shook my head, ashamed that I had lost yet another water fight.

Chuckling to myself, I moved my hand up and rubbed the water out of my eyes with my fingers.

When I reopened them, my vision was blurry and everything was tinted red. I squinted, trying to shake the red color, assuming it was just the effect of the sun beaming in my eyes. After a few moments, it began wearing off.

Yet... the water on my body felt heavy and thick. My eyes stared at my hands... was that... water?

My eyes peaked down the rest of my body; the red tint had left everything apart from my body, which was now covered in blood.

I shrieked, my heart racing as more and more blood poured and flooded around and through my body.

"No!" I yelped. "Korbin!" My voice seemed hollow. "Help me!" My voice becoming quieter; as if the noise of my voice box was being absorbed by the blood. "No! Help!" Quieter and quieter it became. My lungs were running out of air, my heart running out of momentum. "Please... help..." I squeaked, blackness engulfing my vision whilst my mouth continued to scream and shriek, for help... for life... for someone....

My eyes fluttered open and I jolted upright on my prison bed, gasping for air. Air galloped down my throat and proceeded into my lungs, my chest heaving up and down in my panicked state.

My eyes searching through the darkness of the cell to check my body. No blood could be felt; only salty wetness around my chest and forehead, soaking into my hair and shirt. My throat became dry as the realization of my nightmare kicked in. I threw the thin, crispy blanket off wanting to cool down.

Suddenly, I heard a scream in the distance.

I froze.

This scream was different from the shrieks I heard in my dream.
More screams. Another female voice shouting and yelling. Bangs and crashes could be heard... booms and the vibrations of the metal gates of the prison cell doors.

There was silence for a moment.

Then a screech of what seemed to be pain traveled through the prison walls and echoed its way through my eardrums. The screeching continued. It went on and on. Minutes passed. Minutes that felt like hours. Perhaps it was hours. But the screeches began sounding more and more painful. Sometimes they turned into high-pitched screams, sometimes they turned into groans. They gained momentum, and lost momentum.

Eventually... the screeches became cries... cries of pain... cries of anxiety... cries of sorrow. And as I laid there, all of my blood gathered to the surface of my skin. Shivers traversing down my spine with each new scream and groan that was heard. I reached for my blanket and tried to cover myself with it from head to toe. I curled up into a ball. I closed my eyes. Wanting to sleep. Wanting to have another black out. Wanting to stop hearing it. I moved my hands to my ears.

Each new screech produced a dent on my skull... on my mind... on my skin... on my heart. And each new dent I feared... would rot permanently on the broken pieces of my soul.


Shout out to Lucy and Kai for the excellent comments - thank you very much.
Published: 5/30/2012
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