Tarnished - Chapter 51

Viola's POV. We find out where she's been, and where she's going.
Viola's POV

I awoke... I was lying on a sofa... I was still in my gold dress, and my high heels... I had a cushion placed under my head and a glass of water had now been set on the coffee table beside me.

"You're awake now?" Joe whispered, frantically.

I looked at him as I began to sit up properly on the sofa. "I’m sorry. I must have..."

"Passed out... And I don’t blame you... That was all..."

I sipped some water... But then I remembered what he had done... I remembered all of it. I remembered how Joe had forced Korbin to the floor and kicked him repeatedly. The violent image vanished as Joe tried to be nice to me... But it didn’t make me forget.

"Are you okay?"

I nodded. "How long was I passed out for?"

"Almost 8 hours... It’s now half 1 in the morning."

My eyes widened. Abruptly I tried to stand up but Joe reached out for my hand and made me stay where I was.

"You've been ill, you’ve been throwing up and what not... Drink some water."

"I need to get home." I spoke boldly.

"You need to drink water."

I drank some more just to make him satisfied.

"I need to get home." I repeated. "Have you heard anything from anyone?"

"No... I ran out when you did, remember?"

I swallowed; my throat sore.

"I brought you back to my and my girlfriend’s place... I hope you don’t mind. But she wanted to know who you were, and she was very keen on taking care of you..."

"What’s her name?" I inquired.

"Liz..." He replied. "She’s upstairs, asleep. You should get more sleep too... You look so pale."

"I’m fine." I responded. "Please thank your girlfriend for taking care of me, and thank you as well. I really appreciate it. But I need to get home."

"Why?" Joe asked, solemnly. "Will there be anyone waiting for you?"

"Probably not... None of them will care or notice that I’m not there. They’ll probably still be at the hospital."

Joe nodded. "I can drive you home if you really want to leave... I just... You’re welcome to stay..."

"No. I want to go home." I responded instinctively. I needed to get out of here, before anyone found out I was here. After everything Joe had done... And Korbin... And... The thought of the evening’s events brought dizzy spells all over me and I quickly shook them off as I stood up and began picking up my clutch bag. "Wait..." I looked at Joe who had just picked up his keys.

"Yes?" He jumped at the opportunity to wait.

"My dress is a mess." Looking down at it, I saw stains from vomit and blood. Such a shame... My whole life was a shame... "Do you think I could borrow a shirt and trousers?"

"Absolutely." He told me to wait where I was, and then ran upstairs. He returned with a shirt and some beige women’s trousers. The shirt belonged to him, and the trousers belonged to his girlfriend, he apologized as those were the only clean clothes they had at the moment.

I went into the downstairs' bathroom to change, and upon coming out, he passed me a carrier bag for me to put my dress into. I still had my gold shoes on... I didn’t care that I looked like I had escaped from a mental hospital. I had a large blue stripy shirt on, some jeans that were too long and some sparkly gold shoes on. I took my earrings out and placed them in the clutch bag. After which, I made my exit from Joe’s house and we began the journey to my mansion on his motorbike.


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Published: 12/6/2012
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