Tarnished - Chapter 55

Viola steps up the game by getting her independence back; unfortunately for Korbin, who loses his 'cool'. It's quite surprising that seeing Viola take control of her life 'breaks' Korbin, is he realizing that his game is over?
Shortly after I had finished eating, Jeffrey took the dirty dishes away and I locked my bedroom door so that I could be alone. I didn't unlock it until morning, and nobody tried to make me. In fact everything had happened swiftly since then. I had awoken the next morning, my head was still sore, but I could actually move around without wanting to throw up out of dizziness and I was now leaning on the boot of my Ferrari at the garage, waiting for the mechanic to print some documents about the repairs done on my car.

"Nearly there, love." He began placing an elastic band around the piles of paperwork. "That was quite a long stay, wasn't it?" He rubbed the bonnet of the car as he walked over to me and handed me all the papers. "I'm almost sad to see her go."

I chuckled. "I'm happy to see 'her' coming back to me. I'm sorry if it was a big job." I used his gender referral when talking about my car. "And I'm also sorry that I didn't pick her up on time."

"It was a big job, but she is a beauty so I didn't mind." He winked at me. "Take care of yourself, won't you?"

"I will. Thanks ever so much, okay?" We exchanged farewell glances as he opened the car door and shut it behind me as I started the ignition. I waved goodbye to him as I put it into drive and roared away down the highway, feeling the sensation of freedom for the first time, in a long time.

"Hello baby." I caressed the steering wheel. "Looks like we just got back on our own two feet again." I began smiling, and then laughing to myself. It became uncontrollable. It became delightful. I pulled up in a traffic line, and got into the lane which headed towards the part of town where the estate agents were. I revved the engine as I waiting in the traffic. Hearing the strength and the power of my car empowered me. How amazing it was, a materialistic possession had such a deep sentimental element of value for me. I smiled some more as I roared through the traffic.


"Hello ma'am, how can I help you today?" The receptionist asked, politely smiling.

I smiled at her, coolly. "I'd like to pick up the keys to number 47 Buckleberry Lane." I spoke confidently, feeling awoken at claiming something that now belonged to me.

"Yes, of course." She began fumbling in the drawers behind her which had millions of tiny box draws, each labeled in a code which I couldn't comprehend. Eventually she got to a box draw, opened it and pulled out a key chain with two shiny silver keys on it. I smiled as she handed them to me. "Just sign here to confirm that you did indeed pick them up, please Dr. Farrington." I signed; satisfied that she wasn't asking me to confirm my identity. She folded the paper up and then smiled at me. "You're free to go ma'am. Enjoy your new house."

"Oh, I will." I smiled as I walked out of the shop and stepped back into my car. Sighing, I started the ignition, and drove to my next destination.


Liz opened the front door. "Viola!" She beamed at me.

"Well, I finally get to meet Joe's lovely lady, face to face!" I beamed at her back, genuine joy spread through me as my eyes caught sight of her baby bump. "CONGRATULATIONS." I suddenly exploded and we found ourselves embracing each other. It wasn't awkward, it was motherly. The shared ambition amongst women to be mothers is an awesome thing, and we shared it right here.

"I'll get Joe." She exclaimed as she showed me into their living room. I took a seat by an electrical heater.

"Viola." Joe came waltzing in with his lady at his side.

"How are you my dears?" I asked as he took a seat opposite me and Liz sat beside me.

"We're fine." He glanced at Liz happily. "Happier than we've been in a long time. And how are you?"

"I'm okay." I said, for once, almost wholeheartedly. "In fact, I came because I'm on a mission and I need your help."

"We'll do anything." Liz's input delighted me. "Joe's told me all about you, I can't imagine what you've been going through, but I know we'll help in any way." Joe beamed at the mother of his unborn child as she spoke.

"Well. You can start by staying happy." I smiled at them both, but then a sudden sternness grew over me. "I need to borrow your truck." I looked at Joe.


A smile pierced my lips as the realization that I was making some serious progress finally hit me.


I drove up my mansion's long driveway and once parked, got out of my car and locked it behind me, being thankful to see Joe's truck striding 'Dallas' style up the driveway. He parked it next to mine, and then got out of the truck and opened the back doors, pulling out what looked like a BMX bike.

"You really are a cool kid, aren't you?" I joked. "Where can I get one of them?"

He chuckled closing the truck doors once again. "I primped this one myself, if you ever abandon your Ferrari, make sure you talk to me before you invest in one of these." He signaled down to his metallic green bike.

"No thanks, it looks like a four-year-old bike." I smiled in my sarcasm at him as he smirked back at me. "Thanks for doing this."

"You're welcome." He gave me a one-armed hug, and we bid our farewells. I watched him ride down the driveway and out of view, and then I turned to see Korbin standing in the front doorway of the mansion, glaring at me. I began walking to the doorway, intending to push past him, but his words stopped me.

"I called the florist shop to see if you were working today, they said you'd gone to deal with some business. But now I see that you lied to them, so you could go on a date with Joe?"

"That's right." It was laughable. He had just assumed that if I wasn't at the florist shop; doing errands for other people, the next possible place for me to be would be in another man's arms. How pathetic he really thought I was. I decided to engross this lie further into his mind. "What's your problem with that?"

"You're so tough now, huh?" His eyes quivered with anger, but his mouth attempted to smirk. "So, you've spent all day with another guy? And now you finally come home and you act like you don't give a shit about me? When are you going to start putting some effort into 'us'?"

"When are you going to break the cycle of insanity that plagues your mind? It's beyond your 'game' now. There is no 'us'. It was 'your' decision a few months ago if I remember correctly. When are you going to get that?" I sighed, exasperated. "People move on with their lives, yet you're still stuck here with your same old story. Has your thought never developed?" I scoffed, not giving any more emotion than coldness.

He smirked at me for a moment, but the smirk soon dropped as he watched my eyebrow rise. I gave him a cross facial expression and he soon became cautious of the danger he was putting himself in by standing in my way. I attempted to push past him but he nudged me back. I attempted again, and this time he placed both hands on my shoulders and pushed me back outside. I raised my eyebrow again, threateningly. Warning him that I wouldn't be responsible for his injuries if he persisted. He swallowed, sheepishly, but then covered it up by giving me a fake smirk. He sighed and stepped aside, letting me walk past him.

"You're using another guy to keep me away from you. Is that the developed thought?" His voice was deep and lustrous.

I spun round and faced him, we stood opposite each other, with him still standing in the doorway. "I've never used Joe. He's willing to come to me himself."

"He's willing?" His eyes flashed dangerously. "Do you think... If he knew what you and me did on the night of the banquet... Would he still be willing?"

I swallowed, passion simmering within me, and a strange feeling occurred in my stomach at the mention of the night we had recently shared. I didn't want to be reminded of it. "Don't threaten me ever again. If you want to tell everyone about what you've been doing to me - against my will - then you can, because I'm not ashamed of the things you've done. I won't let you use me anymore." I began walking away, but he grabbed my arm and yanked me back to face him.

His grasp on my arm was strong as our faces were inches apart. "Do you think..." His eyes wandered and searched my face as if he was thinking of what to say. "Do you think you can get a divorce out of me?"

"Whether I can or not; you'll know." Our eyes pierced each others as he digested my threat. I slowly gained possession of my arm again. I grabbed the necklace that he had placed on me at the end of my weekend of horror at the beach house, and pulled it clean off my neck, leaving a painful scratch on the back of my neck. I threw it at his face, and after it nearly poked his eye out, he caught it with his hand. Then I spun around and began walking away.

"Go ahead!" His voice broke in a half-shriek, and a half-scream. "Do what you want! Don't think a person like me will lower myself enough to beg a woman like you!"

I froze.

I heard his footsteps as he hurriedly scrambled away and unlocked his car. I heard him open the car door, get inside and slam it shut behind him. Then the ignition turned on.

I slowly, slowly, slowly half-turned around, and let my head look over my shoulder. He had been looking at me, but when our eyes met, he quickly looked down at the steering wheel. I continued staring at him as I stood there, trembling. He put the car into gear, and then slowly lifted his head to look at me again. His face was strained, a crease in his eyebrows, concern in his eyes. I was still trembling heavily. He watched me; his eyes were filled with sadness and reluctance, as if he was waiting for something, as if he was waiting for me to do something. But I couldn't do anything; outrage was ruining the feeling of empowerment I had felt all day. His eyes begged me for a moment longer, and then he ripped his eyes away onto the driveway in front of him, and drove off onto the main road.

Leaving me stood there, once again, alone and hurt. All day I had been running errands, I had motivated myself in the morning to get out of bed and become my own player, in my own game, not Korbin's. But now... After what he had just said. A teardrop slid out of my eye. He was higher than me, was he? I wasn't worthy of him? He started my tears and then left me to deal with them. I wiped the teardrop quickly, and sniffed away the rest, walking up the marble steps. Okay Korbin, we'll see how high and mighty you really are.


I had been packing important documents like my passport and similar things all night. I had packed bags full of legal documents for work, all from the office. After that was done, I looked outside my guestroom window and checked that he wasn't home yet. After doing so I ran out of my room and into the master bedroom with two suitcases. I packed all my clothes and accessories, well most. I left all the things he had brought me, the lingerie, the jewelry, the perfumes, the decorations. I didn't need them. I took the things that belonged to me. I looked in his side of the wardrobe, only to realize that I had brought him a lot of things over time. I didn't want them back. If they had been on him, then I didn't even want to touch them.

I looked at the pillows on the bed; they had only been slept on in one side. I sat down on what used to be my side of the bed. I rummaged in my pocket, and placed a note I had written, on his pillow. I looked back at my own pillow, and wriggled my left hand while I rolled my wedding ring off my ring finger. I pressed it to my lips, and then placed it on my pillow.

I did a final check that I had packed my things sufficiently. After taking one last look around my bedroom... The room which I had spent many memorable days and nights... I switched the lights off, and rolled my suitcases back to my guestroom, where I resumed getting myself ready.

I showered, put lotion on my face and dressed myself in black jeans, a black turtleneck sweater and black leather boots and jacket. I tied my hair up in a high bun and grabbed a bright red scarf, and dangled it around my neck. I grabbed the rucksack I had packed of toiletries and basic necessities, and then opened my door. I called for Jeffrey who I then persuaded to join my quest. He agreed, and took my suitcases down to put in the truck. I took one last look around the guestroom, and then proceeded to leave the room, closing the door behind me.

Once I had reached the foyer downstairs, Jeffrey greeted me.

"Mistress, what is the address?"

I handed him the keys to the truck I had borrowed from Joe. "You can follow me."

"But Mistress, how will I get home after-"

"Shh." I hushed him, smiling. "I've got everything planned."

He smiled back at me; I saw genuine good-natured spirits in his eyes. He was an angel, sent from up above to help me on this particular night. I was sure of it.

"Safe journey Mistress." He said, getting his coat and hat on.

"See you there Jeffrey." I winked at him as we both closed the front door behind us.

I placed the rucksack and bags with important documents in the boot of my Ferrari, while Jeffrey walked to the truck and took his place inside it. He started the ignition and waited for my signal to go.

I unlocked my car and sat in the driver's seat. I turned the ignition on and revved the engine. I took one last glance at the mansion, thinking of the note Korbin would read when he'd eventually get home. My foot pressed the accelerator. I watched in my rear view mirror as Jeffrey followed me close behind in the truck. Then I observed the mansion in my rear view mirror. A part of me didn't want to leave it; I didn't want to leave that part of my life behind. That mansion resembled the 'Korbin' that had wanted success and love with me... But that was gone... That was completely gone and it wasn't coming back. A smile spread across my lips as the mansion disappeared from view and I recited the words I had written on the note that was now sitting on Korbin's pillow, waiting for him to arrive home:

'Game over, your highness'.

To be continued...
Published: 1/19/2013
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