Tarnished - Chapter 57

What you'll find is that events will come up more rapidly now, hope you can keep up.
I watched Sandra sleep peacefully. It was 7:08 pm according to the digital clock on the wall of the private hospital room that had been given to her. I had approximately 48 minutes left with my best friend, before daily visiting hours would be over. I sighed, looking down at my own hands which were embracing both of hers. I brought her hand to my lips and kissed it.

"Come on Sanny." I whispered, rubbing both her hands again. "Wake up..." Every night for the last 4 weeks I had pleaded with her to wake up. It was my birthday 4 weeks ago, and the same night Sanny had a stroke, she had been in a deep coma ever since, and I had been missing my best friend. I stroked her fingertips. "Come on San. I'm bored without you."

I sighed. Standing up and walking to a chair, which I then stood on. It gave me the height needed to see out of the small rectangular window. It was open about a centimeter, to let in fresh air, and I saw the snow and icy weather that herded the grounds of the prison. I sighed again, leaning on the windowsill. I watched snowflakes pass me. I wanted to touch them, to feel them. I tried to twist my finger out of the small opening, but it was no use. I rested my cheek on my elbow. The single pleasure of being out in snow, or being in rain, or feeling sunrays on my skin, outside the barriers of the prison had been taken away from me, for 2 whole years.

And me?


I was a different person now. On the outside, I had a strong, toned frame, I wasn't Mrs. Muscle, but I was ripped. Ripped enough to defend myself. I felt the scar above my left eyebrow. I realigned my shoulder blades to feel the slight twang that would be permanent, ever since I had broken my shoulder after being thrown against a cement wall. I felt the metal plate in my spine. I sighed again.

My hair was so long, that I had to put it up in a high bun every single day. It had been two years since I got it cut, the prison didn't have a hairdresser. They had a reward system though; if you were a good little prisoner they would give you your basic necessities back. So far I had gotten sanitary towels, tweezers, razors, deodorant and shampoo. Those privileges were as far as it went. I didn't really miss anything from outside prison, or from my old life. For I had forgotten most of the conventionalities of human life. It was as if I had been dehumanized. I had forgotten... Nearly everything... Therefore I could not miss it. I had changed on the inside as well. Nothing from the Viola that entered the prison two years ago remained... Well actually... The only thing that remained was the bruises and the scars and the plates. But they were the reminders I needed every single day to wake up and shower at 8:00 am. They were the motivation that I needed to continue my self-improvement and enforcement of strength.

They were also the reason that I continued to fight for my appeal.



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Published: 1/24/2013
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