Tarnished - Chapter 58

Back to the flashback; Viola updates us on the latest happenings as Jeffrey phones her using an interesting code word for to replace her name! Picture of Viola will be posted when I get one.
A whole month went in peace. I hadn’t seen Korbin face-to-face ever since our last argument. Since moving into my new house, I had returned to work, and was volunteering at the florist shop whenever I felt like it because I had discovered that I genuinely loved making bouquets. It was intricate art, which made a nice change from the usual cases at the office. Besides, my mother came down to work at her florists every weekend, which often resulted in us meeting for lunch every Saturday.

It hadn’t all been that smooth though, Korbin had made attempts to follow me at the florist, follow me at work and Jeffrey called me every day to tell me that Korbin had been pestering him to tell him where I now lived. But my boss at my office and Fazio at the florist had made secure measures to make sure that I was hidden. Korbin was often told to leave any time he tried to get to me at the workplaces. Jeffrey had also told me the amusing story of how Korbin had discovered that I had moved out. He had arrived home the night I had moved out moments after Jeffrey had been dropped off by Joe and Liz. But he hadn’t noticed that I was gone. So he had just gone to bed as usual.

The next day he had gone to work, and when he came home he had brought a colleague home for dinner. Jeffrey had kindly dropped the bombshell on him that his soon to be divorced wife had moved out the previous night. Obviously having the presence of his colleague prevented Korbin from being able to show anger, so Jeffrey had great glee in watching Korbin silently bubble away with fumes and tantrums. The hell had naturally come after the colleague had left, which made me feel bad for Jeffrey, but I promised that I would help him find a new position, in a new family, which actually deserved him.

I tried my best to put Korbin in my past; I had found a lawyer who I approved of - being a legal scholar myself made my standards exceptionally high. My lawyer had since filed two sets of divorce papers. Both of which had been returned to her with no signature from my soon to be ex-husband. Which angered me. A lot. I was ogling at my computer screen in my office when the phone rang.

"Derek I think you need to speak to him!" Jeffrey’s panicked voice sprang down the telephone line and into the receiver I was carrying.

I leaned my head back against my office chair, contemplating his choice of code word for my name. It was time for mine and Jeffrey’s catch up of the day.

"Seriously Derek?" I asked. "Why a boy’s name?"

"It has to be completely secret!" Jeffrey was still panicking. "Korbin’s father’s Mistress wonders around listening to my conversations, if I called you by your name, she’d know and then I’d have two people pestering me!"

"Okay, okay. I can’t come back and speak to him. I can’t. There’s no point! I’ve said all I need to say to him."

"Do you not care that he is pestering me on a daily basis because he thinks I know your new address?! Do you not care that he thinks that you’ve moved out to live with Joe?" Jeffrey was frantic.

I sighed. "I do care. Of course I care. You mean a lot to me Jeffrey; if I could make it easier, I would."

"Please, help me! He and his father argue every day; Korbin blames his father for everything. His father is even arguing with his own wife now!"

I was shocked. "Really?"

"Yes. His father is realizing that his young wife is a little different than he thought she was!"

"Well if he’s only realizing now!"

"His father had a meeting with his lawyer yesterday; Derek... I think... I think..." He began whispering. "He is writing his will!"

I gasped. "Does anybody else know?"

"No one! Not even Master Korbin! Oh please Vi - D-Derek, help me get out of here!"

"I promise I will get you out as soon as I can!"

"Derek... I will be much obliged to you if you can... But I wonder... Why do we have to speak on your work phone and not your mobile phone?"

"I stopped turning my phone on two weeks ago. He hasn’t stopped calling me since I left and so I’ve just resorted to leaving it off. I’m in a lot more peace without it on."

"Why don’t you change your number?"

"It’s too much effort. And I prefer not having it."

"And what of your divorce?"

"Jeffrey I’m still stuck at the signing stage. 1 month ago I moved out, I should be further than this. He’s sent back two papers now with no signature! What am I to do?! My lawyer’s trying once more."

"You’ll have to do a formal warning."

"I don’t want to get nasty, I would have thought he would be delighted to finish this marriage, but it appears he still hopes to make my life more hell!"

"More hell? What did he do that was so bad before?"

"Oh..." I hesitated. Jeffrey didn’t know the depths of it. He just knew there were arguments. "He broke my heart Jeffrey; what more can he do?"

"I see... Well... Oh my! Here he is! His car just pulled up on the drive way!"

"DO NOT tell him you were talking to me! DO NOT tell him where I live! At all costs!"

"I promise; you have my word, as always!"

"Take care Jeffrey. Keep me secret... Keep me safe."
Published: 1/30/2013
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